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Barnes & Noble eReader gets pictured

The Barnes & Noble eReader is scheduled to be unveiled next week, but Gizmodo has leaked some pictures and details of the device early. I never thought I’d be in the market for an eReader, but this thing looks sweet. The device features a 6 inch e-ink display for reading books and a separate color LCD at the bottom for accessing the store. Our favorite feature is that the device is said to be powered by Android (which means you could one day read our blog on the device).

Highlights of the device include:

  • 6-inch e-ink display with an 800×600 pixel resolution
  • 480×144 multitouch color LCD
  • Access to Barnes & Noble library and the Google Books project
  • Runs Android
The device features two displays.

The device features two displays.

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  • Ryan

    I’ve been looking at a Sony Reader for the Wife. I think I better keep my eyes open while new devices start to hit the market. This one may be worth considering.

  • http://www.mgmblog.com Michael

    This is certainly an eBook reader that I’ll be putting on my Xmas list! I hope it has some way of capturing written input. Wonder if it’ll run apps from the Android Market?

  • http://haydentheandroid.blogspot.com haydenTheAndroid

    I can’t wait for a nice ebook reader that’s < $200 but great solid features without some of the unneeded extras (3G for example).

    Unfortunately, book selection and pricing is still way behind, so I dunno if I would take the leap even when an ideal reader launches. Amazon definitely has the best prices, but you're locked into using their readers forever (unless you want to lose your back catalog).

  • jjwred7

    It does look a little interesting. I will be interested in pricing. They need to get the price down on these things though. Sad to say, I dont read enough books anymore to justify the $350-$400 range.

  • http://simplyblog.net Miguel

    Looks neat but the price shouldn’t be higher than $350! I do plenty of reading so it will work but I’m curious to learn about its other features? @ Ryan, yeah, I’d stay away from the Sony reader. It’s been out for some time and I don’t think they’ve really added much over the years. I could be wrong but for me, it’s lacking.

  • Who?

    You can publish your blog to Kindle. It’s free for you to do so.

  • http://davehong.yelp.com Dave H.

    If this reads eReader-formatted DRM books, I’d definitely be all over this. Waiting eagerly!

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