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T-Mobile Project Dark rate plans leaked

TmoNews has leaked the details for T-Mobile’s new rate plans which are rumored to launch October 25, 2009. Click the images below to see full size images.

Even More plans require a 2 year contract.

Even More plans require a 2 year contract.

Pictured above are the new Even More plans. These are the business as usual plans that come with two year contracts.

Even More for customers who want:

  • Zero or low out-of-pocket on handset purchases (handset discounts available for eligible customers)
  • Financing handset(s) over 4 installments with EIP

Even More details:

  • Available to postpaid and FlexPay
  • Tw0-year contract for new activations and handset upgrades
  • No contract extension to change between rate plans
  • EIP with 4 installments
  • No overage alerts
  • No myFaves rate plans (Faves home screen available at no charge if a customer requests it)
  • Data lock/data requirements applies
  • T-Mobile @Home for $15 (not available for FlexPay)
  • New add-a-line 200-minute bucket for unlimited Family plans (not available for FlexPay)
  • T-Mobile @Home available with unlimited Family plan
  • Data-only, webConnect, and T-Mobile cameo rate plans available
Even More Plus plans are void of contracts.

Even More Plus plans are void of contracts.

Pictured above are the Even More Plus plans. Current customers will have to pay $35 (up to $200 depending on your current contract) to convert to one of these plans.

Even More Plus for customers who want:

  • Best rate plan pricing
  • Freedom to choose — no annual contract
  • Bundled features and overage alerts
  • Financing handset(s) over 20 installments with EIP
  • No more waiting for handset upgrade eligibility! — Handsets can be purchased at regular price any time

Even More Plus details:

  • Available to postpaid and FlexPay
  • No annual contract
  • Fee for migrating
  • @Home for $10 (not available for FlexPay)
  • @Home available with unlimited Family plan
  • Overage alerts included in all Even More Plus rate plans
  • Regular handset price
  • No myFaves rate plans (Faves home screen available at no charge if a customer requests it)
  • No data lock/data requirements
  • No data-only plans
  • New add-a-line 200-minute bucket for unlimited Family plans (not available for FlexPay)

Will I save money?

Compare the new plans to what you have now and let us know if you will save any money.

I’m paying now:

  • $39.99 for 1000 minutes plus
  • $34.99 for unlimited data and text
  • $74.98 before taxes and fees
  • $1799.52 for 24 months

I’m switching to:

  • $59.99 for Even More Plus 500 minutes talk+text+web
  • $1439.76 for 24 months
  • Savings of $359.76 minus $35 fee for switching plans

Warning: These plans have not been officially announced and are subject to change.

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  • F033x

    I would actually lose money with these rates.
    1000 with 400 txt and data is 60 a month for me (being on a corporate discount)
    The only plus I see to these is if the supposed 21mbps signal is rolled out.
    Otherwise its water under the bridge.

  • John Thacker

    Still an extra $15-20/month for Android or other smartphones over just featurephones. So it doesn’t touch Sprint’s Everything Data or Simply Everything plans for Androids, though it seems like it might be decent for non-smartphones.

  • j.

    That’s incorrect. The even more plus at highest tier includes data and is the exact same price as Sprint’s all-you-can-eat. The only place t-mo loses is talk minutes.

    • John Thacker

      “The even more plus at highest tier includes data and is the exact same price as Sprint’s all-you-can-eat. The only place t-mo loses is talk minutes.”

      That’s incorrect. Sprint’s Everything Data is $69.99/month for 450 minutes plus unlimited data (plus nights and weekends at 7pm), $89.99 for 900, and $99.99 for unlimited.

      The “even more plus” plans are $109.99 for everything and 750 minutes, $139.99 for everything and unlimited voice minutes.

      Perhaps you meant the “even more” plans? Those are $79.99, $89.99, and $99.99 for 500, 1000, and unlimited minutes.

      Sprint’s plan is clearly better, $10 cheaper, at the lowest voice minutes, 450 vs. 500. They’re similar to the “even more” plans at the higher voice minutes tier, though.

      In addition, Sprint’s includes unlimited calling to any mobile phone, T-Mobile only to T-Mobile.

      These plans do seem better for featurephones, though.

