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Motorola Droid (Sholes) headed to Europe

Mr. Kumparak from MobileCrunch has confirmed an old rumor we posted back in August. The FCC has approved the Motorola Droid (Sholes) phone for 3G bands outside the United States. I’m not exactly sure why the FCC needs to approve devices not intended for the U.S., but it is still a cool find.

The device name was hidden in the FCC reports, but it can be found on page 7 of test report (PDF).

Sholes is the codename for the Motorola Droid.

Sholes is the codename for the Motorola Droid.

The issue of 3G bands is clarified in the supplemental response (PDF).

Look for the Sholes to appear in multiple countries.

Look for the Sholes to appear in multiple countries.

As far as we know, this could be the new Sholes tablet that was spotted last week. The tablet version of Sholes will lose the keyboard, get an 8 megapixel camera with xenon flash, and support 720p playback via HDMI.

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  • TravLadin

    Man… T-mobile… I feel Locked down… I want to bite on a new a droid and service provider… It’s like being in a relationship and seeing all theses bad Bi#ch3$…. I want to leave you T-mobile but I’m going to hang in there… You started this Android shi…. Now let’s end this year with a bang… I think I could replace the G1 (rooted) with the behold2….. But that Shole is a sexy device I have wet dreams about that long haired android woman… LOL I tempted o so tempted to divorce t-mobile and hook up with the Shole on the world largest 3g network… I want to stray away from the rooted g1 and have a phone that runs great str8 out of the b0x… I can’t wait to see what T-mobile has to unveil (Project Black)

  • http://www.cellphonespecs.net Specs

    I can’t wait for this to hit Europe ! My Google G1 is almost “dead” and I hope to replace it with this one… if it doesn’t die on me before someone can “smuggle” one or two Droids to Europe :P.
    Great blog BTW. Just found it on Google…bookmarked !