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Fender myTouch 3G is a 32A HTC Magic

We just spotted some new information on the upcoming T-Mobile myTouch 3G Fender limited edition. TmoNews posted a comparison chart (directly from HTC) which confirms the Fender phone is the 32A HTC Magic.

Why should customers care about the 32A version of the HTC Magic?

HTC produced two different versions of the Magic phone: PVT32A and PVT32B. The major difference between the two variations is that the 32A features 288 MB of RAM compared to the the 32B which only has 192 MB of RAM. The original T-Mobile myTouch 3G is a 32B version and only includes 192 MB of RAM.

In addition to the increase in RAM, we reported the Fender limited edition phone also has a 3.5 mm headset jack and ships with a 16 GB microSD card.

Even with all the extras, I don’t think anyone with a T-Mobile Android phone needs to update just yet. Look to early 2010 for T-Mobile to release some 2nd generation Android 2.0 phones.

T-Mobile USA has yet to announce a release date for the myTouch 3G Fender limited edition phone.

The 32A HTC Magic features 288 MB of RAM.

The 32A HTC Magic features 288 MB of RAM.

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  • jeeps

    How in the hell are they getting those standby times???? Pulling the battery, putting it in the fridge and ‘standing by’ the door?

  • chuck

    If this SE is a 32A without the “with Google” label, will this be a MyTouch that can get the Sense UI?

  • http://www.zoombits.co.uk/christmas-gifts christmas gifts

    You are probably thinking solid-state drives like the iPhone has…There’s no reason to add more latency(and battery drain) to phones by making them spin a bunch of mini disks around to find data. I think adding the cost of even bigger SSD’s(like 16-32GB) to a device who probably will only need a 512MB SSD at max, when the can support expandable memory…the rest would be overkill, and who wants to pay for overkill?

  • http://Website obBIGdaddy

    Ive herd that the MyTouch is supposed to only have 192mb. But my “myTouch” say that I have 256mb as “internal phone storage available space” under my “settings”. hmmmm????!!!

    • http://Website ashley

      yea mine says i have 236 mb… im asuming cause i have stuff stored on the rest but that is odd , i seriously think they just dont want to give use the 2.0 and sense ui because they know that if they make a new product with those specs everyone on tmobile will b upgrading at full price ,, its allways about he money

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  • http://all-google-android.com t-Man

    the My-Touch is suppose to have 256MB RAM, that is enough to run the 2.0/2.1 whatever it may be, Google just has to push it to T-Mobile when their ready

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  • http://androidandme Dinorah

    kiero adquirir un equipo para enviarlo a mexico…cuanto cuesta y es posible activarlo alla? gracias

  • http://Yahoo Marsha

    Can a smartphone send to a printer?

  • http://Website tom s

    Since. 2011 update. was down loaded. MyTouch Fender has worked like crap. When contacting TMobil their only solution was for me to buy a new phone and extend my contract another 2 year.Don’t. trust these ripoff artest!