    • John Thacker

      Oh, and Sprint only requires a one-year contract for its best rates, T-Mobile requires two years for its “even more” best rates.

  • http://www.souvey.com Christopher

    I’ve got the cheapest minute plan they sell $30 + $25/month for texts and data (the original G1 plan). In addition, I get a 9% discount or so. Even the cheapest new rate plan (non contract one) is 20% more than I currently pay (they certainly include more, but I don’t need it)

    • arth1

      No, you don’t have the cheapest plan.
      I have a T-Mobile Basic NW plan @19.99 + T-Zones @5.99, for a total of under $30 per month after all the taxes and charges for a plan with unlimited data. Slow data, but still data.
      The talk time is “only” 60 daytime + 500 weekend minutes, but I average less than five minutes talk time per month, so that’s still overkill for me.

      Yes, that plan is also grandfathered, and you can’t buy it anymore.

  • blah

    sounds like the even more plus plan forces you to pay full price for the phone (?)

    the even more plan rates are the same as what ive been paying for a few years now..

  • blah

    “Savings of $359.76 minus $35 fee for switching plans”

    …yeah and thats what your new phone will cost you :)

  • http://reviewerps.blogspot.com Brian Ward

    Yeah, not so special.
    On Verizon I currently have the 1400 minute family plan, 2 smartphones with an unlimited data plan and 1 phone with $5 for texts a month.
    $89+$30+$30+$5 = $154
    My cost on T-Mobile would be $159. True I would get 100 more minutes and true I would get unlimited texts, but I get free mobile to mobile on the mobile network with the most subscribers with Verizon – and I get 10 favorite peeps to call for free too.

    Again, not so special T-Mobile. Looks like they are going after the teen as add-ons…

  • will

    Nope, looks like a no-go for me…
    Currently: 2lines, $80(1000 mins shared+myfaves), $20 unlimitted family texts, $25×2 G1 dataplan. For a total of ………$150/mo

    I just, as in last week, renewed one line. So I’m assuming to go to the non-contract plan will cost me $200 for that line + w/e another year on the 2nd line is worth to them.

    So If I’m reading the new contract renewal plan correctly..2lines, $160(1500 mins shared-myfaves), $30 unlimitted internet for “smartphones”. Although if I remember correctly the G1 MUST use the $25/line data plan. Either way I’m looking @ from $190 to $210/mo…

    We rarely manage <750 minutes and even then w/o myfaves it would still cost us atleast another $10/month according to the new plans…

  • http://yellowrex.com William Furr

    I’m not sure these would actually save me any money.

    I have a family plan with four lines, two G1s with android web+400 messages, and one line with 300 text messages. We only have 700 minutes, but we abuse the crap out of free mobile to mobile and my faves. Without the faves, we’d probably have to increase the minutes significantly to cover our usage.

  • sully

    Even though it looks close for myself with what I have planned through VZW once the droid comes out, I have to admit this is a step in the right direction for T-Mo. Sprint and T-Mo, keep the two big boys on their toes, that’s what I say.

  • Genei.09

    My current plan is the same feature set as the Even More Plus with the benefit of hardware price reduction every 1-2 yrs. I have unlimited everything for 139.99 on a family plan for 2lines. I compare plan rates a lot and most of the min offerings don’t offer huge savings over other carriers. The unlimited min is significantly better pricing on tmo than anyone else. Especially when you start pricing multiple lines. +$40 to add an unlimited line to my plan vs Sprint at +$90 and Verizon at no bonus for family plan unlimited.

  • Anthony

    T-mobile is crazy. My current plan is going to be $15 more a month. As for your savings you posted, your incorrect about your savings. Moving into the plus plan is causing you to loose 500 minutes a month, you will be paying more for your future phones that you pay now and the fee to switch over is not $35 .It’s $35 to $200 to switch over meaning you have to be in you’re last two months of contract to only pay $35. So the blogger would be saving $5 a month to keep the same plan as of now. Then subtract the higher price of phone upgrades that go into effect for plus subscribers and subtract the switch fee. T-mobiles plan doesn’t save plus subscribers anything and regular subscribers pay more.

  • Rocco

    This is a waste!

