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Munch new “road goodies” in Waze’s latest challenge

Our friends at Waze are just finishing up their Tweet for Turkeys promo and they already announced a new contest to promote their latest update. Waze is a free turn-by-turn GPS and a great alternative to users who cannot access the new Google Maps Navigation. The service offers 100% user generated real-time maps and traffic information.

If you have never heard of Waze, check out their guided tour.

Waze’s latest contest is called the “Holiday High Points Challenge“. Road goodies have been added to the maps (clearly paying homeage to Pac-Man) in order to encourage users to help correct problem map areas. Winners of the contest will receive Amazon gift cards which should come in handy for the holiday shopping season.

From the Waze blog:

Holiday High Points Challenge

In parallel to the launch of this new ‘road goodie’ version, we invite you to participate in a ‘Holiday High Points Challenge’ between November 25-30, just in time for your Thanksgiving driving.

The top three users who rack up the most points from ‘road goodies’ during this timeframe will receive Amazon gift cards in the amounts of $500, $300 and $200, respectively, to help out with their holiday shopping. Wishing you luck…now get out there and get munchin’!

How to participate

  • Find ‘road goodies ’in areas where the map needs improvement. (Make sure you’ve downloaded the newest waze version from the iPhone Appstore/Android Market or
  • Munch (drive over) as many goodies as you can between November 25-30.
  • 3 users who rack up the most goodie-related points during this time win!
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  • carig

    haha this is cute, and a pretty cool idea

    i don’t know what they expect to do on android once devices still stuck on 1.5 with no google maps navigation get updated though

  • G

    the alt and shift keys don’t work for the cliq on it