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Pocketfox coming in December

Ok so Pocketfox is not the real name of Firefox for mobile, but what you see above is the official new logo. Firefox for mobile has been in testing for several months and will finally drop the beta tag in December when it launches for the Maemo-powered Nokia N900. No release date has been announced for Android, but we know it is coming eventually.

The mobile browser wars are about to heat up, because Opera Mobile is also headed to Android soon. It will be interesting to see which company can release their product to the Android Market first.

For a preview of what is in store, check out the features and teaser video below.


Firefox for your mobile phone comes complete with favorite and familiar features that you enjoy on your desktop:

  • The Awesome Bar searches your history, bookmarks and tags to go to your favorite sites instantly
  • Share your Firefox preferences, history, and bookmarks between your desktop and mobile
  • Add-ons to make your browser your own
  • Tabs that let you browse multiple sites at once
  • One-touch bookmarking to quickly organize websites
  • And more…

Benefits for Developers

  • Put your innovations in the hands of people all over the world to access anytime, anywhere
  • Build rich mobile applications using the latest Web technology like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Tap into the device capabilities of the phone, such as geolocation, camera and calling
  • Develop game changing add-ons on the first mobile Web browser to offer add-ons

For some early screens of Firefox for mobile, head over to Electricpig.

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  • GW

    All I can say is…
    O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

    I can’t wait for Firefox for Android. Besides JF & Cyanogen, this is the best news ever for Android. :)

  • mike

    In the vid preview thumbnail that guy looks like he has dreadlocks!

  • chris

    looks amazing love the add on features no more ads

  • Michael Lankton

    Nothing beats the speed and javascript performance of any Webkit-based browser. You can keep that senile, old Mozilla. Too slow and too bloated for me.

  • Derrick

    I was thinking the same thing, the video previous screenshot, I’m like what the hell is wrong with this guys hair. LOL.

  • ari-free

    more evidence they are working on android

  • ExtremeT

    Thank god, I can’t wait for that to be released. This whole mobile browser war that seems to be coming is looking very promising.

  • eastldn

    id prefer opera over firefox for a mobile device… speed is king when your on the road with a mobile device

  • mememememeeee

    haha, the guy in the video looks like he has crazy hair!

  • John C

    Any word on their Thunderbird mail ap going mobile?

  • Cornelius Johnson

    I believe it’s been called Fennec for a year+ now.

  • Fidget253

    i ready that the vp of mozilla said they cannot develop fennec for android becasue its not java. So its not comming out, is this true?

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