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Poll of the week – Would you pay more for higher 3G speeds?

Last week we talked about T-Mobile’s 3G network upgrades touting higher speeds (expected to be up to 400% faster). So now we want to know:

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  • Happy

    It isn’t that it should be “free”….it is that any speed upgrade should be included in the already overpriced (and mandatory) Data Service.

  • madog

    If it only applies to mobile internet then I wouldn’t be willing to pay anything extra. Tmo has the latest 3g tech already in place, their upgrade will be nothing more than a software upgrade to activate the speed boost.

  • jasonlee

    Doesnt matter to me because ill be a verizon customer as soon as the sholes is official.

  • Ben

    We don’t even have 3G in Pittsburgh yet, and coverage in general sucks, how about they invest in that first?!

  • mike

    It would be nice just to have 3g, not here in shakopee, mn

  • Brak

    It’s bs that our data is as slow as it is… everything in Europe is much faster pound-for-pound

    telco’s need to upgrade…they got us in ‘cuffs by not upgrading… its a shame we need LTE to get those speeds

  • ahmed

    u people should be thanfull for ur tmobile and sprint and others
    i live in the uae and once i used 3g by mistake and checked email downloading 63kb
    that costed me about 4 dollars $$ oh yeah im not kding

  • JL

    I won’t pay for it, especially with no real world tests to serve as reference points.

  • Rizoh66

    The fact that I’ve been paying for 3G speeds for almost a year, which hadn’t been implemented until 2 weeks ago, I would suggest that it come as a free upgrade with all android devices that currently have the 3G plan.

  • Brak

    the uae? where they make all their money on oil??? no wonder it’s expensive

  • newspeak

    the only way they could do this is to offer tiered data plans

    i doubt very many people would actually go for it… the upgrades are not happening because they think they can offer faster speeds for more money …they are happening because the smartphone market is on the rise and the competition is going to be fierce if anything i am hopeful there will be a significant drop in how much data plans cost

    if verizon rolls out LTE as fast as they claim to be able to do then tmo is gonna be stuck with hspa+ speeds and that can only cause them to compete on price both on the plan and the phones

  • kris

    We are already paying for “3g” and its not cheap now ….the price should stay the same.

  • WC

    Since we’re still currently on Edge and only recently got 3G in the next town 20 miles up the freeway, I’m not paying a damn cent for anything faster. They already owe me a couple years as far as I’m concerned. Verizon + Sholes is looking pretty nice right about now.

  • ShortySk8n

    We are already being charged for 3G. When you talk to T-Mobile, They tell you, You have 3G. So all upgrades should be included in current pricing. After all I bought a 3G phone. (G1)

  • Freddy

    Its not like the upgrade is gonna be 4G or something that is a different service that you would have to pay extra for, theyre just upgrading their low-standerds 3G service, into a higher one. Nothing that should cost customers anything

  • Robert

    I’ve been with Verizon and will never go back!!! You that complain about tiers and getting charged for every little thing should know that Verizon is the worst carrier in that department! They will first dissect all the Android features and then sell them back to you piece by piece. Also, Verizon coverage in western PA is horrible! I never had so many dropped calls as with Verizon. Can you hear me yet?

  • http://davehong.yelp.com Dave H.

    I’d pay less for slower speeds – I only really need e-mail, and data plans are atrociously priced!