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Seesmic releases Android Twitter client

We love competition when it comes to Android applications. Earlier today I expressed my affection for Twidroid and now we have another big Twitter player entering the Android battlefield. Seesmic announced today their first release of Seesmic mobile for Android.

Seesmic now offers the Twitter client you’ve been waiting for! A powerful feature-rich application that’s simple and easy to use. Share photos with your choice of image service, post videos to YouTube, share links connected with your account, fully configure your notifications and view your Direct Messages in a simple threaded view.

I installed Seesmic and played around with it for a little while to snap some screens. The client has a simplified UI which is easy to navigate. It appears to be a pretty full featured Twitter app for the first release and I’m excited to see what they add next.

Check out the app and send your feedback to Seesmic to let them know what features you would like added (hint: multiple account support).

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  • FckingAllen

    I really like the app. it just seems to be really slow, thats my only problem. i still have it on my phone though, id like to see where they go with it.

  • commandar

    Not bad at all for an initial release. The UI elements take up a little too much screen real estate for my taste, but, outside of multiple accounts, it seems to be relatively close to feature parity with Twidroid on the big bullet point items.

    I like the way it handles URL shortening better than Twidroid. I dislike the fact that it looks like the developers didn’t include share intents for other apps. Being able to share camera photos simply by hitting share and then selecting Twidroid is incredibly convenient.

    Still, this is one of the better 1.0 launches on Android that I’ve seen. Twhirl is my preferred desktop client, so Seesmic already has a solid track record I’m sure this app will get better with time.

    • commandar

      Oh yeah, I left out — my other two issues are that it’s a little bit slow and that scrolling for feeds is implemently a little bit awkwardly. Having the scroll handle hover above actual content just doesn’t seem that elegant to me.

  • Scott

    I can’t find this on the market. I’ve also tried the QR code and it says it cannot find it. Any ideas?

  • Jeff

    Now THAT”S how to design a UI. For many of the Android apps, I feel as if the UI was just randomly thrown together since there isn’t really ONE theme. This is a good step forward!

  • steve

    I can’t find it in the market with my rooted phone but can with my wifes stock g1. Any suggestions?

  • Scott

    My phone’s not rooted and I’m on Sprint Hero, and can’t find it. :(

  • lordhong

    Seesmic is awesome! I sometimes wonder why we have such lame twitter client apps for android in terms of UI (twidroid did not get much UI updates in almost a year). Now I’m glad Seesmic comes in and raised the bar. Good Job!

  • Scott

    I want this but it’s not on the market. Anyone know how else to get it?

  • scottm

    Shows up in the market on a Samsung Moment, but not on a Sprint Hero.

  • Scott

    I wonder why that is??? They’re both using 1.5.

  • Yama

    Thanks for the post – great feedback for us – if you can review on under the android forum that would be so great – for the sprint htc hero we’re finding that that those with the recent update are not able to find seesmic – we’re investigating and getting info from our users on our site – if you have questions – you can contact me at yama [at] seesmic [dot] com – thanks for all your help!

  • Richtpt

    I LOVE Seesmic! Downloaded the app, works very nicely. Looking forward to when they get Facebook integration just like their AIR client.

    Question: How did you do the screen snapshots? I need to do some for some in-house training manuals. Thanks!

  • scott register

    I am loving it so far. I am tired of twidroids shitty scrolling and speed.

  • Katie

    Can’t find Seismic on my rooted G1 (CM 2.5.2) either. This app looks impressive. Hopefully whatever the problem is gets fixed soon.

  • Katie

    Erm CM 4.2.5 that is. ^^

  • mikebeecham

    Not bad for a first release, but there are some glaringly obvious issues with it. The first (and main) issue is the speed of the app. My HTC Hero locks up multiple times on scrolling AND creating a tweet.

    The UI could do with some work, most namely the position of the refresh button…for any touchscreen users, you’ll experience immediately that you’re going to hit refresh accidentally when you want to scroll through your timeline. This means getting dangerously close to your API limit.

    Feature rich though, which is a welcome sight when its comes to a competition against Twidroid.

    All in all, I like it but not going to use it for now…but I AM looking forward to seeing where they go with it.

  • Timmy

    It’s kinda getting some bad feedback on Twitter of the people that have tried it…mainly because it’s slow.

    Funny that people on here praise the UI when it is kinda a copy of iPhone standards. I looked at my brother’s iPhone Tweetie 2.0 app and I think Seesmic borrowed heavily from it.

    Looks good but needs some performance tweaking for sure.

    • Zacqary Adam Green

      Actually, it’s a copy of Android standards. Take a look at the Contacts app.

  • dylandersen

    I wasn’t able to find the app on the market on my Sprint Hero but I was able to scan the barcode and bam: there it was.

  • jeremy

    This app has a lot of potential, but the ui is similar to 2 or 3 twitter apps, its using stock android framework so I don’t really understand why’s its loading slow, if this app gets a few updates I will reinstall. For now sticking with itwitter

  • Katie

    Nm found it – I apparently cannot read, and was searching for “seismic” not “seesmic” *blush*

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  • LeeGiT

    Love the app so far but I’m getting access denied errors when I want to change my profile picture. Also had some FC issues.

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