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How to install Android SDK and play with Android 2.0 in the emulator

Google has released the Android 2.0 SDK as of October 27th, 2009. We know how eager everyone has been to get their hands on Android 2.0, so we have decided to write up instructions so that anyone may download and install the SDK, then create and run an emulator instance.

Note, the emulator is not intended to duplicate any particular device, so treat this more as a look at some of the core new features of Android 2.0 than an emulation of any current or future device. Also, things that require hardware features are not available in the emulator. No multi-touch in here guys (unless you manage to get two mice to work?).

Enough of the talk, let's get down to business.

1)      Download appropriate file for your system from http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html

2)      Extract to desired location

3)      Run “SDK Setup.exe” (or the equivalent for your system)

Launch sdksetup.ext

Launch sdksetup.ext

a.       If you receive an error message stating “Failed to fetch url...” then you will have to force the Setup program to use http in lieu of https.

Got this error? Follow the steps.

Got this error? Follow the steps.

i.      Close the “Refresh Sources” window

ii.      Cancel the “Choose Packages to Install” window

iii.      Select “Settings” from the left side of the “Android SDK and AVD Manager” window

iv.      Check the box labeled “Force https://... sources to be fetched using http://...”

v.      Click “Save and Apply”

vi.      Close and restart the SDK Setup program

4)      Choose the packages that you wish install

Select only the packages you need.

Select only the packages you need.

a.       If you are only interested in trying out the Android 2.0 Emulator

i.      Reject everything except “SDK Platform Android 2.0. API 5, revision 1” by selecting each item then selecting the Reject option

b.      If you plan to develop Android applications and Games, you may wish to Accept All

c.       Click “Install Selected”

5)      Allow the selected packages to download and install then close the “Installing Archives” window

6)      Create a new Android Virtual Device (AVD)

These are the settings to emulate the Moto Droid.

These are the settings to emulate the Moto Droid.

a.       Select “Virtual Devices” from the left side of the “Android SDK and AVD Manager” window

i.      Click “New”

ii.      Enter a Name

iii.      Choose a Target

iv.      Enter a size for the emulated SD Card

v.      Choose a Skin

1.      To emulate current hardware such as the G1, MyTouch 3G, Hero, etc…

a.       Leave the default value

2.      To emulate the Motorola Droid

a.       Choose WVGA 854

3.      To emulate other devices

a.       Choose anything else

vi.      Click “Create AVD”

7)      Start your newly created Virtual Device

A successfully created AVD.

A successfully created AVD.

a.       Choose the Virtual Device from the list

b.      Click “Start...”

c.       Click “Launch”

Just click launch.

Just click launch.

8)      Allow copious time for Emulator to start up

First startup will take a few minutes.

First startup will take a few minutes.

9)      Enjoy!

Android 2.0

Android 2.0

Justin is the founder of and lead developer at nEx.Software.

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  • http://www.twitter.com/DrJeckyl Dr.Jeckyl

    On my to do list for tonight. Thanks Justin!

    • Neo

      I m new to sdk and i would like to try it on,but what kind of data download should occur.
      My provider has a data cap and is the whole setup going to be more than 300 mb?

  • rush

    are there instructions for the mac? This unfortunately does not help us out at all…

    • http://www.droidweb.com Maliek Mcknight

      You’ve probably figured everything out by now, but I wrote a tutorial on how to install the 2.0 SDK on a mac. See it here: http://www.blog.droidweb.com/?p=1132

  • http://www.nexsoftware.net nEx.Software

    Please forgive me, I made the assumption that Google also provided a similar installer for Mac. According to the Mac SDK download you start the SDK Manager by running /tools/android program. I do not have a Mac so cannot tell if there is a similar GUIDE to the SDK Manager. If any has a Mac and can provide those instructions, we would greatly appreciate it.

  • carig

    awesome! it runs really slow on my computer and for some reason it has a normal keyboard but the text prediction is in chinese, odd

    but still i’m excited to try everything out, go android!

    • http://textpredictioninchinese xnsn

      For me the text prediction was by default in chinese too. Did you manage to switch this to English?
      Using Settings -> Keyboard and Language I was able to switch it by removing the chinese and japanese keyboards, but after closing the emulator and restarting it, text prediction reverted back to chinese.

