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ADC2 winners revealed

After months of voting and waiting, the ADC2 winners have been announced.

Overall winners:

  • SweetDreams
  • What the Doodle!?
  • WaveSecure

Education/Reference Winners:

  • Plink Art
  • Word Puzzle
  • Celeste

Entertainment Winners:

  • A World of Photo
  • SongDNA
  • Solo

Games: Arcade/Action Winners:

  • Speed Forge 3D
  • Graviturn
  • Moto X Mayhem

Games: Casual/Puzzle Winners:

  • What the Doodle!?
  • Totemo
  • Mazeness

Lifestyle Winners:

  • SweetDreams
  • SpecTrek
  • FoxyRing

Media Winners:

  • Buzz Deck
  • SPB TV
  • FxCamera

Productivity/Tools Winners:

  • WaveSecure
  • Hoccer
  • Tasker

Social Networking Winners:

  • Ce:real – Everyday trends
  • SocialMuse
  • SpotMessage

Travel Winners:

  • Trip Journal
  • iNap: Arrival Alert
  • Car Locator

Misc Winners:

  • Rhythm Guitar
  • Andrometer
  • Calton Hill GPSCaddy

For more information about each app and full list of the top 200 ADC2 entries, please visit the official Google Code page.

What were you favorites? Did any of the apps you rated make the cut? Any of the results surprise you?

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  • nEx.Software

    Very disappointing.

  • roy

    Too bad Rhythmatics and Todoroo didn’t win. I was really rooting for those guys!

    • Clark Wimberly

      I did some of the UI on Todoroo. I was really pulling for them to win!

      • roy

        Nice job on it. If they fix some of the bugs, then it will be good and really original.

        I would have really loved a lot of attention for PhotoShoot, Rhythmatics and Todoroo, but I guess they didn’t have a 1-5 rating for ‘greatness’.

        I mean Rhythmatics, Guitar Hero for jogging, how can you not love that and brag to all your friends about it. Photoshoot same story. Todoroo is incredibly original and cool…

        *goes to cry somewhere*

  • Matt

    Very unimpressive list of winners – as if chosen by random

    • Dave H.


  • roy

    Ah man! Also PhotoShoot isn’t in there. There goes another great bragging opportunity when comparing with other platforms.

    Also, SweetDreams (which for some uncomprehensible) reason has won the competition (we already have Locale right?!) isn’t even in the market yet…

    Also, giving 25000 to Celeste (which is the same as google sky map) seems a bit stupid!

    • Clark Wimberly

      I thought Celeste was one of the bright spots. Has a way cooler interface than Sky Map (which I love also)

  • jb

    Can anyone find a link to the SweetDream app?

  • Mike

    ADC2 was an extreme disappointment. The vast majority of the apps were low quality and offer little use. Even the winners wouldn’t “stand out” as truely amazing applications.

    I think Google shot themselves in the foot with the confusion which surrounded the closing date of the initial entry. Devs had to rush to get their apps completed and I think it showed. Most apps had little documentation and an unpolished look about them meaning the general public, who helped rate the apps, probably overlooked the better apps apps as they didn’t understand what it did.

    If there ever is an ADC3, and I hope there will be I think Google needs to be a lot clearer over deadlines (give an exact date and time NOT just “sometime” in October) and rate the apps themselves.

    Anyway, I can honestly say I think Google didn’t get their monies worth with ADC2.

  • AS

    Does anyone find it odd that most of the apps on ADC1 as well as ADC2(most likely) will not ever be in the market? I dunno if any of you guys can shine some light on this

  • Craigo

    In what way is “What the Doodle” better then “Sketch Online”? It looked the same just with fewer features. Yet it not only wins its catagory, it gets 2nd overall? Bizzare.

    • Richy

      That was my very first reaction to the results! I’ve had sketch online beta since it appeared on the market, it’s the sh17!

    • http://Website Futureboy

      I downloaded them both and never even bothered with SketchOnline because you need to “register a Synchlet account” in order to play. Why do you need an account to play a game??? With WTD, you just download, pick a username and start playing. Just guessing here, but that may have something to do it.

  • Mike

    @Craigo – That is a prime example of why having members of the public voting random apps – you simply cannot rate apps fairly. Similar apps need comparing against one another.
    ADC2 was full of issues and this is just one of them.

