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Acer D250 Android netbook unboxed

Last week we reported Amazon was selling an Android netbook from Acer and I went ahead and ordered one for fun. I normally hate unboxing videos (except for Noah from Phonedog), but many people requested one so I filmed a quick video.

I’ve only had the netbook for about 24 hours, but here are some of my findings:

  • Ships with a custom version of Android 1.5
  • No Google apps or Android Market
  • Includes a Firefox browser, which is actually Minefield (a trunk build from Mozilla)
  • Camera application works with built in web cam

As we discussed on the last Androidguys podcast, my expectations were really low for the Android side of this netbook. I have only just begun using it and will post a full review in the coming days. However, my initial impression is that Acer did not put much work into customizing Android for a netbook. We know Google has decided to go with Chrome OS for netbooks, so this might be one of the few Android netbooks that you can actually purchase.

Check out the video and leave any comments, questions, or requests you would like me to address in the full review.

Amazon.com is currently offering the Acer AOD250-1613 for $349.99.

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  • Pieter

    as far as the hardware go, you’ll get between 4 and 5 hours out of your six cell. which is still fairly good if you ask me.

    as for the processor, since it has the n280, it is hyper-threaded (which means http://www.intel.com/technology/platform-technology/hyper-threading/)

    now please tell me how well android runs on your acer, because i really want to know if i should put it on mine.

  • http://x0mb1e.com Percival

    Nice! I was hoping it would have a touchscreen but oh well. Maybe motherboard manufacturers will look to having Android as a quick boot option. I have an Asus motherboard with expressgate, 5 sec boot up linux. Would prefer Android though.

  • http://www.thesearethedroids.com Android 1

    Minefield is a future Firefox. Very interesting to see it’s included, I wonder what this means for FF on the phones?!?!?

  • http://www.theg1appsblog.com Jeremiah Hoyet

    Taylor, you fail at box preservation!

    That said, not sure I would like a Netbook running Android. I’m not sure, but it just looked awkward.

    • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly

      I always keep my boxes super nice and neat then throw them away like a year later when I find it in my closet. I think for my next unboxing I’m just going to tear it apart.

  • DrewNo1

    Quality …..

    nice little look , hope to see another video or 2 up soon Taylor …. ive just ordered mind from Amazon Uk with Android and Windows 7

    maybe do a little video of my own

    • Brendan James

      So are u saying the UK version comes with Windows 7? Now I’m more interested.

    • Brendan James


      Have u received yours yet? I can’t find it available in the UK at amazon, or anywhere else! Have amazon given u a delivery time at all?

  • adil

    yea, minefield is what they call firefox’s alpha builds before they are stable enough to be called firefox.

    did it say what version of minefield it is running?

    looks interesting. i wonder how hard it will be to put android on other netbooks / laptops..?

  • JB

    Taylor, could you tell me if the Jetflicks app will work on this netbook? Thanks!

  • chris

    Can you do a whole segment on just android i want to see the advantages and disadvantages of having it as an os o na cpu also do you think that maybe in the hopefully very soon futures a software will be released to have this dual boot on any cpu?

  • JB

    I guess no response just plain means no? Lol ok.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      I have not purchased the app jetflicks yet.

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  • spichanator

    Will we ever see the second video? Did the machine blow up already? What gives? I know there’s been plenty of Android news and Droid news in particular, but I am not so patiently waiting by my mailbox for this netbook and want to know what to look forward to or be afraid of…or does this mean you want me to do the video when mine arrives? Glad to help if that’s the case, just let your friends/fans know.

  • Brendan James

    Ordered mine today. It comes tomorrow – with Win7/Android. :-)

    • Brendan James

      Unpacking it now. It’s looking good. :-)

  • vm

    I have the d250 without android. I’d really like to try the android build out, having run ubuntu netbook remix, moblin 2.1, and jolicloud on it.

    Is anyone willing to make the recovery disc available? I can’t seem to find it at acer.

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  • http://Website shn

    how to check the android version is 1.5?

  • http://Website Shn

    how to check the android version? seems the one showed in your video is 1.04 ?

  • http://Website Adrienne

    I bought one in Barcelona and I configured the keyboard in Spanish (Spain) and it doesn’t work very well. When I’m in Minefield I can’t write “7″, “6″ and when I’m in the facebook chat I can’t write more than one text. I try to push enter but it doesn’t work anymore after I write the first text. I called Acer and they didn’t help me at all.

    Thanks for your help :)

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  • Bharat Vamsi Mudiraj

    i have re-intalled windows by windows-7 i am not able to get android version can u plzzz tell me how i can start android plzzzzz…….
    if any one has da answer plzzz
    mail me ([email protected])

  • Bharat Vamsi Mudiraj

    i have re-installed windows stater by ultimate i am not able to get android version can u pllzz tell me how can i start android plzzif any one has da ans plzz mali me
    ([email protected])

    • Anonymous

      just answered below

  • Anonymous

    To Bharat Vamsi Mudiraj: The original Acer factory install of Windows (Starter) on netbook Acer Aspire One D250 has an executable called “Acer Configuration Manager for Android(TM)” in the directory “C:\Program Files\Acer\Android Manager\”. It can restore Android to the original condition. Now if you can’t find the directory of Acer Android Manager after your upgrade to Windows Ultimate, theoretically you can restore your Acer factory install of Windows, which will also erase your hard disk and very likely your private data. Then you can access Acer Android Manager to also restore your Android. I have never tried any of this but I can imagine that you can copy the whole directory of Acer Android Manager to a USB pendrive before you upgrade to Windows Ultimate again. If Windows Ultimate damages your Android, then you can (probably) start Acer Android Manager from the USB pendrive. Then you can (hopefully) keep both Windows Ultimate and your factory pre-installed Android. Sorry about not sending you an e-mail but I hate using e-mail. Maybe someone else can send it to you if you don’t return to this page…