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No Adobe Flash 10 for Android in 2009

We had been expecting Adobe would release a beta version of Flash 10 for Android at this week’s Adobe Max Conference. Instead, Adobe will only be releasing beta versions for Windows Mobile and Palm WebOS.

Android users will have to wait until early 2010.

The Android version of Adobe Flash 10 will be tied to Android 2.0 (Eclair) and require at least a 500-MHz ARM11 processor. Most Android phones include this requirement so we can expect to see Flash 10 eventually available on the G1.

If Adobe is waiting till 2010 to release a beta for Android, does this mean Android 2.0 has been delayed till 2010?

According to Adobe, “Android is taking longer because Adobe needs some programming interfaces that will be available with the Eclair release of Android, due later this year.”

This leads me to believe we might not see any Android 2.0 phones in 2009. Motorola has said they planned on delivering two handsets this holiday season, but has yet to announce their second phone. InformationWeek reported that Verizon is planning to announce their first Android phone in the coming weeks. The phone is widely believed to be from Motorola, but HTC is also rumored to be producing phones for Verizon.

Motorola is holding a developers event this week, but I think the focus will be about their new Motodev Studio and upcoming application store. If we get lucky, maybe we can get our hands on an early unit, but I would not be surprised if the highly anticipated device was a no show.

[via PCMAG]

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  • http://myspace.com/lolbreebreebree Joseph

    Saw this coming. but im happy, I really think flash is just going to cause more proglems. they need to work out as many things as possible before they even think about releasing anything.

  • cece

    “… require at least a 500-MHz ARM11 processor. Most Android phones include this requirement…”
    For HTC Dream and Magic/mt3g (not completly sure for Hero), though the processor is rated at 528MHz, it actually only runs at max 384 MHz !
    So no…. requirement is not met…

    And this is a minimum requirement. Not ideal anyway. (Remember what was the minimum requirements to run android ? Much lower than actual phones…)

    • gk

      you can run the proc at 528mhz, the newer builds will just have to enable this.

  • Donovan

    I dont think this is correct, as im sure this site has their sources and all, i have a developer over at howardsforums that would beg the differ..

    For the same reason 2.0 wont be available right away to people who have 1.5 and 1.6, the tao is the only phone in 2009 that will have 2.0, it will take til 2010 probably to get this 2.0 update to everyone with other android phones but that doesn’t mean the tao will be delayed til 2010, just the update version of 2.0 for everyone.

    Check righthere and you will see what i mean about what the developer said and what i said (viper1549) as i am willing to bet not only is there a good chance this phone will be announced within the next week but it will hit stores before November 23rd (per BGR)

    check post #1363, #1365 and #1377


    “this guy cracks me up.motodev. “known facts” lol.
    yes i know them and i annouce them.”

    “and while you guys wait til december for a release ill chuckle some more when it pops up way sooner in stores.wait til you see the commercial on *** ** shortly.”

    this is a very informed developer that has alot of info he is slowly dishing out every couple days and other developers agree with him.

    • Donovan

      sorry forgot to hyperlink, check [URL=http://howardforums.com/showthread.php?t=1536281&page=92&pp=15]here[/URL]

  • Donovan
  • Donovan

    not trying to hog comments, just wanted to throw 1 more thing out there..

    This site has advertised this quote before, but didnt hold sincerity i guess, no one should underestimate what this guy says i been following his posts for a while now..

    notice the youtube part, which would require flash if im not mistaken?