  • VanVlack

    Anybody else have very slow downloads with the SDK updater. It says its going 5 KiB/s and going to take 250 min!!!!

    • Marco

      No, it’s really fast here with around 9 kB/sec and 115 minutes left…

      • http://Website D-Carlo

        I’m getting 37kb/s and about 37 mins remaining. And I have DSL! plus my laptop is connected wirelessly with 4 bars of strength on a 802.11G connection, I don’t know how but whatever! lol

        • http://Website Scott

          I’m getting 126 KiB/s 8min. I’m using the wifi tether and connecting through my droid. Verizon is a pretty good network.

          • http://Website Bas

            I got 800 KiB/s :P

    • http://www.unitedswe.com/ Tim Jowers

      Yes. I’ve never seen it slow before but almost always work on Linux. Yesterday it was slow on my work laptop on a public LAN (20KiB/s) so I figured I try again when I got home. But now its started even worse: 5KiB/s; but plataued around 21KiB/s. Maybe its something with their Windows images? Or maybe its the darn McCrappee virus software this company runs. I’ve done work for them for 15 months and know you need to re-image their laptops every 4-6 months due to the McCrappeee making things slower and slower and slower over time. But, this is a newly imaged laptop; so, maybe its just Google’s problem.

  • Brombomb

    For those new to the Emulator. You can “rotate” the screen by pressing Shift + F12. That way you can play/test in landscape mode.

    • Bob

      Also 7 on the num pad if you have one!

    • http://www.droidlive.com Jona

      You mean Ctrl + F12

  • Frank

    How do I change the text input from Japanese to English US?


      Frank.. Go to settings, then go down to language & keyboard click it, then unselect the japanese keyboards. Hope that helped!

  • http://www.theg1appsblog.com Jeremiah Hoyet

    Thanks for the tip, Justin. I’m going to play around with it right now! :]

  • Bob

    Instructions for Mac and Linux are similar but you need to start ./android from the tools folder.

    Side note, settings in Android SDK and AVD Manager while running Ubuntu wont stick, as you can check the box labeled “Force https://… sources to be fetched using http://…” all you want but you can not “Save and Apply” it just sits there. There are reports of some people having the same issue.

    As per Google Dev:
    It looks like it fails somehow to create the file containing the
    settings, but I don’t know why (it works fine here).

    The file is ~/.android/androidtool.cfg

    try to create it manually and add one line to it:

    we’ll try to figure out why it fails.


    Xavier Ducrohet
    Android SDK Tech Lead
    Google Inc.

    • http://www.nexsoftware.net nEx.Software

      Thanks Bob for the details regarding Mac and Linux installation.

    • Ramon

      I found a way around this. I clicked the Save & Apply..then press enter on the keyboard….after that it went through.

      • gregers

        Pressing Enter on the keyboard worked for me as well. Manually editing ~/.android/androidtool.cfg did not. Thanks for the tip :)

        • Thiago Souza

          For me worked both ways. It looks like there is a bug that you need to press Enter on buttons. This issue happens at the package installation too…

  • http://www.google.com James

    Thanks for the great post! Does anyone know a way to make this Landscape mode?

    • http://www.nexsoftware.net Justin Shapcott

      From several comments up…

      For those new to the Emulator. You can “rotate” the screen by pressing Shift + F12. That way you can play/test in landscape mode.

      Or 7 on number pad.

    • http://www requerido

      it is CTRL+F12 not Shift+F12

  • http://www.droidlive.com Jona

    In my case I see only the screen and no skin around it… any clues why this happens? Also the screen for the Droid phone looks really long and thin… Anyone have ideas of the correct settings to simulate the phone?

    What are the options for Skin to simulate to scale the Droid phone?
    Skin: WVGA854 480×854
    Desity: ?
    And scale display to real device settings?
    Screen size: 3.7 (in)?
    Monitor dpi: ??

  • Brian

    Guys, does the emulator use Bridged or NAT-ed networking when loaded on my computer? I’d like to test setup networked Exchange ActiveSync to my Exchange Server. Also, can someone point out where I can configure a client certificate, and VPN connection using L2TP? Thanks!

  • Michael R.

    I had an issue with Ubuntu 9.10 and mouse button clicks in eclipse not sticking (had to use keys). Apparently its an eclipse issue. A link to information and workaround is here. I wonder if that is what you are experiencing with your link issue not sticking.


