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What is T-Mobile’s Project Dark?

It is easy to overlook some huge stories when you go out of town for a week. PhoneArena was the first to break the story on T-Mobile’s upcoming “Project Dark” (also being called “Project Black”). There is very little known about this special project other than it will be “something so enormous in reach that it is expected to lift T-Mobile out of 4th place among the nation’s wireless operators.”

Some of the speculation for Project Dark include:

  • Rapid expansion of T-Mobile’s new HSPA+ network
  • $50 unlimited everything plan
  • Launch of Samsung Behold II, Motorola Cliq, and Blackberry 9700
  • New uniforms for T-Mobile employees

I have yet to hear anything official on this, but I do have some friends who work at T-Mobile stores and I will check in with them. We attended CTIA last week and I heard absolutely nothing about this from any of the T-Mobile representatives I spoke with.

The mysterious Project Dark is rumored to be unveiled Sunday October 25, 2009.

We have been reporting for quite some time that T-Mobile will launch their HSPA 7.2 service later this year, but all the big sites have been looking over that story. It would be awesome if T-Mobile started rolling out HSPA+ early, but all the current Android phones only support speeds of 7.2 Mbps. Maybe the Samsung Behold II has something special in store we don’t know about.

What do you guys think T-Mobile has up their sleeves? Know something we don’t? Tip us on news.

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  • jjwred7

    It is this coming Sunday or the following Sunday??? I was in a TMob store today and the guy said that there was something coming out THIS Sunday (5 days from now)

  • http://yellowrex.com William Furr

    Buyout of Sprint maybe? Deutsche Telekom AG pretty much ruled that out, though.

  • androidawg

    Iphone on Tmo.

  • RevenG

    I don’t think they would keep the iPhone a secret. It probably has to do with the network somehow, whether it is the rollout of HSPA+, Update to HSPA 7.2, or even the purchase of Clearwire or possible merger with Sprint. All I know is that it better not be an upset.

  • http://simplyblog.net Miguel

    Interesting stuff, as always Android and Me is at the cutting edge of top notch much wanted inside stuff! :) Ye yes, mahamahaha

  • mnguyea

    It would be great if they expanded their 3G frequency instead of the wacky one they use that nobody uses…!

    But I would take the $50 all you can eat plan! Yummy!

  • SammyP

    As big as the iPhone is. I really don’t see that pulling Tmo out of the 4th place spot. I don’t see Apple getting in bed with Tmo anytime soon either.

    This has to be a network / phone / billing thing.


  • s15274n

    My city was without 3G today…. could be a fluke, but perhaps related to the network changes.


    Definetely a change in company color. Say goodbye to the lame pink and hello to a more buisness like black ;)

  • nascarluvr

    I certainly hope it is an improvement in the network. Within the 1ast year T-Mo took over the old Suncom netork here in Charlotte, NC… service has been really bad where I live and especially where I work… it’s been so bad that I have actually been considering dropping them and going to Verizon… but, now in light of this news… I am going to hang back & wait to see what is revealed.

  • g1rooter

    Slingbox app? Free wi-fi tether app? Playboy app? Anything would be great from T-Mo!!! I have been with them for 7 years and the only good thing I ever been excited for was the G1!!!

  • sewsweet

    i’ll take the $50 all you can eat too! Especially since me hubby has sprint and they have the $69 thing. We need something like that.

  • nick

    A friend who works at t-mobile confirmed that the project exists and that t-mobile employees are pretty excited and expect it to be game changing.

    Employees won’t learn about it until this Sunday, but managers will find out tomorrow.

  • patsy

    I really don’t see the point in a higher speed network right now, other than for tethering (which officially is a no-no anyway). The Android browser can’t even keep up with current speeds while rendering pages. We will need much faster devices and software to really make a difference.

  • lolamarya

    I really hope that they are expanding their network. Where I work I only get GPRS service and even downtown I don’t get solid Edge. 3Gin my area is almost too much to hope for, but I’d love more coverage, period.