Nov 07 AT 8:15 PM Taylor Wimberly 64 Comments launches Android application

Update (11/9): We just received a second email from the developer. “We believe we have ironed out all known bugs, and we support all versions of Android (including 1.5). It is certainly interesting trying to support so many variations of an operating system on so many hardware platforms. Testing on Google Developer phones and in the emulator does not quite cut it.”

Update (11/8): I just heard back from the developer who said, “Only Android 1.6 and newer will have the latest releases of our software available at this time.”

If there was one thing we learned from last week’s HSPA 7.2 rumors, it was Android needs a proper speed testing application. Many mobile sites provide inaccurate results and the limited selection of available apps have not been updated in months. must have been reading our site because they finally ported their popular iPhone application to Android. for Android is the perfect application to test 3G speeds. The app was just released in the last 48 hours and has already been updated several times to fix some bugs. The service works just as one would expect it to. A settings page allows you to change servers, adjust speed measurements, and sort history.

If you have any problems finding the application in the Android Market, please post your carrier and device info. I noticed the app was not showing up on my T-Mobile Cliq, but had no issues on my other Android phones.

I have one suggestion to Please add a share option so users can email or Tweet their results. We would also love to see your new service make its way to Android.

Side note: I’m still not really sure what to think about the recent T-Mobile HSPA 7.2 sightings. One of the reports was running a Nokia n900 and the other was using a G1 (which I have no way to confirm.) I would love to know how T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint’s 3G network compare so post some screen shots if you got them.

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • DJ

    are u serious? I can’t find any where about this. Neither in G1 market or their website. can you post th link for the same?

    • DJ

      never mind….got it…it’s published with different name…”Ookla”.

  • Chris

    nothing on the cliq and took two searches on a g1, but i found it eventually, shame its not showing up on the cliq

    • Mark

      Must require 1.6 because it doesn’t show on ny Hero either.

  • Brent Johnson

    No go with a T-Mo G1 using xROM.

  • cowgrlcrzy

    i downloaded on my hero yesterday and it was version 1.1. It kept going to force close on launch. I emailed speedtest and they said to download 1.3. I went back today and cant find it at all.

  • Demi

    My results: Plano, TX.

    Don’t know why it says Witchita or Southern Kansas Telephone.

  • Luke

    Average of 6 tests:

    1.1 Mbps (0.62 – 2.00) down
    0.22 Mbps (0.04 – 0.34) up

    Seattle, WA; T-mobile G1

  • Luke

    Average of six tests:

    1.1 Mbps (0.62 – 2.00) down
    0.22 Mbps (0.04 – 0.34) up

    Seattle, WA; T-mobile G1

    • JLW in Toronto

      Down: 1510 kbps
      Up: 810 kbps

      HTC Magic on FIDO in Toronto

  • Chris

    even when i download the app another way and use a file manager to install it, i get “this app could not be installed on your phone” message, booo!

    (tmo cliq)

  • VicMatson

    Needs larger graphics and fonts for the Droid’s resolution.

    • daftlush


      My Verizon Droid in San Diego did…
      300kbps/300kbps to
      400kbps/400kbps to
      600kbps/900kbps to
      975kbps/375kbps to
      1708kbps/653kbps to
      830kbps/398kbps to
      446kbps/424kbps to
      616kbps/356kbps to

      Doesn’t seem very precise, so who knows how accurate this is. (first three are rounded down)

  • jrbourque

    I have tmobile and the mytouch running hero and I cant find it.

  • ravila88x

    App not showing up on Samsung Moment Market!? :(

  • midtoad

    Latest test:

    1.4 Mbps down
    0.2 Mbps up

    Calgary, AB, Fido/Rogers

    Note: I’ve seen as low as 0.8 Mbps down in the day-time. Where’s that 3.5 Mbps I’m supposed to be able to be getting?

    Telus and Bell highlight the fact that they have a separate data channel, so speed will be unaffected by voice traffic. Let’s see some tests from Telus/Bell!

  • cowgrlcrzy

    I can’t find it in the market anywhere. I checked and they dont have anything on their website about it either.

  • Jeff

    App doesn’t support the Droid’s resolution. The speed test still runs ok. =/

  • bray424

    App seems to have been taken off market… can anyone link the .apk?

  • nick

    I am on EDGE and for some reason it is putting wifi on the shared image

    I am in Orlando (The east side which despite the coverage map isn’t 3G) why is it picking New Orleans and witchia for the test sites?

  • Darren

    More information is needed by people that want to get this. What countries is this available in and on what firmware version? I’m in Australia and can’t find it! Euro Hero with 1.5 obviously.

  • gerard

    up 302 kps down 63 kbs

    wow that is slow

    Vodaphone Fremantle West Australia

  • kev

    i’m on vodafone australia and using HTC magic, can’t find it in marketplace.

  • nEx.Software

    To everyone who can’t find it… Please be sure you are not running any of the following Android 1.5 based phones: Motorola CLIQ [T-Mobile], Samsung Behold II [T-Mobile], Samsung Moment [Sprint], HTC Hero [Sprint], HTC Droid Eris [Verizon]… I am not sure if there are others, I am losing track of outdated Android devices being sold to unsuspecting users.

    If the app is not showing in the Market for you, you are on an unsupported device. While I am not entirely positive, I would guess that this application requires Android 1.6. My CLIQ doesn’t show it, my G1 does. Main difference? G1 is 1.6, CLIQ is 1.5.

  • webby

    Can’t find it on my rooted G1 running cyangen mod (includes 1.6). EGGZACTLY what search terms do you find it with?? I tried speedtest, … no go.

