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Samsung Moment headed to Sprint November 1

Update (16:10): Found the official Sprint video for the Moment. Enjoy this while we wait for our HD video to upload. The Internet in the media center is slow.

Update (16:00): We got our hands on a special unit and shot some good HD footage. I got a complete walkthrough showing the case off and battery. The Moment features a 1440 mAh battery which should provide plenty of juice.

Samsung has not provided a complete list of specs yet, but I was told we can have access to them later tonight. Stay tuned for more details.

Update (12:30): I was wandering around the Samsung booth area and bumped into Jack Seeley from Samsung. No one else knew anything about Android phones, but Mr. Seeley turned out to be an expert on the Moment.

The 800 MHz CPU found in the moment is a Samsung S3C6410. This is a Samsung built ARM11 processor. Unlike the Qualcomm MSM7K single chipset found in the other Android phones, Samsung has a separate ARM11 cpu and modem chipset.

The Samsung Moment will feature 512 MB ROM and 256 MB RAM. (Same as Moto devices)

The Moment will ship with Android 1.5. Update will be released by Samsung and available as a PC update. I was told to expect Android 1.6 for the Samsung Moment in 2010. This is disappointing for hardcore Android fans, but the casual user will care less.

The Moment is a Sprint exclusive. Samsung said a Sprint exclusive such as this is not likely to ship in the UK, but could be available in Canada and Mexico. I would still expect a similar model sometime in the future for UK Android fans.

Update (11:50): Flickr gallery is up. More photos coming soon. We got some HD video recorded, but it might be hard to upload from the event. I asked about the 800 MHz cpu and they said it was a dedicated applications processor (not really saying much). Trying to get more info on the exact specs.

Update (11:45): Samsung employees are demoing the phone, but won’t let us hold it. I helped one of the Samsung girls navigate to the About Phone screen. The demo versions of the Moment are running Android 1.5. I will try to find out if Android 1.6 will be available at launch. Pics are coming up next.

Update (11:30): We just sat through the presentation of the Samsung Moment and got the release date and price. The Moment will be availalbe November 1, 2009 at Sprint stores and Best Buy. The phone will sell for $179.99 (after $50 instant savings and $100 mail in rebate).

The Moment features basically the same software as what was available on Sprint’s other Android phone (HTC Hero). Sprint Navigator, Sprint TV, NFL Mobile Live, Nascar, and Visual Voicemail are all included.

Customers can sign up for notification from Sprint at http://sprint.com/moment

Update (9:30): We are sitting at the CTIA keynote waiting for the special Samsung press event to start. We knew Samsung was unveiling a new mobile device and had speculated it was the InstinctQ phone for Sprint.

It looks like our guess was right, because Samsung Mobile just sent out a press release which announced the Samsung Moment phone.

Details are limited, but the specs that have been revealed include:

  • 3.2-inch AMOLED touchscreen display
  • 800MHz processor
  • QWERTY keyboard that slides out horizontally
  • 3.2 megapixel camera
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS

This phone is Android powered and features a QWERTY keyboard so we expect this is the device everyone was calling the Samsung InstinctQ. A tipster told us the device is expected to launch on Sprint before Black Friday (November 27, 2009).

We will be attending the press event and will update this post soon with pictures and videos of the device. I will try to get a complete specs list as well.

If you got any questions you want to send in, I will try and get them answered by Samsung.

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  • taka

    Where’s the trackball? Google Voice support?

    • http://gadgetburn.com/ GadgetBurn

      Lost the trackball and added an optical trackpad! I’m sure google voice will work.

  • Dan

    AMOLED? 800 MHz? QWERTY? Available this year? Not on Verizon? I’m sold.

    • Jeff

      Wow, thanks Sprint, the more option the better. I’ll wait till the price of sholes is released, since there’s a competing phone.

      • Jeff


        Bug? The above post wasnt meant to be a comment reply.

  • Silan

    Coming to EU?

    Just keep them Android phones coming…

  • branon

    Will it be pure CDMA or Quad Band with hi-speed CDMA for world use?

  • patrick foster

    Any chance for a GSM version?

  • http://twitter.com/DrJeckyl Dr.Jeckyl

    Where the full flavored Galaxy for US? NOT the LITE one shown last month.

    • http://www.twitter.com/the_real_newman @the_real_newman

      take a look at the behold 2. has alot of resemblances.

  • Randy

    any chance that the hero ROM with sense UI could be ported over to this?

    • http://www.TechProsSD.com SDsc_rch

      i’m wondering the same thing

      but check it out.. any “port” of the senseUI will have to deal with that unique trackball/trackpad and the flash on the camera (what OTHER HW changes are there??)

      so…. IDUNNO!!

      • http://www.twitter.com/the_real_newman @the_real_newman

        i would imagine if you root you will be able to. might lose the flash though unless someones write a flash code in, not sure though.

        • http://www.twitter.com/the_real_newman @the_real_newman

          i recant my statement about rooting this for sense. you could but it would be labor intensive because it would not be a simple flash, seeing that xda-dev’s dont take kindly to none htc users asking how they can get this on their sammy. im sure if you are nice one may help you but you’re likely to just get flamed.

  • sea

    Forget the Cliq, I’m in. Glad this happened before I left Sprint.

  • Brad

    Here’s a question everybody seems to have forgotten about, which really surprises me. Does this phone have a capacitive or resistive touchscreen? I have yet to see a Samsung with a capacitive screen, which concerns me about this one. This may have the Hero beat in processing power and color quality, but if it’s lacking a capacitive screen, that’s going to put a big damper on things, at least for me.

    • http://www.twitter.com/the_real_newman @the_real_newman

      its capacitive, its listed in the p.r.

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  • f
    • Brad

      That site also specifically lists the Hero with a capacitive touchscreen, but not the Moment. And I haven’t seen the word “capacitive” anywhere in the PR hype for the Moment. I’m seriously doubting it’s capacitive. In any case, the Hero is the only Android phone with multi-touch, and after having an iPod Touch so long, I think I’d feel crippled without it.

      Anyhoo, now I just have to wait for Verizon’s version of the Hero (as seen in the Verizon/Google PR event), whatever they decide to call it. Sorry, but Sprint coverage stinks where I live. And who knows, maybe Verizon’s will have a faster processor. No official announcement or specs yet, just the Google CEO holding one. =)

  • Joshua Munoz

    So… you’re the only website that says this is being sold at Best Buy. I’ve called some BB stores and they say they don’t know. I’ve called some Sprint stores and they said the Moment is going to be pushed back later than Nov. 1.

    Any clarification?

    • Justin

      I called Sprint today, and asked if BB would be selling it. They Said YES, also if you google the phone you will find the Launch video and the rep states it will be in BB.

      I got the HERO last wed (Oct 21st) I want a full keypad, reason for calling Sprint.

  • Ben Dover

    this looks great!!!…… the phone, i mean….. im definatly getting this THE DAY IT COMES OUT!!!!!