Oct 28 AT 12:02 PM Taylor Wimberly 6 Comments

GSM Motorola Droid spied on video

We have been saying for awhile that the Motorola Droid will appear in other countries and now that information has been confirmed. Our favorite Vietnamese site Tinhte was able to get their hands on a GSM version of the Droid (Sholes) and upload a quick music video. There is no word on which European carriers will launch the phone, but I would look to the current ones that offer the Motorola Dext (Orange).

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  • jensen

    There must bee somethin wrong
    It much slower then mine HTC Hero!


  • Tomas Herman

    hmm i thought it would have had moto blur

  • Holly

    Ooh the gold accents are silver! Yaaay!

  • Marcelo L

    It’s useless except for EU, ASIA. For US, unless it support both AT&T, AND TMobile…..fail !

  • SquirrelWithAGunAtTheZoo

    I must admit, I expected a smooth experience from this device, and am disappointed with the current state of affairs. Of course it is possible (albeit foolish of Motorola) that they put a suboptimal image on this device because of time constraints, or that this is some form of a preview model (which would be backed up by the whole no-ugly-gold-accents-thing).

  • Brantyr

    This is a private video? Wtf guys?