Oct 09 AT 7:33 PM Clark Wimberly 12 Comments

CTIA09 RealVNC for Android

While walking the floor at CTIA09, we spotted the RealVNC logo and wandered over to see what they had to offer for Android. Turns out a lot. RealVNC was showing off their new cross-platform desktop to mobile control scheme. Using your desktop, you can wirelessly connect to and control a mobile device complete with touch input and hard key access.

The potential uses here are many. A company could use RealVNC control at an enterprise level to assist with technical issues on their employee’s phone or provide support for a confused user. The entire screen of the mobile device is shown in real time on the desktop, giving the help desk or service tech instant insight into the device without needing to be anywhere near it. Check out the video below for a quick preview of the service.

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  • http://www.TechProsSD.com SDsc_rch

    that’s pretty good

    i guess

    i want it the other way around… control a desktop from the android device

    do they have that yet

  • tony

    to the commenter above there’s plenty of vnc/rdp android apps already to control your pc just search the market

  • Pieter

    yea there are many rdp apps out there. the best one is remote rdp. check out http://www.androidtapp.com/remote-rdp/

    its expensive, but it works like a bomb. really smooth! i had windows 7 on my G1…well, sorta

  • James

    Hmmm….. last I looked at this, the Android API did not give you access to the event queue so that you can inject keystrokes and/or touch events – at least outside your own app – undoubtedly Google considered this a security risk. I suspect this was a rooted phone. Can anyone confirm or reject that?

    • ludovic.perrier

      the phone is in root mode…

  • Eric

    I’m pretty new to the Android platform and I’m surprised there hasn’t been a solution to this before now. There’s been a tool that’s been around for years on the WM platform that I’ve used. Never thought too much about security actually though.

    This tool is essential if you have to manually enter in allot of data (eg. password apps).

  • http://Website sneike

    hi, is this already available to use?

  • http://Website Jose

    There is already a vnc server at http://onaips.blogspot.com/ (droid vnc server)

  • http://Website Kathleen Carleton

    I know there are other apps where you can use remote access to control your desktop from you but does this one have that capability or is it coming soon?

  • http://www.AllSanDiegoComputerRepair.com SDscorch

    jose is right

  • http://Website Moft

    RealVNC is dying, it’s over 1 year ago they promised a viewer for VNC, still failing to release one.
    They main product, RealVNC with encryption is still not available to winmobile or Android users – that’s nothing but a huge FAIL:

    I think the company is dying.