  • archboy69

    What a strange group of winners?!? I don’t think any of the apps that won are something I would use. You mean to tell me of the thousands of apps…What the Doodle?! is best in class…hmmmm…??!! I’ve played Totemo and it is okay. Not really my cup of tea, uninstalled/refund.

    I was hoping for something a little bit more impressive like some of the iphone apps. Maybe they should be trying to gets apps better like facebook up to par or google earth…or Android 2.0…would get me more excited.

  • Blues

    Very disappointed. I don’t find anything I would like to download. Some of them might have creative idea, but they are useless. For example Car Locator, I won’t bother or remember to pull my phone out and run the app every time when I park. And some of them we have seen somewhere before.

  • velazcod

    I don’t know you guys, but to me, SweetDreams seems like Bedside without the clock part.

    Yes, I’m the developer of Bedside. Wasn’t one of the rules that the app idea didn’t already exist?

    • Dave Kaufman – Techlife

      I can’t find* SweetDreams but as a co-developer of Timeriffic I thought the same thing…where’ the originality.

      *once I find it, it might be different but right now it seems very much the same to a free app with lots of users and positive ratings.

    • http://Website Brian Douglas Hayes

      Hard to say without a good description of the app, since I can’t find it in the Market. Dunno if Google or the dev is to blame, but either way, it’s embarrassing that it’s so difficult to find info on an app that just won an award.

      In any case, there’s bound to be lots of overlap in ideas and execution. Sounds like SweetDreams is more of a “sound profiles” app, but who knows.

      For what it’s worth, I bought Bedside mostly for the customizable full-screen clock aspect, and useful shortcuts to bedtime-related tasks (Flashlight and Pandora). The fact that it silences notifications isn’t all that important to me; I keep my phone silent almost all of the time. I realize I’m probably in the minority there, so no big deal. Bedside is great though; keep up the good work–looking forward to future updates!

  • Miguel

    Is SweetDreams in the Android Market? I can’t find it. Thanks! :)


    Wow, I must say I’m taken aback by the fact that Grooveshark didn’t make it into *any* of the categories. WTF?

    Of course, when I got that app, I didn’t want to rate it because I knew it’d be uninstalled, so, maybe everyone did that.

    • Seth Stevenson

      My thoughts exactly. I thought Grooveshark would be in the top 3 at least. To see that it wasn’t ANYWHERE on the list makes me think something is off…

    • Mike

      This is true with me too, I didn’t want to rate Grooveshark as I knew it’d be uninstalled. I wonder how many people did this as its bound to effect the ranking of the app.

  • enki

    Google will better to award just 5 top apps then giving money for that crap. There should be something like acceptable quality measure, like it is on xbox live market. Same applies to market, I am tired of listing through some ringtones or what is it.

  • chuksy

    Well you guys should not be disappointed, you voted for them.
    At least you can’t blame google for that, can you?

  • Craigo

    @chuksy – We can a bit. Googles panel of judges made up for 60% of the score.

  • dethduck

    I doubt this could have ever been an accurate representation of opinions as many of us couldn’t even get the apps to download or install without the ADC app crashing.

  • Phil

    I can’t find SweetDreams either. Online or in the market. Does it get more ridiculous than announcing the grand prize winning app and then not even having it available to DL??

  • David Keyes

    I’m the dev for Screebl, which came in 5th in Productivity/Tools. The whole ADC2 experience was an exercise in adrenaline and frustration. It ended as it started too – with frustration.

    Google hasn’t even provided links from the winning apps to the developer sites! I know that they’ve probably got reasons for all of this, but it almost seems like they are TRYING to alienate their developer base.

    The Google Android effort seems like a disconnected, overworked, under-resourced organization right now…

  • cheewee

    Hi all,
    We are happy that WaveSecure was one of the overall winners and the top productivity app in the recently concluded Android Developer Challenge 2 (ADC2)!

    As a giveback to Android users support that made our ADC win possible, we are offering an unlimited free lifetime account for Android users. Just download WaveSecure from Android Market before 31st Jan 2010 and you will be able to enjoy a free WaveSecure account for as long as you use that Android device.

    It’s our way of saying thank you. Do spread the word so other Android users can benefit from it too!

    Lastly, it will be awesome if you can join us on our Facebook page at

    Team WaveSecure

  • http://LookslikeSweetDreamswillbeavailableearlynextyear Paul

    SweetDreams was developed by Inizziativa Networks. They’re saying the final version is in beta and expected release to market is start of 2010.

    Thanks to

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