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T-Mobile Motorola Cliq review roundup

T-Mobile has shipped their first round of Motorola Cliq units to all the big sites and reviews started popping up today. I hope that one day we can be one of the elite sites and provide our readers with early reviews. Our traffic is exploding, but we are not quite in the Top 100 blogs yet (We rank 234. Thanks guys!).

I’ve read all the reviews and the general consensus is that the Cliq is a solid Android phone, but it is hampered by the same sluggish processor as the G1. Unfortunately, the Cliq also ships with Android 1.5 which is now outdated. The Cliq can receive OTA updates, so I expect T-Mobile will roll one out soon after launch.

We won free Cliq phones at the recent Motodev Summit, so it will most likely be my new daily phone for the next couple of months until the Snapdragon phones begin to ship. Be on the lookout for our in-depth review.

In case you missed it, users can win a free Cliq phone by registering for updates on T-Mobile’s site, pre-orders will begin shipping on October 19, 2009, and the no contract price of the Cliq is $449.99.

Reviews have been posted at:

Video reviews have also been posted:



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  • http://simplyblog.net Miguel

    Technorati is outdated! haha, anyhow. First, the price without contract is unacceptable. Second, like you said, it’s outdated. Third, I’ve noticed that Motorola phones seem poorly put together these days. I compared a moto phone from almost 10 years ago, and todays phones don’t compare. Then, they were built to last, could take a few drops- the same can’t be said today. I’m sure this applies not only to moto phones but their devices might be one of the worst I’ve seen. Don’t believe me, go get your hands on one of their phones.

    • http://www.nexsoftware.net nEx.Software

      I’ll let you know when I receive mine. ;) On the other hand, Engadget seemed pretty impressed with the build quality of this device. I haven’t read any of the other reviews yet, so I don’t know how they feel.

      • http://simplyblog.net migdroid

        Okay, please do. :) I hope moto didn’t drop the ball on this one.

  • Matthew

    The biggest problem for motoblur/sense ui phones seems to be a lack of horsepower. I took a Hero for a spin at my local Sprint store and the ui is the most gorgeous thing I’ve seen on a mobile device. The only thing that kept me from divorcing my iPhone is the power. It definitely lagged when scrolling in the browser and launching apps. When they get sense ui on a snapdragon phone with a high capacity battery I think Apple will start to shake in their boots. By that time, however, I will have tossed my 3GS for Droid/Sholes.

  • http://yellowrex.com William Furr

    This just confirms my earlier suspicion that it’s not worth looking to replace my G1 until we get something with a Snapdragon or OMAP processor with the ARM Cortex A8 architecture (like the Acer Liquid or HTC Dragon).

    After reading up on the differences between ARM11-based phones and Cortex A8-based phones (http://www.anandtech.com/gadgets/showdoc.aspx?i=3595&p=2), I’m even more convinced that Android *needs* a top-notch smartphone processor. I don’t know what’s holding HTC and Motorola and the others back. Apple and Palm are already there.

    I’m endlessly amused by handset makers who try and do both hardware AND software for the Android phones. In the end, I fully expect all the best-in-class software to be on the market, not preloaded on a phone. Just as the carriers are fighting being reduced to dumb pipes, the handset makers seem to be fighting being reduced to hardware-makers.

    Ah well, it’s progress. The mobile market is slowly catching up to the PC market, only with actual competition between operating systems.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      That is an excellent article from Anand. I was just reading it the other day.

  • jjwred7

    I am still waiting for those Android Snapdragon phones. I JUST switched out my replacement phone today (MT3G) with my old phone and I was SHOCKED at how incredibly EASY the switch was. Even all my PAID apps were easy to DL again without having to pay. INCREDIBLY simple!! Well done Android!! Miss my 1.6 update tho!! lol

  • http://www.twitter.com/g1mr2 g1mr2

    I’m gonna get this cliq for my girlfriend so she can ditch her sidekick and come on to the android community. As for me… i am still waiting for the sholes/droid. >.<

  • http://www.storego.com KA09

    so cool! i like this mobile phone. but do not know its market price.

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  • http://Website Gaby

    I had the cliq right after it came out and I absolutely hated it. It’s slow, I don’t like the layout and it’s pretty confusing. It’s big and bulky, the battery doesn’t last me through half my work day and I just couldn’t be happier to have gotten rid of it. I don’t recommend it to ANYONE especially for the price. I went back to my iPhone and I’m very happy with it.

  • http://Website doughy

    Dis fone is the best I love eht I give props 2 whoever made it

  • http://Website .DOUGH3Y:.


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