    I’m paying now:

    $39.99 for 1000 minutes

    $24.99 Unlimited Data, 400 Text

    1200 bonus minutes a month
    Mobile to Mobile
    Favorite 5′s

    With T-mobiles new plan

    $89.99 750 minutes, Data, text
    Mobile to Mobile

    I loose 1450 minutes a month and favorite 5′s
    and pay $25 more a month

    T-Mobile is going to be a rip off

  • http://www.aymansworld.com ayman

    so wait, what do they mean “no myfav” plans, are they stopping the plans or they do mean there are no changes for myfav plans.

  • Adam

    Ironically all the hype that was created has yet again hurt T-Mo. I love the company but they should have just announced what they had and what was planned. Hopefully these leaked plans were just purposefully leaked to lead us off track and they are going to absolutely wow us on Sunday. If the plans as posted here are what is truly going to happen this is nothing to get even slightly excited about and I have no idea how T-Mo is thinking it would raise them up a spot in the wireless world. T-Mo even with the expansion of the new 21mps upgrade does not have enough to raise them out of 4th place. I actually am sadly going to have to leave T-Mo and head back to Verizon b/c we seem to have lost a tower where I live and now I get absolutely zero coverage now in my area. T-Mo really needs to be more interested in expanding its coverage to that of verizons so that more people will consider them.

    I would say run more commercials as well but I have come to think that the reason they run less commercials that the other providers is that they have lower prices and less air time means lower costs.

  • Abe

    You guys do realize that in the everything more plus the family plan is on the left side basically that meand for unlimited everything its only $79

  • Carl

    I think some might be confused because of how the pages are laid out in the image. In the Even More image (blue), the left hand page is individual and Family on the right. For Even More Plus, they’re the reverse. Family on the left, Individual on the right.

  • Carl

    Let’s compare with their closest competitor, Sprint
    Even More
    Talk only – $39.99 Plan – 50 more minutes on Tmobile
    – $49.99 Tmobile Plan vs, $59.99 Sprint Plan – 100 more minutes on Tmobile
    – No unlimited Talk only on Sprint

    Talk & Text
    – $49.99 Plan – 50 More minutes on Tmobile
    – $59.99 Tmobile Plan vs. $69.99 Sprint Plan – 100 More minutes on Tmobile
    – No Unlimited minutes Talk & Text on Sprint

    Talk, Text & Web
    – $79.99 Tmobile Plan vs. $69.99 Sprint Plan – 50 More minutes on Tmobile, Sprint has Any Mobile, Any Time
    – $89.99 Plan – 100 more minutes on Tmobile, Sprint has Any Mobile, Any Time

    Unlimited Talk, Text, & Web
    Both $99.99

    On regular contract plans, Tmobile has an edge for Talk only and Talk & Text on plans with minute buckets. For Talk, Text, & Web, Sprint has the edge due to Any Mobile, Any Time.

    For unlimited everything, they are a wash.

    Family Plans are a bit harder to compare, but Tmobile wins on Talk only.
    For Talk & Text, they are the same at the 1500 minute plan price, but Sprint doesn’t have anything lower to compare the 750 minute plan & Tmobile doesn’t have anything larger to go against the 3000 minute plan.
    For Talk, Text, & Web Sprint is $30 cheaper for 1500 minutes on 2 lines but the add doesn’t show how much additional lines are on Tmobile so it’s possible it becomes a better deal with more lines. Sprint still has the Any Mobile, Any Time advantage

    For Unlimted Everything Tmobile, is $10 cheaper for 2 lines

    I think there are too many unknowns to rate the Even More Plus. For example, what are the financing requirements. Must you maintain coverage while you still owe on the phone? What’s the interest rate? What’s the retail phone price vs. the contract price?

    • Glen

      TMo used to charge $9.99 per additional line for just talk. If you wanted unlimited texting, you needed to get the $19.95 unlimited texting package. Also, if you wanted mobile web, you needed to pay additional $9.99 per line for t-zones or $19.99 per line for full web. Talking with the TMo rep yesterday, I got my additional lines with shared minutes on the family plan, unlimited text, and unlimited full web for only $5 per additional line. You can’t beat that.

