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Hands on Sprint Samsung Moment Android phone

I should be sleeping, but I wanted to get this video out. We got to play with a Samsung Moment today at CTIA and shot some good footage. It would have been uploaded sooner, but we ran into some internet problems at the event.

Thankfully, we have Android phones that we can tether to our laptops. Clark was able to upload this video using his HTC Magic on T-Mobile’s reliable 3G network. His upload was hitting over 400 Kbps which is about 400 percent faster than our hotel WiFi. Thank you Cyanogen for supplying the Android build with root access and thank you guys at android-wifi-tether.

In case you missed it, check out the full Samsung Moment specs.

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  • http://facebook.com/FckingAllen FckingAllen

    good video, do not like the square swiping thing though lol =]

  • RamShackle

    I’m confused (not difficult). I thought it was the Donut update that allowed Android phones to work on a CDMA network? How come this phone is running cupcake and be on Sprint, a CDMA network?

    • daniel

      yes, confused here too.

      Also, this review is about the phone, and you missed one very important feature… SPEED (processor).. even though we are able to see how fast it is by looking at the rate it rotates the screen and such, there should have been a speed demostration by using the browser, or any other resource consuming app, maybe test the way you can switch from app to app, etc.

      Other than that, Very nice phone.

      • Sohip

        It’s nice that samsung used a faster a processor than the G1/mytouch/hero models, but it’s still use the same old arm 11 architecture instead of new one ones like arm 8 cortex…

  • Kris

    wait… so they can get there donut update till 2010? im confused.. we already have our donut update

    • daniel

      that’s not confusing… THAT SUCKS!

      bad Samsung, they should either release it with 1.6 already, or make the update available in a few weeks, by 2010, other android phones will (hopefully) have android 2.0 already….

  • kermitthefrayer


  • kermitthefrayer

    It’s sooooooo fast!

  • gigabit

    How is the screen? responsive as Hero?

  • webby

    It has a real keyboard! Nice to see — tired of all these new Android phones with virtual keyboards only. IMHO the carriers push the phones with vk because they cost less to manufacture than phones with a physical keyboard. They can only sell them all for the same money, so they really push phones w/o physical keyboards because there is more profit in them. But I think the public resists — phones with real keyboards remain popular.

    • http://www.myspace.com/sandawgscorch SDsc_rch

      ding! ding! ding!


  • http://www.androinica.com AndrewKam

    Regarding the CDMA/Donut confusion, I’d guess that Donut standardized CDMA support for future devices. SAMSUNG (and HTC w/ the Sprint Hero) may have worked with Google to implement the feature beforehand in order to get the phones compatible with CDMA networks.

    • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly

      Thats pretty much how it sounded. Taylor will probably come back with the full details but from what I overheard it sounded like the guys who needed CMDA in cupcake just rolled it themselves.

  • http://www.nexsoftware.net/ nEx.Software

    If I recall correctly… There was a CDMA branch in the AOSP long before there was a Donut branch.

  • branon

    Android 1.5 – which means no wifi WPA Enterprise support?

  • Donovan

    the only phone that will have 2.0 is sholes until Q2 2010.. promise.

  • John Thacker

    From the video- “This looks like a Samsung-proprietary USB port.”

    Not to me it doesn’t. It looks to me like a standard MicroUSB port, like I have on my current phone. A little different from a MiniUSB port, but still standard.

    • ravila88x

      I agree looks like a MICROUSB

  • Christopher Silva

    Nice, how much memory does it have ?

  • Pieter

    i like it, but i see on major flaw. everytime you use that trackpad, your finger is gonna hit the menu button. they shouldn’t have made those top buttons touch sensitive.

    • http://www.twitter.com/the_real_newman @the_real_newman

      totally agree with you. it should have either been trackball with those touch sensitive buttons or hardware buttons with trackpad.

  • Eddie

    With all of these awesome Android phones coming out, I was wonder… What are the pros and cons of CDMA vs. GSM? I am on ATT, but I am considering leaving due crappy service. Seems like Sprint and T-Mo may have some great phones shortly. Can anyone provide any insight?

