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The Opera Mobile 10 Android waiting game

Opera Mobile is coming to Android. We know this because their CEO publicly stated that they are working on an Android version. However, we have yet to receive any word on when a beta version might be available.

It looks like the waiting game could be nearing its end, because Opera recently unveiled Opera Mobile 10 beta for Symbian S60 phones. The previous version of Opera Mobile was 9.7 so there has been a lot of work behind the scenes to bring the mobile version up to speed with the desktop browser. Hopefully an Android beta will become available over the coming weeks.

Opera Mini 4.2 is currently available for Android, but it was actually designed for less powerful feature phones. Opera Mobile 10 offers a desktop like experience and it is targeted specifically for smartphones.

Firefox is also hard at work on their mobile browser for Android and I’m sure Opera would love to beat them to market and get a head start.

We are super excited to get our hands on Opera Mobile when it is finally revealed for Android. Speed Dial, tabbed browsing, password manager, and faster browsing are features we would love to see in an Android browser. The default web browser for Android has received few updates and it is getting a little stale for my taste.

Check out the latest promo video from Opera to get a peak of what is in store for Android.

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  • schwiz

    tabs look good, everything else is meh. I’ll probably stick to Steel

    • hup

      What else is “meh”? It’s slick and fast isn’t it?

    • hup

      What else is “meh” then? It’s slick and fast isn’t it?

  • Gabriel

    What i LOVE from Opera is that it compresses the page on the server side so my dumb phone loads less data, which means, more speed for less money (here in Argentina we do not have flat rate mobile data, yet). So when i get my Milestone in a month or so, i’d really cool to have this on Android.

    • carig

      i think it’s just opera mini that compresses the page, which as was mentioned is already available

      opera mobile is a just a regular browser i believe

      • wuuut

        No, Opera Mobile CAN compress pages if you enable the “Turbo” option.

  • Ben

    Hopefully Firefox or Opera can support smooth pinch and zoom.

  • chris

    i hope its like the beta 5 version we have for blackberrys, i hpe they keep mobile view.. hate sliding around trying to read web sights

  • pecoy

    Does this support flash?

    • hali

      No browser supports Flash.

      Flash is a plugin. The browser needs to support plugins in general, not Flash in particular.

      I think Opera does support plugins.

    • Rob Parker

      No – we’re waiting for Adobe on that; as it stands, we assume it’ll be launched in the first half of 2010, but will need Android 2.0 or later to run. When this happens, I assume it’ll hopefully work with other browsers (a.k.a Opera Mobile, when it arrives), besides just the Android browser.

  • DaveSam

    Any word on Opera or FireFox for Android 2.0 being able to support windows authentication? Need this on Droid to access some Windows-based web sites that cannon support forms authentication.

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  • nirgam