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New rate plans for T-Mobile start today

This one comes as no surprise, but T-Mobile has officially announced their new Even More and Even More Plus rate plans. We asked our readers if they would save money on the new plans and the majority said no. Customers can now get unlimited everything for $99.99 (with 2 yr contract) or $79.99 (no contract). I’m excited about the Even More Plus plans which lack a contract.

We were hoping to get some updated news on T-Mobile’s rollout of HSPA 7.2, but nothing was unveiled today. T-Mobile said they would be upgrading by the end of the year and we will continue to be on the lookout for new details. We are also still waiting on the full specs for the Samsung Behold II which is expected to launch November 18, 2009.

To see all the technicalities of the new rate plans, visit T-Mobile’s Discover center.

If you switch rate plans this week, please share your experience with us.

Update (10/25 15:00): I switched my plan to the 500 minute Even More Plus talk+text+web which goes for $59.99 a month. The customer service rep I had on the phone told me I had to pay the $200 cancellation fee, but I was able to switch my plan (minus the $200) using the T-Mobile website. There is still a $35 fee for migrating plans, but it was worth it to get out of my contract. I hope to never sign a contract again.

Update 2: The $200 early termination fee is for customers who have more than one year left on their contract. If you have less than 365 days left, you only have to pay the $35 migration fee. Some T-Mobile reps are not fully trained, so just keep calling customer service till you get one who knows what they are talking about.

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  • Brian E

    I just switched. For a $35 activation fee I’m changing to the 1000 minutes + unlimited text + unlimited web plan @ $70/month. My old plan was $75/month for 1000 minutes + 400 text + unlimited web. The new plan is an Even More Plus plan, which means that I am released from my contract early. It takes effect at the start of my next billing cycle (about two weeks from now). Definitely worth it.

  • Quasar

    I’ll be leaving T-Mobile because I can get a lot more from Sprint for $10 less and I’ll get a subsidized Samsung Moment when I sign up too! I don’t care about a contract as long as I’m getting the best deal. T-Mo, even without a contract, is NOT the best deal with these plans. Maybe in two years, T-Mo will have actually done something to make it worth switching back to their service.

    • Quasar

      I mean $10 less than T-Mo’s 79.99 unlimited plan off contract. I hardly call landlines so that won’t be a problem.

  • Jack

    I’ve just talked with a T mobile rep and I can’t switch to the Even More Plus plan

    “Since the Even More Plus is a non-contractual rate plan, and you are still under contract on your current rate plan.
    If you want change to that plan today, there will be a $200.00 Early Termination Fee since you are breaking your contract on your current rate plan..”

    and with the Even more plan I don’t save Jack squat so I’ll just stick to my current plan. In other news I asked them about the student discounts and I guess they have a 15% discount for my school, so woot. :]

    • http://www.theg1appsblog.com Jeremiah Hoyet

      That’s bull, I just went to talk to a T-Mobile rep at the local store and they said it’s $35 fee to switch to the Even More Plus plan, and you keep your current contract until it’s up. Once it’s up, you can keep the same service, but without a new contract.

    • Jack

      scratch that, I rep was being kinda retarded and didn’t know what he was talking about.

    • Glen

      TALK WITH SOMEONE ELSE!! I had JUST re-up’d my plan to get the MyTouch (August) and so I’m under a new contract. The rep I spoke with said that I can switch for the $35 migration fee but I have to keep everything until 2011. After 2011 I can be free from the contract, but I still get the benefits of the new plan. Keep trying to talk with someone. If they don’t tell you what I just told you, ask to speak with a higher level rep. This is new for them and even the rep I had had to check with her supervisor. They did an over-ride on my account to make it work.

  • JasonLee

    I went in and switched today to the 59.99 plan with no contract. Paid the $35 “activation fee” and now im all set to cancel my t-mobile account and switch to verizon when the droid/sholes comes out. Do this if you dont want to pay $200 early termination fee but want to switch like me. Great timing t-mobile!!

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      I tried to do the same thing, but they wanted me to pay the $200 termination fee and $35 activation fee. I have 10 months left on my contract. Boo.

