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Samsung InstinctQ coming to Sprint on November 27?

Little is known about Samsung’s first Android phone in the United States. For a long time we thought someone would pick up the Samsung Galaxy, but that never happened. Then we got word of the Samsung InstinctQ for Sprint. The first rumor said it would launch for Sprint in October along side the Hero, but newer reports had placed the release in November.

Today, we had an interesting tip come from a soldier stationed in El Paso, TX. The phone was demoed to a group of troops and he reports he got some hands on time with the device.

I saw and touched it to day – I was going to get a Palm Pre but this was being shown to the troops so I am waiting. This is what I was told – expect it out on Black Friday, November 27th. It will have 32GB on board with the ability to handle a 32GB SD card. The screen looks awesome for browsing and viewing Youtube videos even on EV-DO  are impressive. The keyboard is very usable even by the most fat fingured among us compared to the Treos or Pre. The price was guessed at about $230.00/w 2yr contract. The screen resolution is unknown but it is better than 1000 pixles wide though it can’t be more than 400 high. It is a little thick but if you have a Treo it will seem thinner.

Several weeks ago we reported that Samsung will unveil a new phone on October 7, 2009, but we did not know which device. I had narrowed it down to the Instinct HD (non-Android) or the InstinctQ, and the Instinct HD was revealed last week. We know of no other secret phones, so it looks like Samsung will drop the Q next week. We will be there to report on the event, so check back for more details.

We are still waiting on the full specs of the InstinctQ.

We are still waiting on the full specs of the InstinctQ.

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