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Notes from Motorola’s earnings call

Motorola held their Q3 2009 earnings call today and Android was a hot topic. You can listen to the whole thing on Motorola’s investor relations site or check out the highlights below.

Sanjay Jha’s comments are in bold and mine are italicized.

Our new devices reflect our close working relationship with Google, and I wanted to thank the Android team for their support. We look forward to continuing that collaboration as we deliver more devices to the marketplace.

We sold our soul to Google. We would be screwed this holiday season without the Android 2.0 exclusive.

The majority of our devices next year will feature our MOTOBLUR solution. MOTOBLUR’s robust functionality will be updated periodically and over time will be enhanced to solve other consumer problems.

Please hurry up with the Android 2.0 update for the Cliq.

The second part of your question about any component shortages, I feel extremely good that we have done very, very good planning in working with Verizon Wireless. Unless there is a rip-roaring success up at quantity that we have not planned for, we have good access to components and supply and planning to take care of good upside from our base case so I think I feel pretty good that we will be able to meet our demand.

We will sell 1 million Droid phones this holiday season.

At the moment the vast majority of our devices will be launched on Android platform but we are very open to other options here and we are engaged in exploring other options but vast majority will be Android.

Windows Mobile sucks.

MOTOBLUR will not be on Droid. Droid is what we call a Google experience device and that won’t have MOTOBLUR. As you know, Droid does have very good integration of social networking anyway. But we will have MOTOBLUR capable devices on Verizon’s network in 2010.

Google decides what software we put on our phones.

I think we are more focused on Android and I believe that we’re putting more resources in Android than anybody else.

Look out HTC, we are coming after you.

My focus for at least first half 2010 is very much U.S., China, Latin America. And depending on how we perform there, we will go to Europe.

UK is going to have to wait for the full Motorola assault.

And we have various different strategies for doing that but without saying whether it is 2010, 2011, whether it’s $200 or $150 or $250, but it’s that kind of a range that we need to deliver to really expand the scope of where Android can play and that’s part of our strategy.

Android phones that wholesale for $150-250? Bring them on!

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    Funny stuff ! Thanks for the laugh !

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    mhhhmm 250 bucks android phone, it better be packing some snapdragon goodness.

  • chuck

    That is why I bought major shares in MOT today!

  • Gwydion

    No Europe til second half of 2010? Shit

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