  • Luffy

    Ok some peoples need to read more..sprints all u u can eat data with 450 mins text data u said is 69.99 ok..look at tmobiles plan 500 mins data and text for 59.99(even more plus) how is sprint $10 cheaper? at the lowes mins 450 vs 500..n the even more plus plans is for ppeoples that dont want contracts they can always get phones somewhere else..cuz a lot of peoples whine about contracts so now they. They sacrifice paying full prices for phones but they do get the best rate plan and Loyalty plans are great u keep it then get discounts on phones

    • John Thacker

      “.look at tmobiles plan 500 mins data and text for 59.99(even more plus) how is sprint $10 cheaper?”

      Because Even More Plus forces you to pay full price for the phone instead of a ~$300-$350 discount that’s common with contracts.

      • http://www.furlugedepot.com Furluge

        The T-mobile plan will also charge you an additional $20/month for using an android phone over and above the unlimited web the plan already covers.

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  • Glen

    Long time reader, first time commenter…

    I’ve been a TMo customer/fan for 6 years. Yes, the coverage is not the greatest, but they are expanding. I’ve experienced it myself. I don’t live in a big attention getting city (Columbia, SC), but we have ample 3g inner city and the coverage is expanding. I called and complained about my house not getting coverage, and within a few weeks, I was getting a signal. TMo listens.

    I had the $79.99 1000 any time my faves family plan, unlimited nights and weekends, $19.95 unlimited family text, $24.95 required data plan for my MyTouch, $24.95 for my wife’s unlocked iPhone, $2 for the family allowances, and $9.99 x 2 for the other two phones for my kids. That equates to approximately $172/month (not including taxes and fees). I just jumped onto the Even More Plus plan: $119 for 1500 shared family minutes, unlimited text AND web, and then only had to pay $5 x 2 for my other phones AND they also get unlimited text and web. That comes to $129. For me, it’s a savings of $43/month, I get an extra 500 minutes, AND now my kids get unlimited web on their phones whereas before it would have been extra. Over 20 months (normal contract before you can get a discounted phone) that’s $860.

    Having a contract, yes, you get the phone discount, but you have to wait the 20 months to get it. And even then, you only save about 60%. The MyTouch retailed for $499 and I got it for $199 with the discount. $199 over 20 months = $9.95/month. Add that to the already $172/mo = $181.95. Buying it out right at $499 over 20 = $24.95/mo. Add that to the new $129/mo = $153.95. I’m STILL saving $28/mo. I could get another phone for that.

    It seems to me that these plans are going to be the cat’s pajama’s for people with family plans. Not to mention that TMo’s customer service just plain rocks. TMo reps were glad to help me configure my wife’s unlocked iPhone to work on their network. Who else would do that for a phone they don’t carry?! This plan was a blessing for me. And with all of these new features, phones, and coverages coming out, it’s only a matter of time before TMo expands their coverage even more.

    I’ll stick with TMo, thank you very much.

  • http://Website Joseph

    For me the Even More Plus rate is great. I have the 500 minutes, unlimited messages, and unlimited data on a blackberry 8520. I also looked at sprint and their simply everything plan is $70 with only 450 minutes. The only advantage of going with sprint is that you have unlimited mobile to mobile, but your still stuck in a 2 year agreement. The everything plus plan is great because your not stuck to 2 year agreement and can upgrade your phone anytime. Yes retail phones can be steep, but you can’t always have your cake and eat it too! I got my blackberry for $279.00, which isn’t bad. Also, i have found TMobile has better service in Maine compared to Sprint. I will admit the service isn’t as good as Verizon, but Verizon has some of the worst phones and worst plans for your money. Yes you can get a plan with data for a reasonable price for Verizon, but you will be giving up unlimited texts or you will get less minutes. Plus with Verizon you have to sign up for BlackBerry services and a 500 minute, unlimited text, and web costs $79.99!

  • http://Website uzunoff

    So the BIG change I noticed was in the small print. In the new family Even More Plus plans. The web and texts apply only for the first two lines. If you would like to add a line 3 -5 you have to pay 25 for smartphone for web per line and 5$ per line for messaging.
    Not good T-mo, I will be looking for another home.