    • Deus Invictus

      Man you are asking for a mouthful asking about the differences between CDMA and GSM, and some of it is going to come down to opinion. I will try and give you a quick run down (I tend to be long winded). CDMA stands for Code Division Multiple Access, GSM is based on TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) Most people will say that CDMA uses bandwidth more efficiently, ie you can get more calls/data out of the same chunk of frequency with CDMA. Some people will also say that CDMA has better Call Clarity (I agree with this, but plenty will disagree, also keep in mind I have a G1 on T-mobile). CDMA supports what is known as Soft handoffs, that means if you are traveling (in a car, etc) and you switch cell towers with CDMA your call can be taking place on both towers for a while while it transitions, and is less likely to drop the call. As far as I know no incarnation of GSM (UMTS, HSPA, etc) supports soft hand offs but it’s possible it was added in one of the 3G iterations, this means greater possibility of dropped calls while moving on a GSM network. CDMA because of it’s better utilization of bandwidth typically gets faster speeds, but with some of the new revisions to HSPA that’s not necessarily true. All GSM 3G specs support simultaneous voice and data, meaning you could be talking to someone using Speakerphone or bluetooth, and looking up directions with Google Maps (Edge and GPRS data on GSM doesn’t support this). CDMA 1xRTT (the CDMA equiv of edge) and their first 3G spec EV-DO does NOT support simultaneous voice and data. The second revision EV-DO Rev A does. I’m not sure if the Moment supports only EV-DO or Rev A. Alright that was my poor attempt at a quick run down. On that note. I had Sprint for many years and was happy with them, I left for T-mobile because 1. I wanted an Android phone, and 2. I was going over my minutes talking to my gf on her Work paid AT&T phone. Now with Sprint getting Android handsets and their new Unlimited any mobile plan I would consider switching back when my contract is up, (sprint does have a larger coverage area, especially 3G) O yea, the other advantage of GSM, its more common world wide (if you ask me this is more political then technological but I won’t get into that) so it might be easier to use on a trip overseas (unlocking it, roaming, whatever)

      • Eddie

        THat was awesome. Thanks. This helps. I was on Sprint before and really liked the service, but phone selection was terrible. I switched to T-Mo and loved there service as well as the My Faves. I switched to ATT to get an iPhone. The problem now is the closed iphone architecture and poor service, so now I am considering either Sprint or T-Mo. Leaning more towards Sprint.

        • Deus Invictus

          Glad to be of service, typically people just ask me a question when they can’t sleep.

  • techknowbabble

    Will there be development for this phone as there is/will be for the Sprint Hero on xda-developers? I know xda focuses on mostly HTC phones but is there a similar dev community for samsung devices or will this droid device spark a movement for a dev community for it? I really want an android phone with a hardware qwerty but I don’t want to lose the ability to experiment with roms and software packages like I do currently with ppcgeeks and xda with my tp.

  • heya

    man, why do they always have to use those proprietary jacks?

    They score a +5 by using a standard headphone jack, and then muck it all up with their stupid proprietary USB jack.. DUMB IDEA

  • ravila88x

    I have had a HERO since FRIDAY thanks to BESTBUY. The SENSE UI is amazing. But i had the G1 before this and I DO miss the KEYBOARD. It just makes for faster texting. What you guys think?

  • wowlfer

    Darn good replacement for those sidekick users who lost all their data recently on tmobiles service. I’m switching to the Samsung Moment as my replacement for sure just as soon as it’s offered online. Bye Bye jerks at tmobile who could not care less about their customers data. Jerks.

    • fryhole

      I’m sorry you lost your data…that really sucks, but I don’t understand how you can claim T-mobile couldn’t care less about it. T-mobile doesn’t even run the cloud service the sidekicks use, Microsoft/Danger do. And you’re getting a $100 credit, a free month of data, an apology, and an out-clause in your contract.

      How are they being jerks?

  • http://www.sprint.com pnyce973

    I think it was a good review on the samsung device. I work for sprint and i’m actually waiting for my hero to come Tomorrow :). i think this Moment is a good phone and ef like the fact that it has a physically keyboard but i chose to still buy the hero because i think HTC makes better handsets. Hero is available now andi want to try Android. Display looks good on the hero, i played it with it for a little. i did see a delay when trying to access the keyboard and turning the phone. SPRINT TV looks great on the phone. NFL mobile too. one thing things that i like about the Moment. 1 OLED Display, 2 Physicall Keyboard. 3 FLASH on cam.

  • Jonathan

    This phone is beautiful. Finally a sleek Android phone with a fast processor. It’s not covered in buttons, there’s not a huge trackball I’ll never touch since I have a touchscreen, it’s perfect.

    Getting it!

  • http://Website Scott

    I just got the Moment, and I took a 15-minute video of my niece and nephew opening Christmas presents. Since the video is too big for both Gmail and YouTube, and these seem to be the only ways to get video files off the phone, is the file stuck on my phone, or is there any way to set it free? If someone knows the answer, please let me know! Thanks.

    • http://Website Mox

      Plug it into your computer with provided USB cable, pull down the notifications, press USB connected, then Mount. Open the drive on your computer, and find the file (DCIM\Camera). It will be in .3gp format.

  • http://Website Greg

    Can you use the pictures that you take as a screen saver?

  • http://Website d.mendoza

    Does samsung moment support flash?