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T-Mobile Project Dark details leaked

T-Mobile USA employees were trained on the new “Project Dark” rate plans this weekend and details began showing up all over the web. It appears rate plans will be divided into Even More and Even More Plus. The Even More plan will be business as usual, but Even More Plus offers several new advantages like no annual contracts. The exact details are still sketchy, but it appears T-Mobile will be charging a $35 activation fee to convert your current contract to Even More Plus.

BGR is reporting the plans will run $39 for unlimited talk, $49 for unlimited talk+text, and $59 for unlimited talk+text+data.

Even More Plus for customers who want:

  • Best rate plan pricing
  • Freedom to choose – no annual contract
  • Bundled features and overage alerts
  • Financing handset(s) over 20 installments with EIP
  • No more waiting for handset upgrade eligibility! – Handsets can be purchased at regular price any time

Even More Plus details:

  • Available to postpaid and FlexPay
  • No annual contract
  • Fee for migrating
  • @Home for $10 (not available for FlexPay)
  • @Home available with unlimited Family plan
  • Overage alerts included in all Even More Plus rate plans
  • Regular handset price
  • No myFaves rate plans (Faves home screen available at no charge if a customer requests it)
  • No data lock/data requirements
  • No data-only plans
  • New add-a-line 200-minute bucket for unlimited Family plans (not available for FlexPay)

Even More for customers who want:

  • Zero or low out-of-pocket on handset purchases (handset discounts available for eligible customers)
  • Financing handset(s) over 4 installments with EIP

Even More details:

  • Available to postpaid and FlexPay
  • Tw0-year contract for new activations and handset upgrades
  • No contract extension to change between rate plans
  • EIP with 4 installments
  • No overage alerts
  • No myFaves rate plans (Faves home screen available at no charge if a customer requests it)
  • Data lock/data requirements applies
  • T-Mobile @Home for $15 (not available for FlexPay)
  • New add-a-line 200-minute bucket for unlimited Family plans (not available for FlexPay)
  • T-Mobile @Home available with unlimited Family plan
  • Data-only, webConnect, and T-Mobile cameo rate plans available

I love the fact that T-Mobile is dropping their annual contracts. Out of all the Project Dark rumors, I was crossing my fingers for something exactly like this. I’ve been burned by carrier contracts several times and I hope they just go away. I also like the idea that customers can purchase new phones with 20 installment payments.

T-Mobile is also expected to announce release dates for their holiday handsets (myTouch Fender, Behold II, etc) and upgrade to their faster 3G later this month.

[via TmoNews, TmoToday, BGR]

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  • http://twitter.com/jdellachiesa Jarrod DellaChiesa

    Awesome! Any rumors on when this begins? Any word on Family Plans?!

  • Bart

    How about they just charge you 40 every month for a dataplan that allows full VOIP and free texting via Google Voice?

  • http://www.theg1appsblog.com Jeremiah

    I’m going to wait and see, at the moment I’m on a family plan with my girlfriend and it’s around $150 a month. That’s like 400 shared minutes, unlimited text and data (using the Android data plans for both phones). Hopefully they will offer a family plan version of this that will allow me to save a few bucks and enjoy unlimited talk.

    Even still, I could just get two of these plans and pay the $10 fee for the extra line and still save money. I’m happy, thanks T-mobile! :]

  • http://www.TechProsSD.com SDsc_rch

    great news! for us consumers!

    sucks to be a t-mo salesperson i bet… :( gotta cut into commissions etc somehow

    i’m w/ sprint – i’m hoping they follow suit (although, t-mo is probably just responding to sprint’s latest moves)

  • Wade

    Still doesn’t make up for the lack of 3g in my area. At least it might make it easier for me to jump ship to Verizon and get a Droid ;)

  • Who?

    How is this anything remotely like “dropping their annual contracts”? You can walk into any cell phone store and buy a phone at full price without a contract. I don’t understand.

  • edd

    there should be still annual contracts
    on the last picture from bgr there is:
    “feature require for 1 or 2 year pricing”

    i bet its the annual/biannual contracts not eip since 20 months is not 2 years

  • http://twitter.com/jewjawsh Jawsh

    definitely switching from a flexpay mytouch plan. lol. 60 bucks a month down from 100+? sooo down. and cheaper phones? sooooooo down.

  • Adam

    How are so many of you missing the point that is being made. Yes you can go in to any store and buy the phone straight up but those of us that do not live with Mommy and Daddy and have bills do not have $500 or more to drop at one time. Unless I am buying a new gun I never have that much cash at once to spend especially on a phone. The point is that you can evenly distribute the price of the phone over 20 months or just pay it off fast. it would be awesome to have the choice of paying all or part of the phone off over time so that I could actually afford it.

  • Ogio

    This is really cool, but what happens to people like me on a family plan. Will the price also be cheaper for us to switch to these new plans?

  • noname

    Go to T-Mobile on Sunday and you will have all your questions answered.

  • http://www.AllSanDiegoComputerRepair.com SDscorch

    even more plus