    I am having a problem however with getting AVD to reasonably run. I tried creating the exact same AVD as in this post and I still have the same problem. I am going through the simple hello world app to verify my setup. However the AVD is running extremely slow. Then it will run hello world and I’ll get an error message in a box:


    Application Email (in process com.android.email) is not responding”
    With an option to Force close or Wait.

    Sometimes I’ll get:

    “Application Messaging (in process com.android.mms) is not responding”

  • http://www.markvader.com markvader

    Despite try a number of times with different install paths each time, I had an issue when installing using the package manager,

    “Installing SDK Platform Android 2.0, API 5, revision 1 Failed to rename directory …”

    similar to the one posted on the issue tracker here

    I disabled norton antivirus and the install went fine.

    Thanks for the straight forward tutorial, wasnt quite sure about upgrading from the 1.5 sdk


    • http://Failedtorenamedirectory(markvander) Mauricio

      Had thesame problem – “Failed to rename directory …”

      I was updating in a Windows “protected” directory – that requires admin to approve the creation or renaming of directiries (Like in “Program Files”)

      Just instal the SDK in a “non protected” directory and does the trick”!

      Great tutorial!

  • http://jimshowalter.blogspot.com Jim Showalter

    It’s definitely antivirus. Had the same problem until I shut off Kaspersky.

    There’s a thread about it: http://groups.google.com/group/android-developers/browse_thread/thread/78be72a0cb5d40f4/8dfe6541c3ebfc25.

    • http://www.bankofamerica.com Tim Jowers

      Unfo, corporate laptops will not allow you to turn off the AV.

  • Andrés

    I tried installing the SDK Setup.exe on Windows 7 (x86_64) but it complains about the ANDROID_SWT environment variable. I already set it to point to the x86_64 swt.jar but it refuses to work.

    Any ideas?


  • Rob

    No matter what I do I keep getting the ““Installing SDK Platform Android 2.0, API 5, revision 1 Failed to rename directory …”” error as well. I am running XP pro and AVG free edition which you cannot disable.

    Oddly enough, this worked just fine on Windows 7 with AVG Free edition.

    I would love to know how I can get this to install on my work PC!

    • carig

      I wonder if you’ll still check back and read this, anyways i was having the same problem on my computer running Vista and AVG free

      What i ended up doing was going to the folder that it mentions at the end of that “Failed to rename directory…” (the folder was called PlatformPackage.new01) and going to its properties then unchecking the “read only” box

      I don’t know if you tried that or if you were actually having a different problem but it said it installed and seems to be working fine

  • dusan7

    Thank you. Very nice guide

  • David

    When I try to run SDK Setup.exe, something flashes on my screen for a split second and nothing else happens. I disabled my anti-virus protection before running it. Did anyone else run into this?

    • http://Website Another David

      I had the same problem until I installed the latest Java. Now I can’t get an emulator to start./launch.

      I keep getting:

      emulator: ERROR: unknown virtual device name: ‘SecondAVD’
      emulator: could not find virtual device named ‘SecondAVD’

  • David

    I should be more specific…I’m running on Win XP SP3.

  • kris

    ok i have never been able to get this or previous versions to work.. i would click on setup and the screen would dissapear after a second.. what am i not doing or doing wrong?

    • Peter Bosko

      I had same problem. The reason was that I had multiple JVM’s installed on my machine. JVM v1.4.2 is not enough to run the setup. I installed new Java on my computer and removed from path system variable paths to old JVMs.

      • Jason

        Thank you! I was also seeing the quick blank console window when trying to execute the setup installer. I have a new install of Windows 7, and didn’t have Java installed. Now that I have the latest Java installed, the setup is working.

    • Carmen

      Kris, were you able to get it running? If so, what worked. I am having the same problem.


      • http://Website Kris

        yea, I finally figured it out. I played around with it for awhile but I dont think it was worth all that hassle

  • Kyle

    @ Kris & David
    I was having this same issue. It turned out that my unzip util didn’t create the /platforms and the /add-ons directory where I unzipped the sdk. Make sure these folders exist otherwise you can’t start the sdk setup.exe

    • Carmen

      Hey Kyle!
      Thanks for the tip. I used a different extractor and viola, there were the missing files.


  • kris

    @kyle there not so how would We go about doing that?

