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MiKandi launches first adult application store for Android

The adult industry often decides high tech format wars. It is a dirty little secret for those who follow technology trends. The iPhone AppStore and Android Market both block adult content, but Android allows users to install applications from sources other than the official market. MiKandi (pronounced “my candy”) has figured this out and launched the first application store on Android targeted for adults.

Google is sure to frown on this, but because of the open source nature of Android, they can do little to block it.

I have yet to see any real parental control software for Android, so maybe this is the time for someone to jump in. However, I think parents have much more to worry about (than MiKandi) when they provide their children with smartphones. The dangers of sex-ting are well known and I would be scared to death to provide my kids (if I had any) with a cell phone.

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  • Dr.Jeckyl

    I see this doing pretty well. See a void, fill it. (no pun intended)

  • JoeyAndroid

    I have little ones and I want them to grow up to be tech sav-vy. It is scary but it is what it is so I have to just try and raise my kids right and hope for the best. I don’t want to hold them back from using technology. I will try and have good common sense. I believe the sooner you can teach kids the safety of tech the better.

    You kniow in some parts of the world, the cell phone is more a necessity than a luxury.

    I, for one, would like to see Android devices in more schools and used by more students.

    There are even more concerns and dangers in a 3D world. And there are more kids involved with 3D worlds than kids with smartphones. I am a big fan of 3D worlds and would not hold my kids back from using them. You have to provide proper guidance and hope for the best.

    Hopefully the model I set for my kids will allow me to help merge Android with the education world and the 3D world. But regardless of what I do, the convergence will happen.

  • FB

    Yes, we need software to block content for our kids! And actually, since schools aren’t always safe havens, and since there are aps like GPS and Glymps, I’m relieved that I can give my kid a smart phone.

  • chris

    just one App so far.. what a joke going to launch a store u need more then one item

  • Mark

    I think it would be hilarious if the porn store has a decent web front end before the ‘real’ Android market does!

  • William Furr

    “The dangers of sex-ting are well known and I would be scared to death to provide my kids (if I had any) with a cell phone.”

    I’m sorry Taylor, but that’s ridiculous. You’ve bought into the oversold hype for the next phase of “this generation’s moral degradation”. If you’re a good parent, and you teach your kids to be responsible and think for themselves, you have nothing to fear.

  • Todd A

    I agree with Taylor. When you mix teenage hormones, peer pressure, relationship inexperience, and technological availability, I wouldn’t call it impossible. BUT, you are right, active parenting is the key to raising kids.

  • Dmitriy

    just a usual atracting for users. Tits are the most selled good

  • EatMyPinkTaco