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Motodev 09: Rock your droid contest

We are live at the Motodev Summit waiting for the keynote to start. Motorola has setup a “Rock your droid” contest encouraging developers and members of the press to create their own Android characters.

All colors of clay, construction paper, scissors, glue, pipe cleaners, and more were available to create 2D and 3D droids. Motorola is giving away 4 Cliq phones as prizes to the most creative and most humorous creations so Clark and I decided to enter.

I went for funny and made a fat droid eating a donut. Clark went creative (and tried to suck up to the judges) with a huge Motorola logo coming out of his droid’s head. We will have to wait till tonight when winners are announced at the Motodev party, but at least we got free shirts for entering.

Check out our Flickr page for our droid creations and more photos coming up from Motodev.

Taylor made the fat droid eating the donut.

Taylor made the fat droid eating the donut.

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