    “eclair yes
    oversized dare but made of metal and very heavy ,yes
    battery life is good but gps will wear it down quick
    battery is very tiny
    it is droid 2.0
    and has a app market so you can dl tons of free apps or paid apps

    youtube plays in full HQ,my pc doesnt even do that”

    the music player plays very clear and just loud enough.
    the soft qwerty is so damn accurate it isnt funny
    the hard qwerty board is like the htc i would say
    phone is super slim and thin but like a large dare
    the load time of pages is lightning fast.

    put this with my other post on BGR (best buy getting VZN android phone) and him talking about the commercial coming and launch before December as he was hinting.. “and while you guys wait til december for a release ill chuckle some more when it pops up way sooner in stores”

  • Donovan

    just my thoughts! hopeful and researched thoughts.. but i could be letting my head get to me here.. well see!! lol

  • Bart

    Adobe might need a fully operational version of Eclaire before they can make their flash (even though I don’t understand how other phones do have flash already running on android). So Eclaire will probably be released at the end of this year and then Adobe needs to get to work. I think they are sort of ignoring android though…

  • Juan Otero

    Flahs player…. what about support for animated .gif’s? Or support for more video types? I don’t get it, freebie phones on cricket have support for these basic features, but not android? WTF!

  • Crypto

    As Donovan hinted above, Motorola are probably working with Adobe for their Verizon Android phone to have Flash 10, in the same way as Google are working with Motorola on the Eclair (Android 2.0). In this way, this Motorola phone (Sholes/Tao) will have Eclair and Flash before they are made available for general release as standard interfaces.

  • Amu

    Meh not really news to me. It’s not that hard to figure out that Motorola wanted to wait for Adobe to officially announce their flash player for android, and then announce the S/T/D. Btw head over to BGR for an internal doc that shows the S/T/D in a Sam’s sales pic :). Looks really niceee

  • http://www.mobilebrazzers.com mobile brazzers

    Hmmm I’m not gonna get too excited about true Flash on a phone just yet.

    My phone forces closes using Pandora for crying out loud, and it can display an animated GIF.

    We’re supposed to be seeing stuff moving all over the place and playing embedded vids with popovers and all that with no slowdown/closes? I doubt it.

    They might put something out, as far as it being truly functional and useable, I’ll believe it when I see it. I would think you’d need a pretty powerful processor to handle what flash sites are gonna throw at a phone.

    Has anyone seen that HTC flash in action? Is it usable? Will it play embedded videos OK?

    • Silan

      Im pretty sure the HTC Hero runs Flash lite 9.something like the new symbian phones like my 5800 – which means no embedded videos, but things like youtubes full site runs good (and thats on the usual qualcom 528mhz and Nokias browser).

      I dont think performance will be too big of a issue. On the current phones it might not run perfect, but most future phones (and already a handful on the marked) got the cortex A8 (like Tegra, Snapdragon, OMAP3) along with the PowerVR SGX53, and with support for those, it should run fine.

  • gary coleman

    man forget adobe flash! this has been goin on for the longest.. they could atleast tell us what they will be realeasing it for back 3-4 months ago so we dont have to clog our blogs just for “Adobe is comming to android in oct” when it comes “adobe is not gonna be on android yet” like WTF>?!

  • adam

    if anyone phone force closes alot just reset your phone it will be fine that why mine is working fine since i did that

  • Some Dude

    Well, the sooner the better. Android will become a killer app when it can run flash efficiently. Just in time to thwart windows mobile 7 running Silverlight.

    Watch out Apple!