  • Kyle

    just create empty dirs with those names

  • Billy Bob

    Is there anyway i can get this on my G1 or Hero??

  • Daniel Lindsay

    i know its still in development stages, but will 2.0 take away the heroes beautiful 8 screens, and also get rid of that horrible square box. Just doesnt take my fancy, and no offense to people that like it but from a guy who has the Hero, its not something im used to. Cant wait to here a reply. x

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  • Gabriel

    Thanks, I was having the screen flash problem as well but fixed it with the Java fix.

    It runs great on my laptop and I am going to install it on my tablet pc later so I can get the full “touch” experience :)

    Thanks again.

  • DomG


  • ky meng

    is that work on windows 7 ultimate 32bit? i tire to do this……!please help me.

  • http://Website Paul

    when i try to run the properly set up emulator on my vista 32 bit computer i get this message.
    emulator: ERROR: unknown virtual device name: ‘Android.2′
    emulator: could not find virtual device named ‘Android.2′
    any help?

    • http://Website Another David

      I’m getting this too on Windows 7 home premium with today’s updates, 32bit. I’ve rebooted… I try different virtual setups with no success. I have Java 6 Update 18 installed.

  • Lou

    Is it not possible to develop applications without downloading 1.1 , 1.5 and 1.6 SDK.
    Cant we not use SDK 2.0 to develop apps and games?

  • manjupelle

    Hi all,
    I’m new user to android platform i have HTC Tattoo(Android 1.6).
    how can i update my phone to Android 2.0, I downloaded Android SDK but its just an Virtual platform to view Android 2.0 or should i config my phone to this SDK software to install Android 2.0 i dont have any idea about kindly help…..

  • http://Website S3nd41

    “I’m getting an Application Settings (in process com.android.settings) is not responding.” error message. What should I do about this?

  • http://Website Gianluca

    I’m getting an Application Settings is not responding too… any idea?!?

  • http://Website Bala

    wanna kno it supports which kind of os.. am using linux n xp.. is it work on above those..

  • http://Website Martin

    I setup the Android 2.0 target, when start the AVD, it just show a small ANDROID text on the left black screen and a keyboard on the right screen.
    after around 5 minutes, show bigger graphic ANDROID but nothing else even wait for a very long time. Any idea what was wrong? Thanks!

    • http://Website TheParadox

      Hit the power button, top right.

  • http://Website dolfin mobiles,s.l

    thanks a lot dude, it was really helpfull…. keep it up thanks again

  • http://beledxawo.wordpress.com Qansagabeyle

    I am having a problem with my emulator being too big for the screen. I chose the Droid one and deleted the ones I created several times but it keeps coming up too big for the screen.

  • http://Website sue

    i can not get past SDK Setup.exe tried everything i coul think of running it as admin. redownloading the SDK kit when i click the SDK Setup.exe just get a quick flash then its gone and nothing im running XP sp3 anyideas on what else it could be to get it up and running the right way

    • http://Website HZ

      Install the lastest Java Runtime Environment first then click SDK Setup.EXE

  • http://Website Andrew

    HEY! Thank you very much! i really need this ! you just saved my life !

  • http://Website satya

    Hi Everybody,

    Install the jvm first,I too had the same problem may be it needs to run swt.jar file updating the SDK.

    Am I right or wrong?

  • http://Website Ganapathy Ram

    Hi I am new to android developement , i followed all the steps given here , can we control where the avd file is saved ,actually in my PC i have two user ids to log on , all the avd’s is create are saved in the documents folder for the adminstrator account and so that i can’t use them in my projects , i don’t have previlages to acces admin account , so is there a way around ?

    Plz help me

    Thanks :)

  • http://Website Ganapathy Ram

    Hi All, i had solved the prob , i used the android.bat file on tools folder for creating further AVDS now its working

  • http://Website Raghu

    Its very helpful. Thanks alot

  • http://Website AA

    This is one of the greatest tutorial.

  • http://www.iplusrooom.com andro

    nice info gan

  • http://www.techmostwanted.com/ TechMostwanted

    nice guide! my first step in developing my very own droid apps. :)

  • http://Website wanted

    keep brining up the sdk but when it loads it says error loading prefrences then the sdk comes up and just stays with the black screen to the right the word android got bigger but nothing after that

    • http://Website daniel

      i have this problem too.. but i see noone can awnser us

      • http://Website Umakanth

        I have the same issue, still searching for solutions.

