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Developer sees 50% increase in sales with new Android Market

We still have a lot of complaints about the Android Market (like downloads stalling), but it was nice to see it finally get an update with Android 1.6. Among the new features was the ability for developers to include screenshots (2) and the priority placed on top paid apps.

At least one developer is reporting a big growth in sales since the recent Market update. Larva Labs announced their game Battle for Mars (review) has seen a roughly 50% increase in sales. This is due largely in part to their app being displayed in the upper portion of the top paid listing for games.

It’s nice to see the positive aftereffects that resulted from the new Android Market, but several popular devices have yet to receive this update. The Sprint HTC Hero, Samsung Moment, and T-Mobile Motorola Cliq are all shipping with Android 1.5 (old Market) and there is no word on when any of these phones will be updated. We could go on and on about Android fragmentation and Market improvements, but I’ll save those topics for another day.

In case anyone was wondering, Larva Labs also posted on their blog that they are working on their Intelligent Homescreen prototype and intend to release it to the Android Market.

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  • Jeff

    Cool, all they need now is a desktop application…if its even possible.

  • Erik

    “Aye, according to the Pirate Androids Code weves gots ta eat ya!”

  • http://www.nexsoftware.net nEx.Software

    It’s too bad most of the new phones shipping today are running 1.5 and thus won’t have the advantage of screenshots. I can only hope that these phones get updates real soon both for the users’ sake and for the developers’ sake.

  • http://danglinginvective.blogspot.com Mark

    I’m glad developers are making money – and I’m glad to pay for good apps.

    But why, oh why, does the Android Market suck? Google’s search/index brains should make it EASY to find things. There have been times when I’ve searched and searched for an app that was reviewed, then had to go back to the review and use the QR code. Sad.

    C’mon Google. Improve searching in the market.

    • TheBigCheese

      Totally agreed, I think it’s even case sensitive.

  • Mike

    If by “making money” you mean earning the same as a burger flipper at McDonald’s, then yeah, I’m making money. :)

    One thing I wish Google would add is the ability for me to specify release notes when I push out a new version instead of having to take up valuable space in my game description to say what’s changed. That’s not too much to ask for, is it?