    It doesn’t really matter a whole lot — yesterday I went to a VZ store and tested out a droid. Result: the droid on VZ 3G is much faster than my beloved G1 on WiFi! And I have blazing fast broadband WiFi! Technology changes very quickly. Time for Android on much improved hardware and a better 3G network. So today I bust my T-Mobile contract and buy a droid.

  • Tyler Neal

    I’m getting 3.69mbps down and 0.80mbps up. Odd.

  • Tyler Neal

    Oh I know why, wifi, duhh.

  • cowgrlcrzy

    Damn, nExSoftware strikes again. Well folks if you dont have a Droid, G1, or rooted phone you are SOL because a dev refuses to write apps for 90% of the phones hitting the market today. For those that do have 1.6 or 2.0 I just heard from and they are releasing a new version today.

  • cowgrlcrzy

    Just wrote an email to Speedtest telling them that the majority of us will not be able to use their app. From what I can tell only the G1 has 1.6 and the Droid has 2.0 all other phones are 1.5. I may be wrong on this though.

  • wategate

    HTC Magic
    Vodafone AU
    Running Cyanogenmod with Enoch 1.4.2

    Download 2004kbps
    Upload 378kbps

    Not too shabby.

    I noticed on th settings tab that the button fonts are alittle cut off, perhaps my theme.

  • Dave H.

    Verrry interesting.

  • http://386kbps Pats Win

    T-Mobile USA MyTouch 3G
    Norwood, Ma (just south of Boston)
    android 1.6
    DL 866 kbps UL

  • Pats Win

    android 1.6
    DL 866 UL 386

    2nd test
    DL 602 UL 358

    3rd test
    DL 755 UL 301

  • NotSoSilent

    2289 d 753 u
    2089 d 717 u


  • jonathan

    When I try to install it, it says it requires the “Phone Calls: read phone state and identity” permission. Does it or is that related to this bug:

    I’m pretty tight on letting an app have more permission than I think it needs.

  • Phil Hutchinson

    Tried on t-mobile uk – using t-mobile g2 touch

    Down Up
    1803 507
    1856 436
    1245 525
    1876 521
    1045 511 -< Err…
    1816 479

    I have the litle H – hspa showing at work – but I think when I am home tonight it will be a different story – a little slower!

  • Matt

    Awesome app – still have some portrait/landscape issues – but still works great. network is faster than i thought it would be. about 1.8Mbit down and .7 up – depending on the server. if you test slow – check the nearest big city server, they sometimes test faster than some of the smaller sites.

  • Haggie

    San Francisco (Verizon – SoMa) = 1123/197

  • VicMatson

    Hey, begging works, thanks for the Droid resolution update!

  • dskelto

    Down – 2654 kbps
    Up 685 – kbps
    Ping 126 ms

    Rooted MT3G cyan 4.04

    Bellevue (Factoria), WA.

  • D.J.

    Down: 1785kbps
    Up: 122kbps
    Ping: 122ms

    Samsung Moment on Sprint

    Norfolk, VA

    I love that ping. I remember on my iPhone 3G with good signal my ping would be 1000+ms

  • Jake

    Roflmao D.J. Fellow Moment user in Norfolk, VA. What neighborhood you from? I’m from Ingleside

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  • Justa Notherguy

    Excellent app – thanks, to the folks at Ookla!

    Typical results for the suburbs, ~22 miles NE of center city Philadelphia (Comcast server).

    Down = 0.96 Mbps
    Up = 0.39 Mbps
    Ping = 162 Mbps

    Not bad, especially given that there are no towers within eyesight. In fact, much of this riverfront town sits several feet below sea level. But I guess I’ll stick with my wifi (5.96 down, also Comcast), until we get the upgrade to 7.2…or, better still, the 21.0 service that’s being tested in Philly.

  • Galen Random

    It downloaded on my Cliq… Here are the results in Milwaukee WI on T-mobile:

    978kbps download
    374kbps upload

  • Former Big Iron Guy

    Just hit the site with my Droid. Android version does not show up. Nagged about my flash version. Went to Adobe’s site on the handset and adobe said they were not finished with a Flash 10 for Android yet.
    Go figure.

    • Chris

      Because it’s not a website; it’s an app. Go into the Market and search for “Speedtest”. You’re looking for “ Speed Test” by “Ookla”. Install the app, make sure you’ve got WiFi turned off, so you get a good result that’s just testing 3g.

  • Chris

    myTouch 3g running CyanogenMod 4.3.4
    T-Mobile USA
    Lubbock, TX, USA

    Four tests over about 25 minutes,
    DL: 573 UL: 388 Ping: 292ms Server: Austin, TX
    DL: 919 UL: 396 Ping: 195ms Server: Austin, TX
    DL: 919 UL: 268 Ping: 195ms Server: Austin, TX
    DL: 598 UL: 392 Ping: 237ms Server: Clovis, NM

    Oddly enough; it shows the network as “Utms”…. Should that be “UMTS” (note the switched ‘m’ and ‘t’ and all caps… It *is* an acronym and supposed to be capitalized.

  • Subhramani

    Down: 13.6 kilobytes/ sec
    Up: 17.9 kilobytes/ sec

    Vodafone India on Edge. Awesome aint it? \m/

  • http://Website Wolfiq

    Down : 5863 kbps
    Up : 1336 kbps
    Ping : 113 ms

    Orange Poland HSDPA

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  • http://Website Steven

    T-Mobile, suburb of Atlanta
    Moto Milestone XT720

    Down: 6.26 Mbps
    Up: 1.57 Mbps
    Ping: 95 ms

  • http://Website Hammerhawk

    When I have done a test, and I want to do another test.
    I have to close the app, and restart the app.
    Why is there no button “test again”?
    Just like on the website.

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  • ZA @ Free Articles

    Nice app, will have to give this a try on the Nexus one. Be intresting to see what kind of speeds Vodafone in the UK can get.

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