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HTC: We’re going to have more media coverage than Coca Cola

Are you ready for the onslaught of Android TV ads? We already have the Droid, Cliq, and myTouch ads and now HTC is about to launch a giant marketing campaign.

According to a tweet from Jay Freeman (creator of cyrket), HTC will start airing the ads on October 29, 2009. The ads are part of HTC’s new Quietly Brilliant brand positioning. As HTC’s first global advertising campaign, the YOU campaign is being rolled out across 20 countries in the coming weeks and features the tagline, ‘You don’t need to get a phone. You need a phone that gets you.’

Head on over to the official HTC site to get a look at the new campaign or check out their new ad spots below (which were posted on HTC’s awesome YouTube account).

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  • Rob P

    Great ads.

  • Thomas Riley

    I bet Coca Cola would not shaft there customers though by launching a new product and dropping support 12 months later when customers are in 18 month contracts! :(

  • 4D4M

    these ads rock way harder than their hardware..
    maybe they should beef up their handsets before trying to beef up their name

  • b

    ‘You don’t need to get a phone. You need a phone that gets you.’

    Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.