        • http://Website bahrt

          Same problem here. I’m running the AVD on a VM (WinXP 32 SP3). What about you guys?

    • http://Website JB2D

      I had to wait almost 10 minutes before the emulator came up the first time.
      Try leaving the computer alone for a while and coming back.

    • beluluk

      I also faced “Error loading preferences” console window, but just a brief moment. And then the device show up but always blank.
      Then… I opened Android SDK manager, go to virtual devices, select the only AVD that’s there. And then Delete…
      After that I clicked new and create a new AVD.
      The “Error Loading Preferences” window still appear briefly, but then the Emulator showed up with the “android _” text. And then the glowing “Android” showed up, and after about one minute, the emulator is up and running well.
      Hope this helps someone. :D

  • http://Website THANKZ TO THE DEVS!

    not an expert on things like this but the tutorial was simple if you read it right, the only thing I need to know now is… what directory do I transfer my apps to that are already stored onto the computer to show up in the emulator for installation? Or do I have to download them all over again? and if so where is the market on it?

  • http://thepeoplesdictionary.com lawrence

    i found this great tutorial because i had the failed to fetch error, so i forced it to get from http instead

  • http://Website Phibertek

    Anyone knows if there is there going to be some other SDK for the Android Tablets coming out?


  • http://Website mayur

    Hey! Thnx a lot. Your step by step explanation helped me to install android on my system.

  • http://Website shahbaz

    Hello every body.
    Can any body plz tell me that is there any book for Android learning
    and i also want to install it in my window vista plz tell me about its IDE and if there is also the plugin is available for .Net plz tell me about it thanks U every body.

  • http://Alger salimdz

    I want to install this SDK to Android 2.0 (offline) on a PC that is not connected to the internet, and AC I want if possible to download all these packages.
    I await your help
    thank you in advance
    a +

  • http://Website Psi

    I installed the SDK 2.1 currently on the android.com web site, but Windows 7 hangs after several windows start freezing after I do a “Refresh” on the SDK Manager GUI or attempt to install.
    I noticed the drive the SDK manager sits on (G drive) loses status while the others still show how much free disk space they have. The event logs weren’t much use, since I don’t know I should be looking for.

    I installed Eclipse and the latest Java as indicated on the web site. Are there any troubleshooting tips someone can offer? I hate to install Ubuntu Linux on my server, but I just might (I have it on my laptop – I suppose I could try installing the SDK on my laptop… under Ubuntu, since I am also running Windows 7 Professional on it and wouldn’t expect different results, however, it could help troubleshooting, since it would confirm that there is or there is no difference. I was suspecting the ATI graphics card since the event log had plenty of errors pointing to it.).


  • http://Website Orlando

    Excellent !!!

    Thank Justin

  • http://Android Ashish

    Thank you very much Justin. Its a very helpful article for novice Android developers. Keep writing such great articles.

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  • http://AVA Sathish

    Can anyone help me to sculpt my test cases for the application which i test in android

    Can anyone send me sample android application test cases

  • http://Website Joe

    this helped a lot! thanks

  • http://Website Joe

    This is my first time using it, but it is running very slowly…..

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  • http://Website Nate Lundie

    Thanks you very much for the guide, before this I had only been able to find guides for setting up the emulator on the command line and I couldn’t really figure out how to finely adjust the settings using that so this was much appreciated.

  • http://Website alima

    Thanks a lot for this tutorial

  • http://www.waqassiddiqui.com Waqas

    Thanks a bunddle! It helped a lot!

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  • http://Website Anirban Ghatak

    Hi All,
    I am a beginer to this android system. I have no idea about this os but I am interested about this one. I have some Idea of programming using C#,C,C++,Java(all old possible versions). I want to work with Android. I have Windows 7 os and no touch screen device can any one please help me to start with these? Waiting for your reply.

  • http://Website Harikrishnan R

    I am using android sdk in Ubuntu . It did apps that access the internet. Suddenly the avd cannot
    connect to internet. When I restart the avd , it shows NO SERVICE , and no 3G Status.
    Is there any option or parameter that can set the internet option ON or OFF.

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  • http://www.webcasinoonline.org/ mike white

    Thanks for the tutorial. Downloaded it yesterday (took forever) but didn’t know where to start.