      • Jack

        bring up the $35 migration fee, they’ll look into it, I just got mine changed over the phone so it works, just telling them something like “My friend just got his plan changed for $35″ or something. I’m now on the 500 minutes unlimited txt+web plan for $59.99/month

        • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

          Haha I used that same line, but the service rep I had was clueless. I’m going to try switching from the my.tmobile.com site.

          • Jack

            for some reason I couldn’t do the changes on the website idk why. lol.

          • jasonlee

            they will def do it. but i would suggest doing it sooner than later, im sure they will realize their mistake when tons of people jump ship in the next 2 weeks just like i plan on.

            oddly enough the rep at my location couldnt do it at his station and had to call customer care. at no point did they ever bring up the $200. this may be the ticket for you taylor, either go back and have them call or just do it yourself. hope that helps ;-)

          • Jack

            okay I talked to another rep, they said that I won’t be able to cancel my plan regardless of the plan until my contract is over, that is when I’ll be able to go month by month and not have to pay a cancellation fee.

    • cmash

      Jason, sorry to inform you but you still have your original contract date even though you are on a no contract plan (still have to sever the original date or pay the $200 to cancel)

  • Chris

    I was able to switch on the website without an issue, to the 59.99 even more plus, and it said it’d take effect next billing cycle, but there was no mentione of the $35 migration fee.

  • lucy

    Customers who signed up before 10/25 do not pay cancellation fees to switch to the even more plus rate plans, but pay a migration fee and remain in their current contract terms. clear things up?

  • http://schwiz.net schwiz

    I can change my line on the website for the $35 fee but it does have a disclaimer that says if you have more than 12 months on your contract you will be billed the extra 200. I hope the author will let us know when his bill comes if he was charged.

  • cmash

    You are allowed to change your plan for $35 to the Even More Plus (if you signed up before today) but you will still have to serve the remaining time on your current contract. So for all the people that change their plan today and think they can cancel in two weeks sorry (you are still under a contract).

  • Alex Jarvis

    I just switched to the 59.99 500 Even more Plus plan, but now when I try to go to a website on the edge network, I get taken to t-mobile branded website m.web2go.com and it says that my “Plan is not compatible with my device”. I have a g1. anyone else having this issue?

  • http://www.fixmycellbill.com Dylan

    Irregardless of the reduced rates potentially possible via the “Even More” and “Even More Plus” plans, if you’re still feeling like the pricing here is rather steep in general, I thought I’d add a tip for minimizing the monthly bills. I actually work for the consumer advocacy division of the company Validas, where we electronically audit and subsequently reduce the average cell bill by 22 percent through our website, http://www.fixmycellbill.com. Put simply, Validas guards against frivolous and unnecessary charges that inflate your cell bill more than it should be for your usage. You can find out for free if fixmycellbill.com can modify your plan to better suit your needs by going to the website.

    For more info, check out Validas in the media, most recently on Fox News at http://www.myfoxtampabay.com/dpp/consumer/conlaw/lower_cell_phone_bills_072409 .

    Good luck to everyone reading on lowering your cell bills, particularly in light of this tough economy.

    Consumer Advocacy, fixmycellbill.com

  • Sean L

    I posted this at Tmonews but it may be helpful here:

    I switched back to T-Mo last week when I saw that wal-mart had the G1s for 48 bucks. I got two and a new family plan so my bill in total was going to be $140+. I saw the new rate plans and opened a chat session through Tmo’s website and they switched me to an Even More Plus plan without charging me the 200 ETF.

    They did talk about charging the 35 per line but I asked if they could waive those because I just switched last week. The guy checked on it and sure enough, he waived my fees!

    My bill is now the EM+ 1500 with unlim data/text with two G1s.

    The only caveat here is that I was a previous Tmo customer 2 years ago, and they recognized that when I started the chat.

    So to summarize:

    New customer (more than year on contract)
    Started Tmo livechat
    35 dollar migration fees per line
    No ETF
    Contract DOES follow you over until you fulfill it.
    Possibility to waive migration fees if you ask.

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