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Verizon’s “other” Android phone to cost $99

With all the hype surrounding the Motorola Droid, you might forget that Verizon is launching a second Android phone called the Droid Eris from HTC. The phone is basically the same specs as the HTC Hero (528 MHz processor) and we anticipated it would be priced lower than the Moto Droid.

According to gdgt, the Droid Eris will retail for only $99 and be available on November 6, 2009. Verizon has been very quiet on the device, but it is expected to ship with Android 1.5. This is kind of disappointing when compared to the Droid that comes with Android 2.0, but I guess you get what you pay for.

The Droid Eris is also said to feature the HTC Sense UI, which is the likely reason it is limited to Android 1.5. A report from AndroidGuys suggest that HTC will be skipping Android 1.6 for their Sense enabled phones and focus on Android 2.0. We have yet to hear how Verizon will handle updates, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Hey, at least Verizon customers are getting more choices.

A new Android phone for $99? Yes.

A new Android phone for $99? Yes.

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  • http://twitter.com/salimfadhley Salim Fadhley

    This is some nice looking hardware, plus $100 is the killer price point.

    On the other hand, Sense UI fixes a usability problem which does not exist on Android.

    This phone will be useful and interesting if people find a way to re-flash it with Cyanogen (or similar).

  • http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1564838/what_does_googel_voice_have_to_offer.html?cat=15 mike

    When is this phone supposed to come out on verizon? I heard rumors the same date as the moto droid but i dint hear anything about it today?

    • saltyswampnutz

      Read. The. Article.

      And I quote: “According to gdgt, the Droid Eris will retail for only $99 and be available on November 6, 2009.”

  • Rev. Spaminator

    Eris? Does it come with a golden apple?