    Mike White

  • http://Website krux

    how can i instal android to tablet pc??. i have only usb- suport, card reader and data cable

  • http://Website hossaindoula

    After creating the AVD I launched the emulator… But I got the error message in the command line and the emulator got stuck only displaying android in the screen… What could be the problem? Can you please sort this out? I would be really greatful to you…

  • http://www.tattooscenter.com wrist tattoo

    implode derive also gaolbird more advisedly off circle

  • http://Website tazzmann

    Has anyone been able to get the Wi-Fi feature to work? I tried to add a wi-fi network and when I click on “Add Wi-Fi netowrk” it doesn’t do anything. Also, I keep getting an error: “Sorry! the application Settings (process com.android.settings) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.”

  • http://techtalk.com willie g

    Failed to fetch URL http://dl-ssl.google.com/android/repository/repository.xml, reason: Unrecognized Windows Sockets error: 10106: create

    any 1 got a fix on this one? checking force htmls wasnt really for my error. thanks.

  • http://Website ibrahim

    Very good article. helped me get started with android.

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  • http://www.uggonfire.com/ Uggstore

    He laughs best who laughs last.At any rate, I am convinced.

  • http://Website Akshay

    I’m unable to install the Android SDK on my laptop.
    I have installed the JDK.
    The error during installation is : JDK not found
    plz help me in this.

  • http://livero.pl calivita sklep

    Quite a beautiful website. I built mine and i was looking for some design ideas and your website gave me some. Did you develop the website alone?

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  • http://www.greatindianblog.com Sandeep Soni

    Information provided by the author on Android.

  • http://none dan

    OK guys, there have been many people posting about getting an ‘error loading preferences’ and then seeing the word ANDROID with a blank cursor.

    Can someone at least attempt help us?

  • http://Website Giusepe

    Same thing happening to me.

    error loading preferences

  • http://Website suryavir

    @dan and giusepe- just wait for a while. the android emulator is very slow. Itll take some time to load, but leave it open for a good 5 minutes. Itll work after that.. cheers! hope that helps

  • http://Website irshad

    Nice thinx for android

  • http://Website RAF

    Very Nice to have such site..helped me to set my Android Env with in no time…

  • http://puppycratetraining.shutterfly.com/21 Suzanne Henry

    Good post, thanks. I simply agreed to your blog feed.

  • http://www.thomasrye.com Thomas Rye

    Your post is still helping today. Helped me get Android running on Mac. Thanks.

  • http://Website Bas

    I get an error. I have the newest SDK with Android 3.0 API11.
    It says:
    emulator: ERROR: unknown virtual device name: ‘emu30′
    emulator: could not find virtual device named ‘emu30′

    (emu30 is the name I gave to the ADV)

    I tried a lot but I can’t fix it.
    The folder where the ADVs are saved is C:\users\Bas\Contacts\.android\adv
    Can anybody help?

  • http://www.vehiclearticles.info Dylan Giggey

    I have to say, you chose your wods pretty well.

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    I just added this site to my feed reader, great stuff. Cannot get enough!

    This will be a great web page, could you be involved in doing an interview regarding just how you designed it? If so e-mail me!

    Thank you, I have been hunting for info about this topic for ages and yours is the best I have located so far.

  • http://www.aexpertexterminating.com Janice Hoffman

    Would you individuals have a facebook fan page?

  • http://Website Vitaly

    After step 7 I have some problem:
    invalid command-line parameter: Files\Android\android-sdk\tools/emulator-arm.exe.
    Hint: use ‘@foo’ to launch a virtual device named ‘foo’.
    please use -help for more information
    What have I done? =)
    How to solve my problem?

    • http://Website The Same Vitaly

      I have solve this problem.
      If you have it, you need to replace your Android folder to C:\PROGRA~2\ folder. This folder you have to create. Just create folder named “Progra~2″ at disc C:\ and paste “Android” folder into it. It works for me!

      • tommy

        hey, um. im getting the same error. ]

        invalid command-line parameter: Files.
        Hint: use ‘@foo’ to launch a virtual device named ‘foo’.
        please use -help for more information

        I tried what you said to do. and its still not working! help!
        im on win7 64

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    • Kelly Bagley

      My best guess is that a machine was used to translate and the above garbled message is the result.