  • kingcobra2010

    Before you buy any phone think long and hard. Do you want a phone that is old tech (iphone) and the only reason you buy it because your friends have one. Or do you want to be the first phone that will impress your friends and will than likely be the standard after people realize its functionality. When the palm pre was released, it was only meant for business persons. The main reason there were complaints because the phone was bought by people who did not need the pre’s functionality and expected a iphone feel. Do not get me wrong. Iphone made the scene and they brought a lot to the table. Now, however, they have not progressed & they have locked out possible functionality because of greed. It reminds me when I was a pc guy (ever since I finished with the vic 20 and commodore 64) but then I changed to mac. Win 7 was the last windows operating system I used because it is just crap (even though more people use windows does not mean it is good – mac is definitely better now). I still use xp for some of my older programs. Just like the iphone was good then but now it just does not meet the standard (more like a teenagers phone now). If you are still using the iphone, then your just letting life pass you by. Once the palm pre gets the flash 10 working on the phone, then it will be more of a dual purpose professional/teenager phone. I can see teenagers playing flash games on the pre while also listening to music, looking at flash trailers of movies while there out with there friends to see what they will watch after a test/dinner, etc. I speculate that once flash hits the mobile pda/netbook/phone market, palm pre will surely be the winner. The droid will run flash just like the winmo phones -> very very slow if your multitasking flash. See example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a47Z-A81HOU. If they used the droid phone to show off flash the same way -> the film would have been laughable (droid does semi multitasking and definitely can not multitask resource hog programs like flash). Droid definitely would have either crashed or your system would start to look like it is in slow mo. If you have a winmo phone you probably know what I mean when i say slow mo. If you want a very good phone, then get a palm pre because in the near future I suspect everyone else will be using the pre if they can weather the misinformation about the phone. PS Do not look at megapixels when you are deciding on your phone pic. 3 vs 5 megapixels will not produce a difference. If you want great pictures then get an slr camera not a camera phone. And if you want great video get an hd camcorder instead of using your phone. Soon palm pre will be able to get vid recording for your youtube pages. Android is just winmo with a different name (hefty, slow and truly untested on its multitasking statement but we will see it fall flat when tested with flash this year). 

    The only reason that iphone has been around is because it is a phone built around teenager habits with a little business function in it. If you look at webos, then you will see that it is a better match for netbooks. Once flash comes out the battery drain that it will produce on the google os will make it a weaker candidate for the netbook market versus webos. Also once flash comes out for the palm pre, we will see that palm will be able to take a good piece of the teenager iphone market with free flash games instead of paid for iphone apps. The future is here and webos is definitely the winner. Like i said android is just winmo with a different name. You guys need to test the true power comparison of the phone. i am no talking about processor power. Everybody knows that mac can startup, shutdown faster than the comparable pc with similar hdd, ram, vid card, processor. The os is the true decider of speed and functionality. Please test flash running in multiple applications (pre vs droid vs winmo). That will give you true insight. Flash dominates the media market and if the advertising market wants more viewer time then they need to push for more flash on phones. Especially the palm pre phone since it is the best suited phone for the demands of flash currently. But lets see what the test show. 
    PS If you guys are truly at the tech forefront then you will see that this as a definite task that needs to be performed.

  • Theo

    Wow Kingcobra2010, what a long winded and inaccurate waste of a read. Do your homework before you spout nonsense.

    The Palm Pre is great, it finally caught up to the functionallity of the G1. Also the Android is true multitasking, and (I don’t know how you came to this conclusion) is NOT associated with the ‘Winmo’ software in any way. Are you kidding me? Someone should kick you in the nuts for even suggesting that.

    I watched that link fanboy, and I have to say…Whilst typing this I just happen to be listening to streaming music, I have 2 YouTube videos on pause in different windows, switched to a different window, sent a text, made a call, then I got bored and gps’d where the closest chinese resturant (with an app), then I voice searched ‘how to poop’ just for giggles, watched a instructional Japanese video on how to do said pooping, then switched back to my YouTube videos and watched the 1st one, halfway thru the second one I got distracted by my feet and made a short video, uploaded it to Facebook, updated my Facebook, now I’m back here finishing up this paragraph so I can flip over to my other window and watch my other video. I did this all in less than 10 minutes.

    Now I am a G1 user, but by no means a fanboy. The iPhone is awesome but limited. The real competition will be between the software in the future. Palmpre is great, Windows mobile is meh, and Android is a waking giant.

  • temp

    I give them 1 more month, if I dont have flash by 2010, i sell my G1, and get rid of Tmobile.

    simple as that? you hear me tmobile? your slacker like business ethics is going to make you loose my 1500$ a year, then my girlfriends $1500 a year, and then about 7 more people that work for me. Make me an offer Tmobile, otherwise ill be pulling 10 grand from your pockets REAL soon.

  • Josh


    Your a douche!

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  • http://myspace.com/mzthikk Neka

    Im tired of waiting for Adobe to come out with Flash for the motorola droid. I don’t understand why flas was created for the hero but not the faster more expensive motorola droid.

    Very Irritating….

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