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Android House of Horror – Happy Halloween from Android and Me

Enter at your own risk! Halloween is finally here and we’ve got a handful of the scariest Android oddities to get everyone in a ghoulish mood. A smashed phone, carved pumpkins, a tee giveaway: there’s something for everyone in the Android House of Horror!

Death of an Ion

Avert your eyes in terror! A special edition Google Ion (obtained at Google I/O) smashed to pieces in it’s prime. A couple weeks back Angie and I were rushing from the hot tub to the car after a night of hot tub “borrowing” from some apartments around the corner. It was more than chilly out and in haste I was trying to find my keys and I put my phone on top of the car… and you can probably guess the rest.

We didn’t notice a thing until I pulled out onto the ramp of the interstate and heard it tumble off backwards into traffic. We looped back and found it and needless to say it was a complete loss. Luckily I had my G1 to use as a backup and today my shiny new Cliq arrived. I’ll still miss my trusty Ion though, its the only phone I’ve ever totally destroyed.

Link to the flickr set (for our mobile users)

House of Horror carved into pumpkin flesh

Behold a pumpkin bearing the mark of the Android. My and Angie’s apartment complex was holding a pumpkin carving contest (with a hefty rent discount as the prize) and after a midnight viewing of the Extreme Pumpkin Challenge on Food Network we decided to throw our hat (and pumpkin) into the ring. Unfortunately, we were completely late (they judged the pumpkins at 5pm, it was still light out!) and now face the scariest thing of all: a pumpkin that’s going to sit on our porch and rot until I begrudgingly walk it down to the dumpster to throw it away.

Link to the flickr set (for our mobile users)

Halloween Wallpapers

A couple weeks ago, Angie released a set of three spooky Halloween Android wallpapers. Alright, so maybe spooky isn’t quite the right word, but we hope our Android ghosts, bats & vampire can spread a little Halloween spirit.

Ghosts and bats and vampires, oh my!

Ghosts and bats and vampires, oh my!

Trick or Tweet for a free tee

Getting scarce...

Getting scarce...

We’re giving away another of our limited edition Android tees (we’ve only got 4 left) and to win all you have to do is send us a tweet about your favorite developer. Know a developer that responds quickly and is always providing updates? Following a developer that is always sharing knowledge and helping others?

To show your appreciation (and for a chance to win a tee), all you’ve got to do is send us a tweet in the following format @androidandme my favorite #android developer is @devname http://bit.ly/4AQsky

Trick or Tweet

Use the button above to hit us up on Twitter and on Monday a user will be chosen at random for a free tee. In our first contest, the winner took the size large tee, leaving just S, M, XL, 2XL. Again, we don’t have a large tee. If you win and request a large, I’ll say didn’t you read that neon green line in the rules?

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  • Robby :]

    Id die if that happen to my phone D:
    But anywho happy haloween!

  • http://omglole.com mrjack92

    aw dude that sucks about your ion, good thing you had some backup phones though. I would freak out if I broke my g1.

  • JasonLee

    Wow that pumpkin is awesome!