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Some Moto Droid info to hold you over till the morning

It is after midnight and we were expecting new info on the Motorola Droid, but the DroidDoes.com website has not been updated. In order to hold you guys over, I’m re-posting an old leak we had taken down. We were unsure which phone the press document was talking about, but it is clear now it was the Droid. This document is a couple months old, so some things might have changed. I highlighted all the cool points so you can just browser over it. My guess is by the time we all wake up, we should have the full details on this highly anticipated phone.

Leaked PRĀ  babble about the Droid

Motorola Droid redefines the smart phone becoming the first device built with Android 2.0. On Droid you will experience a PC-like browsing experience on a mobile device that has a massive high-resolution display, the thinnest touch QWERTY slider available, and twice the speed of the leading competitor. Motorola Droid takes the search that Google is known for to the entire phone, going deep into your phone and all of your applications. The more you search, the better Droid gets to know you and the quicker you get the information you need.

Motorola Droid is the first mobile device developed in partnership with Google to feature its next-generation open Android platform. Together, the industry leaders are bringing to market a PC-like browsing experience on a mobile device that has a massive high-resolution display, the thinnest touch QWERTY slider available, and twice the speed of the leading competitor.

Droid shatters the standard mobile Web experience with high-speed, high-resolution browsing expected from a PC, now in a sleek mobile device. Its industry-leading 3.7 inch display provides the best view of Websites and conveniently zooms with a double tap for faster navigating. Equipped with a powerful processor, Flash and full HTML browser, Droid delivers Web pages, 3D graphics, videos and more up to two-times faster than other devices, all in beautiful 16-million color high-definition. Google Chrome bookmarks can also be synched between the device and PC, making favorite sites easier to access when mobile.

Droid uses one-step Google tools to bring timely and relevant info to the homescreen without the need to dig through multiple Web pages, search boxes or menus. Searches can be typed or spoken, and results are brought from both the Web and phone content such as contacts, music, photos and applications. Contextual search is also used for offering location-based recommendations, so getting around is made even easier.

Google also makes navigation smarter on Droid, with spoken turn-by-turn directions and complimentary Google Maps. Consumers can keep up with and find local friends using Google Latitude, or get a bigger picture with the brilliant satellite viewpoints of Google Earth. Droid can also be used as an in-car navigation device with a special mount to help explore without getting lost.

With the world’s thinnest QWERTY slider, Google Synch, text-to-speech, push email for multiple accounts and copy and paste functionality, Droid is designed to get the message out quickly so the flow never stops.

Droid offers premium multimedia features and a unique docking station for transforming into a bedside clock, movie player or digital picture frame. Its 16:9 high-resolution, widescreen frame is ideal for watching Web clips or downloaded videos, and a DVD quality video recorder features one-touch playback and YouTube upload over 3G or WiFi. A built-in 5 megapixel camera with dual LED flash has the capabilities of a dedicated digital camera thanks for extras like Auto Focus and zoom. Users can store up to 16GB of content on-board (This is incorrect. It comes with a 16GB SD card) or insert a memory card for up to 32GB.

Droid intelligent plug ins enable the phone to remember what you downloaded and is smart enough to access what you like best even when the app isn’t open. You can also discover thousands of apps and widgets from Android Market and even those that have been optimized for your phone at the Motorola Applications Store.

Droid is targeted at users who seek to communicate success and connect to their world. Living at a fast pace, taking risks and embracing change, Droid users are more likely to have and be excited by the latest technology, and are willing to try advanced handsets and new mobile applications, particularly those that help them manage their fast-paced lives. Droid is for consumers looking for an ultimate web browsing experience.

Droid is one of the first devices built with Android 2.0 and is packed with premium specs, and allows you to enjoy the web the way you’ve always wanted to with its large screen coupled with the power of the new Google 2.0. Droid is the thinnest Qwerty-slider on the market (13.7mm) with full-touch, wide-screen, high-res, brilliant 3.7″ display and dedicated browsing keys on the Qwerty keypad.

Motorola Droid sets a new standard for the smart phone. The power of Web search takes on a whole new meaning, going deep into your phone and all of your applications. Motorola Droid takes the search that Google is known for to the entire phone. Type or speak your search with voice command, and not only will you get results from the web, but also anything you have on your phone – contacts, music, photos, applications and more. No more digging into menus and contacts to find what you need, it’s all available from the home screen. Let work and life co-exist in harmony with work and personal email pushed directly to you.

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  • chris

    So it says 16gb onboard not sdcard did I read that correct? Does this still stand?

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Nope. It ships with 512 MB ROM, 256 MB RAM, and a 16GB SD card.

  • Buzz Android

    I can confirm that Motorola is accepting applications from developers. As of now, only the Motorola CLIQ can be targetted with Android 1.5 being the only offered version of Android. There has been no communication from Motorola as to what the plan is with these applications. Accordingly, I have my doubts about a Motorola App Store.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      I asked Moto about it and they would not comment. It was planned at sometime and I had several inside sources who confirmed it. Who knows if it will actually get announced tomorrow.

  • jasonlee

    sleep, thanks for posting. see u tmo for good news….i hope

  • amgarlin

    What the heck. That stupid coded timer is done ticking. Did they not even know when the timer was going to end to allow them to update the site. LOL these effing telcos and their effing marketing bs.

    • http://www.nexsoftware.net nEx.Software

      Timer is still ticking for me. Here on the west coast it is only about 11:30 PM, October 27th, 2009.

      • http://www.mutedsound.com John Perkins

        Just stopped ticking for me here on the west coast as well. Unless they’re running on Hawaii time, the counter was full of crap.

        • http://www.ticketwarehouse.com William

          The timer was set to stop at midnight local time.

        • http://www.nexsoftware.net nEx.Software

          The DroidDoes site has been updated… But only to a spinning “loading” graphic which, to me, indicates they are going to flip a switch to actually load the content at whatever point they actually make their official announcement…

  • dedroid

    “Droid is targeted at users who seek to communicate success”

    I so hate marketing speech. Did it ever occur to these marketing meatballs to just tell the truth and describe the devices features. Of course not … what was I thinking?

  • http://www.ticketwarehouse.com William

    I think the inclusion of Flash (at least Flash 10) has changed. According to the leak on the Moto web site, Flash 10 will be released in 2010.

    Also interesting… the URL that droiddoes.com redirects to changed overnight to simply http://phones.verizonwireless.com/motorola/droid/ (no more redirect code at the end). Any other URL I try at phones.verizonwireless.com give me an error 403 message.

  • samodded