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Thanksgiveaway Scavenger Hunt, win free gift certificates to the Android and Me Store

We are long overdue on hosting a new contest, so what better time than Thanksgiving? Our loyal readers are awesome and we want to show how much we appreciate you.

We will be hosting a special Thanksgiveawy Scavenger Hunt. We’ve made a list of 10 items we want you to find and photo. Some items we will pick the first user to submit a picture. Other items, we will select the best picture for the day.

The contest rules are simple:

  • Snap a photo of the scavenger hunt item with your Android phone.
  • Upload the photo and post it to Twitter.
  • Add the hash tag for your item.

Users can submit pictures using any Twitter photo service (Twitpic, YFrog, Twitgoo, Posterous, etc).

Don’t have a Twitter account yet? Sign up and follow @androidandme. There are dozens of Twitter apps for Android and our favorite is Twidroid. Other popular Twitter clients include Seesmic, Swift, and TwitterRide.


Our contest is being sponsored by our new Android and Me Store. We will be giving away 10x $25 gift certificates (one for each scavenger hunt item).


The contest is open to residents from any country our store ships to. We currently ship to North America, Europe, Australia, and Japan. I’m not sure if all those countries actually celebrate Thanksgiving, but you all are welcome to try and participate in the scavenger hunt.

The Hunt

  1. Cooking a fried turkey #aamsh1
    Winner: ctrl_alt_escape
    You or your family deep frying a turkey (be safe!)
  2. Ambrosia #aamsh2
    Winner: android_kev
    Ambrosia is a dessert our grandma always makes (orange slices and coconut)
  3. Most pies #aamsh3
    Winner: derekjohns02
    Most impressive pie line-up (and we’ve seen some impressive ones over the years)
  4. Any ham #aamsh4
    Winner: justicegorilla
    Another family tradition, the flaming ham glaze, always a crowd favorite
  5. Best table spread #aamsh5
    Winner: slottedpig
    Biggest and best table of food (all categories are equal but this one really comes with some bragging rights).
  6. Breaking the wishbone #aamsh6
    Winner: Burlyskink
    Classic turkey tradition, always enjoyable.
  7. Best single plate #aamsh7
    Winner: dead2hill
    Building a plate is an art form, pile it high and send us the pic.
  8. Relative asleep #aamsh8
    Winner: mrjonsmith
    Family member (or members) passed out around the house (bonus points for belts unbuckled).
  9. Most leftovers #aamsh9
    Winner: cheeseking
    One of the few Thanksgiving facts: there will be leftovers. Grab a photo of a fridge packed to the rim.
  10. Biggest family picture #aamsh10
    Winner: OsirisDev
    Gather the whole crew and snap a family photo. Biggest gathering wins.

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