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Boo! Create a caption and win a Google Voice invite

Someone at Google has a sense of humor and dressed the large Android up like a pirate for Halloween. I was having a hard time coming up with a title for this post, so I thought our readers could help us out. Create a caption for the following photo and I will pick 3 winners who each get a Google Voice invite.

Bookmark this page because I will announce the winners here in 24 hours.

Shiver me timbers.

Shiver me timbers.

In case you missed them, check out our scary Halloween Android wallpapers.

[Image via Flickr]

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  • http://www.twitter.com/mubzymalone Mubzy Malone


    I know. Awful. Forgive me.

  • Adam

    Arg, I stole the Jolly Green Giants sweets!

  • http://www.markcondon.info Mark Condon

    Argh! I smell delicious treats, but I fear Android 2.0 will be a trick!

  • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly

    trick or treat, pastries to eat, give me something good to tweet

    • http://facebook.com/FckingAllen FckingAllen

      FTW! lmfao

  • brian merrill

    What does an invite to google voice mean?

  • AndroidNewb

    “Arrrg, all these giant sweets is goin’ straight to me booty!”

  • Eric

    Arrrrr. By hook or by crook, I will ha’ me a Nook.

  • Dave

    Arrrrgh, don’t be pirating my proprietary apps into your mod builds.

    • Pieter


  • http://www.nexsoftware.net nEx.Software

    Google Supports First Android Bounty Winner Torrent Droid

  • blake

    talk about a biiiiig booooty

  • Big Island Erik

    Android Hook on HallowCream night!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1273440318 Collin

    Yaaargh! Stop y’er stare at me Eclair!
    ‘Tis sweet but you’ll have to WAIT to taste this treat!

  • Tim

    “Google legal team’s attempt to smooth things over with the Developer teams may has been in poor taste with their lighthearted giant CyanogenMod costume.”

  • http://www.joncampbell.ca Jon Campbell

    Ahoy, gi’e me your searches!

  • david carson

    Confections of a pirate!

  • jirafa

    Argh, and that me friend is how ye become pirate lord of pastries.

  • s15274n

    Argh matie, me lost me udder leg when shoved up the arse of an iphonet. Twas a tragic day.

  • Eric

    Welcome to our open ship lads, we’r takin the root to android lands!

  • AD

    “Argh! Don’t touch any of me booty-ful sweets!”

  • AndroidNewb

    Avoid the house on the corner, they pass out Apples!

  • machee

    For Halloween 2009, the Android Droid trick-or-treated as Cyanogen pre-4.1.9.

    • machee

      Oh well, Tim beat me to it. :)

  • TheBigCheese

    “The family of giants down the street always gave the best treats.”

  • Tim

    “Being mistaken for a Halloween display, the mascot’s costume was actually a sign of looting and pillaging of Verizon virgin waters.”

  • jeffrey

    PeglegDroid – Open source pirate!

  • JB

    How sweet it is!

  • Daniel

    With a pirate robot on me side, ye ninjas stand no chance! Arrr!

  • Aaron

    AnDroid Bake Sale! We have Sprints, T-Mobiles, and Verizons…

  • Jmex

    Pastries will always be favored over the dreaded apple! Yaarrrrrr!

  • Guy

    Pick a fourth and I can hook them up with a voice invite as well.

  • Trev Reds

    X marks the spot, where I buried me I.

    • Trevor Redhead

      ..should read “where I buried me i”

  • Trev Reds

    Aye Don’t!

  • http://TrevReds Trevor Redhead

    “I prefer android android captain.”

  • Trevor Redhead

    “There’s nothing iCannot do!”

  • Trevor Redhead

    “If I hear another iiCaptain, you be walking the Plank!”

  • John Hiller

    Treat it is…..Trick for AT&T

  • http://www.myspace.com/joeyfresh joeyfresh

    i arrrr…..hook, wheres ipeter pan…

  • Daniel Glasser


  • Phil

    Anyone wanna go trick or treating at the Apple Headquaters?

  • Frenzytom

    Yarrrgh! Nevr shall be evil!

  • Brye-kun

    Doughnut: Why don’t we get a costume?

    Android: All the money went to making the oversized Eclair! Just look at this hook cut too close to the side and wrapped in tin foil!

    Cupcake: Yeah but you had enough money to go shopping at the Android Market Place!

    Eclair: iDon’t wanna hear it.

  • Erik

    “Apple filled donuts on the Verizon captain……………..I’m a pirate Android not a doctor!

  • ZonieB

    Sugar me timbers!

  • http://davehong.yelp.com Dave H.

    “Arrrrrren’t you glad you’re not using Windows Mobile?”

  • Perseoh

    Google Arrrrr-droid is finally here

  • Nick

    Arrrrg, take no prisoners and leave no pastry unbitten. All shall yeild to the codes we’ve written.

  • roy

    I can throw in 4 google wave invites that I have left.

    • Adam

      me want. lol.

      • roy

        Hey Adam, it seems androidandme.com doesn’t want them. Just post your email adress and I’ll send you one. If anyone else displays their email adress before the end of sunday, then the first three will get an invite too. (mind you, it takes a few days before the invites are approved by google so don’t think I scammed you if you diddnt get it instantly).

  • Trevor Redhead

    Yo Ho Ho and an Open Source ROM,
    Lots of Goodies for Everyone!

    • Trevor Redhead

      Alternate ending.

      Yo Ho Ho and an Open Source ROM,
      Cupcakes, Donuts and Eclair for Everyone!

  • http://www.myspace.com/djblueshift dj_blueshift

    “I’m a pirate, lol.”

  • http://codethief.eu codethief

    “All your donuts (and cupcakes and eclairs) are belong to us”

  • Trevor Redhead

    I said pieces of eight! Not pieces of cake….Arrghh!

  • Trevor Redhead

    Yarrr!…do I look like iCandy to you?

  • Emmy Tauber

    mmm which pastrie themed update will i choose?

  • Trevor Redhead

    And the Winners are……?????
    Did you fall asleep Taylor? A La Rip Van Winkle?

    • Trevor Redhead

      Taylor is still out Trick or Treating!

      • Trevor Redhead

        Taylor forgot to fall back (24) hours!

  • Trevor Redhead

    Taylor was forced to Walk The Plank!

    • Trevor Redhead

      Looks like Taylor lost the map to his Pirate Booty (Google invites)!

  • Trevor Redhead

    Create a Caption to explain Taylor’s disappearance!

  • davidjspooner

    “Google advocate Pirating”

  • davidjspooner

    Pirate says “all your cakes are belonging to us”

  • davidjspooner

    “New hook in Google advertising campaign”

  • davidjspooner

    Forget about the G1 running out of flash space for the next OS release ( flan ), it looks like Google are running out of lawn.

  • Trevor Redhead

    Android treasures fer ye me Hearties!

  • ZRod

    “Walk the plank ye wretched iPhone, ye are no match for Captain Droid and me gang of sweets, they shall block out ye screen with their delicious icing”

  • josh

    really people you don’t have to do this to get a google voice invite just go their website.

    • Tim

      Personally I just like caption contests like this, reward doesn’t make a difference it’s all good fun.
      I am a bit curious what captions were considered the winners.

      • davidjspooner

        caption contests are fun…

  • Trevor Redhead

    I would have liked to have seen the list of winners too! It makes it more interesting.

    PS…I got an invite, so I was one of the winners…Thanks Taylor.