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Android about to get a lot sweeter

We don’t know a lot about the feature set of Android 2.0, but the latest firmware version has started to appear in the wild. Earlier today, Android 2.0 was spotted on the upcoming Motorola phone and now I have more evidence of its existence.

I routinely scan our Google Analytics and Flurry accounts any time a new build is about to be released. I have seen Eclair showing up on the reports since last month, but it wasn’t until this week that I saw 2.0 appearing.

Firmware version 2.0 started appearing this week in my reports.

Firmware version 2.0 started appearing this week in my reports.

This tells me Eclair is essentially finished now that 2.0 is being reported from new Android devices. Google generally waits till the last second before stamping a version number on their dessert named builds.

If you want even more evidence, Android engineer Dan Morrill has uploaded a YouTube video of a giant eclair being unloaded at the Googleplex. According to YouTube, the video was uploaded from an Android phone. The video quality is not perfect, but it tops any Android recorded video I have seen in the past.

It is starting to appear more likely that Verizon and Motorola could surprise us with the first Android 2.0 later this month.

(I’ll share one new feature of Eclair with you. YouTube widget)

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  • http://www.theg1appsblog.com Jeremiah

    I can’t wait to see it in action! If that video was actually recorded on an Android device, hopefully they have worked a bit on the video recording and photo capture.

  • JJ

    YES!!!! :-)

  • jjwred7

    YES!!!! :-) Looks like it might be true then!!!

  • Steve Cloke

    Wow 2.0 already !! on Vodafone in the UK we haven’t even got 1.6 yet. Should be with us on Monday, then we can start thinking about 2.0 :)

  • Amu

    Lol, now who was it that said we wouldn’t be seeing Android 2.0/Eclair until Q2 2010?!! I hope that people will now realize and grasp that the Moto Droid will have Eclair and not keep on blabbing other rumors :]

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      A Samsung developer said they would not have Android 2.0 till 2010. I was the first site to report that Sholes would have 2.0. You can read our archives from months ago.

    • Donovan

      that rumor is still correct.. just not for the droid..

  • Donovan

    told you so.. lol :)

  • Donovan

    they should of noted in more detail this wont be available to everyone, unless your getting that new droid!!! lol

    this isnt going to be an OTA update for people with 1.5/1.6 for quite a while from now..

  • Amu

    Haha I always read at HoFo since most of these blogs always put in their opinion and that’s what gets people upset and confused. At least over at HoFo there are some insiders who give us the correct “rumors” lol. Now people, remember that the Moto Droid will be announced at or before Oct.30 *with* Eclair bahahahaha

  • Brak

    Wow, the donut was implanted just days before the announcement right?
    so this is good news!!!

  • http://simplyblog.net Miguel

    Wow… these are exciting times for Android and its users. With so much approaching (devices) as we near the holiday season. Looks like I’ll be waiting until next year, hopefully by then, things settle down and the dust clears so we can determine what’s worth buying.

    Taylor and Clark,

    How are you guys approaching this? How many devices do you own? Any in particular you’re eying? If these devices weren’t as pricey as they are, I’d likely own a few Android phones already, but it’s not worth the cost. Thanks for sharing!  

    • Donovan

      you dont have to wait for the dust to settle, the sholes will be #1 for a while.. but just like everything else it will be outdated.. thats why i never got a smartphone before, i was waiting for the next best thing.. this is it.. lol

      • carig

        the sholes hardware looks really nice though, especially if it actually ends up with that 16gb internal memory (probably not likely though) so the hardware won’t be outdated for a while, except that phones will start having 4g probably around the end of 2010

        one of the things i’m most excited for about android is that the software never gets outdated, and it’s like getting a present every 6 months or so with the new OTA update.

  • Dylan Andersen

    Dude, that video was NOT recorded with HTC hardware. Must be Motorola or Samsung. Great quality.

  • kris

    @donovan how do you know this won’t be available as an ota for current android phones?

    • Donovan

      insider over at HoFo, couple press releases, and samsung pretty much confirmed it to android and me, just 1 day ago many people believed 2.0 was a long ways away not that its obvious today it will have 2.0 alot of people think they will get it on the G1 or 3G which wont be the case until Q2 2010..

  • Amu

    It all depends if the firmware requires new or better hardware to run on. Eclair might require more rom space and ram than what some older android devices have. Nontheless someone could cook up a rom and flash it to older phones, but it might run sluggish

    • Donovan

      i heard threw the grape vine that all phones currently have the minimum req for 2.0

      its just 2 different development teams working on a “public” release and another working on a “private” release (Droid)

      its said the public wont hit til Q2 2010.

  • Amu

    As long as the Droid gets released before the public release version it won’t matter. Devs will extract the Eclair rom version from the Droid and find a way to flash it to other devices and make it work :). How do you think some devs got the 1.6 marketplace into their phones before the marketplace was publicly released?
    As for 2.0 being all late in regards to other people/sources, remember that sites like HoFo have insiders who have handsets, and who are way more reliable than a site getting “info” from unreliable sources who think that they got the right info in the first place. Some of us have known that the Moto Droid was coming out with Eclair (thank you, you know who you are :) ) and have gone past that and have gone through other rumors/info from insiders that have the device, on contrare to sites who don’t have the device and just keep on going along with the rumors. Remember that the knowledge from a person who has a prototype is way more reliable than sites who just put up rumors from other sources who just “hear” from other people. It some sites do put up the correct info because some people from other sites, like HoFo, give them the info that the insiders gave them. If a person with a proto tells us that it has this and that, then we move along and stop speculating about it, but there are some people who keep on asking and asking and keep on speculating, getting some upset.

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