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Motorola’s secret Android phone makes an appearance

Today we learned that Verizon will be launching two Android phones this year. Thanks to the Associated Press, we now know which phones may be coming soon. Images were posted with today’s press release which pictured the Google CEO and Verizon CEO holding new Android phones (Update: The AP has now taken down the photos).

Eric Schmidt and Lowell McAdam show off new Android phones

Eric Schmidt and Lowell McAdam show off new Android phones.

Eric Schmidt was holding what is believed to be the HTC Desire and Lowell McAdam was holding the Motorola phone without a name.

Engadget has an enhanced photo of the phone and we can clearly see it is the Motorola device everyone has been referring to as Sholes/Tao/Droid.

The Motorola phone with a dozen names.

The Motorola phone with a dozen names.

We had expected to hear some official news on the Motorola Verizon phone this week, but nothing has been announced so far. That has not stopped the entire web from speculating when the device might launch.

  • Gizmodo reports that Verizon will launch the Motorola phone before black Friday (November 27, 2009).
  • BoyGeniusReport thinks the Motorola phone will come October 30, 2009.
  • BGR is also reporting Sam’s Club will offer the Motorola phone this holiday season.

This Motorola phone has been the most leaked Android phone that still has no official announcement. Motorola has been extra secretive about the device, but they keep saying over and over that a 2nd Android phone (1st is the Cliq) will be coming this year.

Samsung, HTC, and AT&T could be announcing new Android phones this week, so maybe Motorola is holding out till the last possible moment before announcing the phone. Who knows, maybe we will just walk into Best Buy next month and find one sitting on the shelf.

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  • sully

    Who thinks that HTC phone is just a Hero in a new shell? I’m hoping all the android sites get their hands on both of these phones so they can give them both a thorough run through before I have to make up my mind.

  • Adrian

    I don’t understand how T-Mobile became such a loser when it comes to Android.For the love of god android is on all their main smart phones, and now the other two big companies Verizon and Sprint are getting better Android phones plus they have phones like the Palm Pre, and the BB Touch. I mean really what the hell, Verizon is getting Android 2.0 and Sprint is getting the best Android phone currently out the HTC Hero. While T-Mobile is getting the goddam Motorola Cliq :( I just don’t understand it are the T-Mobile ceo’s on crystal meth, what the hell are they going to do? Yeah and i get that T-Mobile is the only company in the US that has android phones currently common the MyTouch is not a big improvement over the G1, and they had a year to come up with a great device.

  • Burnside

    I want this phone.

  • Donovan


    phone is comming on or before Oct 30th, i guarantee it. This guy is very credible (Bill23)

  • Ivan

    the motorolla device seems to fit the description of the one used with the flash 10.0 video or w.e. i think it looks the same which means that phone could use flash support

    • HeroFromHell

      I am sure everyone already konws this but the new Hero will not receive files (or much of anything) via Bluetooth.
      As for Flash 10.0, Sprint CS confirmed HTC will be releasing 10.0 Update within 72 hrs (yeah! Sure!) I was told by CS off record if I wanted this update before official release just google ‘flash10 for hero’ . she said to make sure it was the HTC ver. not 3rd party. What is wrong with 3rd party? Read between lines.

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