  • http://srikanthjeeva.blogspot.com Srikanth J

    Works like a charm. Thank you.

  • arj

    hi, can anyone plz help me?plz explain in simplest possible words why am i having this error while launching the avd :

    invalid command-line parameter: Files\Android\android-sdk\tools/emulator-arm.exe.
    Hint: use ‘@foo’ to launch a virtual device named ‘foo’.
    please use -help for more information

    how to resolve this issue?

    • Hassanien Alhassani

      i also have the same error
      by the way i’m running win7 os 64-bit
      help us plz

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  • Manas

    I get a problem when I launch it, it says:

    invalid command-line parameter: Emulator.
    Hint: use ‘@foo’ to launch a virtual device named ‘foo’.
    please use -help for more information.

    Thnx in advance!

  • http://www.twitter.com/riyeko Riyeko

    I have been able to download and install all of it successfully without any issues (thank goodness).

    Anyway, when i get to the point where I need to make a new AVD, it does not have a target at all.
    Theres the drop down box, and it keeps telling me that in order to make a new one, there has to be a target selected, but… there isnt anything to select.

    If anyone has any ideas, be most appreciated, thanks in advance.


  • http://quynhlong.com/forum/member.php?2202-unewonulgeltyut KadyEdima
  • http://howtoinstallawindow.org/ how to install microsoft windows

    That is very interesting, You are a very professional blogger. I have joined your rss feed and stay up for searching for more of your fantastic post. Also, I have shared your website in my social networks

  • Concepcion

    How do I install this on my phone?

  • Cholatiger

    Hi dude!

    First i want to thanks for your help

    I’ve installed the android sdk and created the avd and while running the program using netbeans i’m getting following error….. I appreciate your help.

    Gathering info for AndroidApplication1…
    Android SDK Tools Revision 15
    Project Target: Android 2.2
    API level: 8
    Resolving library dependencies:
    No library dependencies.


    WARNING: No minSdkVersion value set. Application will install on all Android versions.
    Building tested project at C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\samples\android-8\VoiceRecognitionService
    No sub-builds to iterate on

    **** Back to project AndroidApplication1 ****
    Creating output directories if needed…
    Handling aidl files…
    No aidl files to compile.
    Handling RenderScript files…
    No renderscript files to compile.
    Handling Resources…
    Found new input file
    Generating resource IDs…
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\tools\ant\build.xml:600: warning: ‘includeantruntime’ was not set, defaulting to build.sysclasspath=last; set to false for repeatable builds
    Converting compiled files and external libraries into C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\samples\android-8\VoiceRecognitionService\AndroidApplication1\bin\classes.dex…
    no classfiles specified
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\tools\ant\build.xml:729: The following error occurred while executing this line:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\tools\ant\build.xml:731: The following error occurred while executing this line:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\tools\ant\build.xml:743: The following error occurred while executing this line:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\tools\ant\build.xml:249: null returned: 1
    BUILD FAILED (total time: 1 second)

  • Виталий

    Вы что там, офигели?! С такой скоростью!!!!

  • Michelle

    hi, I have downloaded everything, eclipse, java and Android sdk. But in Eclipse, when i open “Window”, AVD manager and SDK manager are not combined.
    When i try to create an AVD, i cannot designate a target. Is it because AVD and SDK are not combined? How can i rectify that?
    Thank you.

  • laxmikanth vellaisamy

    its working perfectly. i want to create custom rom. for that what i want to install or i can create here. we are trying to create custom rom 2.2 for my micromaxA60 2.1 mobile its related to ZTE N720 mobile model. Please let me know if u know about 2.2.

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  • Ray

    You are the man! Worked like a charm

  • uti

    that’s just not done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i can’t run my emulated version of android 4.0.3 even after downloading every file of it + of extras.

  • prateek

    the folder c:\users\\.android\.ini is not created on my machine, and the emulator gives an error saying its not found.
    even the .android folder is no where to be found.
    thanks in advance

  • max max max

    hey this can be upgraded to 4.0.0 ?????????????????????????????

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  • deniskmetec

    i have 431 KiB/s

  • Java Experience

    I have also blogged on Android Emulator Installation

  • Bhavin

    Hi there,

    I have downloaded Android SDK and trying to run the setup but it shows me a message, “Failed to execute tools\android.bat: The system cannot find the file specified.

    I cant understand what shall I do?