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Twidroid continues to be the best Android Twitter client

I have only been using Twitter for less than a year and somehow I have the “Most Influential” account when it comes to Android. Way back in March when I first began using Twitter, I proclaimed Twidroid was The Best Android Twitter Client. Since that time, Twidroid has released around 1,482 updates and it continues to improve each month.

As an Android enthusiast, I love the way Twidroid continually updates their release notes. Anyone can see just how active the developers are and they have recently began including a roadmap of upcoming features.

The next major update due in December should include:

  • new: threaded conversations
  • new: remember timeline position setting
  • new: single tweet view with extended infos (geo, report to spam etc.)
  • new: offline tweets [~2.9]
  • new interface language: chinese

I also like how Twidroid is available in two versions: Free and Pro. I prefer the Pro version for its full featured lists support, multiple account management, desktop widgets, and themes (For a full comparison see their features list). The Pro version will cost you around $5, but if you are a heavy Twitter user I would definitely recommend it.

Twidroid has also been helpful for other application developers as well. They recently announced they support plugins so other apps can integrate with their service.

We’re happy to announce that we will soon provide a mechanism for Android developers to build plugins that use Twidroid as a platform for all Twitter-related communication and enhance the feature set for end-users. Our first example will be a native Google Maps integration for individual Tweets as not all currently available devices are equipped with native capabilities for viewing maps. We’ll provide further infos in the next weeks.

I know there are a million different Twitter clients for Android, but Twidroid has consistently been the best over the last year. Our readers agree too, since they voted it as the Best Twitter App during our last Android Network Awards.

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  • thunsaker

    Looking forward to threaded conversations, hoping that Twidroid improves the Posterous integration…

    • http://Website yeticomes


      can you please tell me where I can find the Posterous-Integration in Twidroid Pro?

      Thank you very much!

  • thomas

    i think it were more than 2,000 updates but other than that thanks for the plug ;)

  • Rome

    I disagree. Had nothing but problems with Twidroid. Switched to Swift. MUCH BETTER IMHO.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Early versions of Twidroid did have their issues. However, ever since they release version 2 and the Pro version, it has been nothing but smooth sailing.

      Nothing comes even close to Twidroid when you compare the number of features it offers.

      • c0z

        Twidroid’s quality graph is most similar to that of recession history in the USA. It has been amazing and awful. Still considering writing a full op-ed on the “don’t tweet about our twitter client” remark.

      • Chuck

        My experience is that while Twidroid does have more features, Swift works better/faster. For my purposes, I’ll take the lighterweight, better performing Swift over the more full-featured Twidroid.

        Of course, Seesmic complicates the matter…but it’s a good problem to have.

    • Lallo

      I switched to Swift too and I haven’t looked back since.

    • Pontus Olin

      Totally agree. I used to use Twidroid but it’s way too slow and buggy. Swift is vastly superior. Haven’t regretted the switch for a second. Can’t imagine having to use Twidroid again. Really don’t get why so many people like it. Also, Swift remembers where you were in the feed so that you can continue to read where you left off if you wish.

  • Kelson

    They released an update today that adds support for the new retweet feature. Actually using it to retweet is optional, but the important part is that native retweets weren’t visible in the old API. So if someone I follow posted a retweet using the new interface, it would be completely invisible to my phone or desktop clients. Now that Twidroid supports it, they show up here.

  • Alex

    Hmm… Seesmic twitter client just launched… they should have a real competition from now on :)

  • Nikki528

    I’m looking foward to the conversation update–that’s one of the main thing I prefer about TwitterRide over Twidroid (along with some others). I still use both, but I’ve found myself using TwitterRide more and more.

  • Mark

    I am using Swift, which I like. I don’t know how it compares feature wise, but I haven’t found a reason to shop around.

  • schwiz

    It is still the best client I have tried, but that is sad because it isn’t that great, rather buggy still.

  • Brian Douglas Hayes

    I don’t really care much about extra features–I mostly just want a simple client that lets me read my friends’ tweets, reply to them, and post my own tweets. Notifications for @replies and DMs would be great, and integration with photo-hosting and URL-shortening services would be even better. Twidroid does all of this and that’s why I’ve stuck with it since ~v1.7 or so.

    As for the competition, I’ve tried Swift… it works alright, but it’s rather ugly to look at.

    I do hate the frequent updates; I appreciate that you guys want to push new features ASAP but that’s what “nightly builds” are for. Of course, the Android market doesn’t really have provisions for nightlies/betas, so I understand why the updates are frequent, but still… I had to disable auto update notifications because of Twidroid. I update it manually every few weeks or so.

  • doh

    I started looking at alternatives. It is so so so annoying when you click a link, then return to find the timeline has jumped all over and it takes forever to find out where you were before.

    So this new feature “nremember timeline position setting” sounds good. Too bad it’s a month away.

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  • nick

    so i used twidroid in the beginning since it was the first real solution. since then I’ve tried twitterride, and others and have basically moved to Swift. I really don’t think one app is better than the others and I find that each app adds something different to the feature list, but no one has “all plus”. I haven’t tried Twidroid since the pro version was release so I’ll have to go back and give it a look again. but the bottom line is I think it is ‘foolish’ to claim any twitter app is the ‘best’. The reason their are so many apps for twitter is cause we all want something a bit different.

  • Usman

    Running Seesmic for now to compare it to Twidroid. Off the bat, I like it a little better, but only because it’s more like Peep on Hero.

  • poinck

    A free edition without widget isn’t good. I prefer Twidget Lite; that works perfectly and looks better than Twidroid

  • Wirez

    Honestly, I prefer swift.. It is cleaner.. I ran both for a week and decided Swift #1 for me..
    My $.02

  • Wirez

    Someone else nailed it…. I left off last night at 11:00pm.. Just got caught up now. Swift remembers where you were in the feed so that you can continue to read where you left off if you wish.

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