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Adobe Flash 10.1 to require Android 2.0

We already know that Adobe Flash will not be making an appearance on the Android platform this year as we originally expected. At the time Flash 10.1 was delayed, Adobe said, Android is taking longer because Adobe needs some programming interfaces that will be available with the Eclair release of Android, due later this year.” We speculated that an early version of Flash 10 might be included with Android 2.0, but obviously that didn’t happen.

Android visitors to the Adobe Flash Player site are now greeted with the following image (Thanks TmoNews).

"First half of 2010". LOL.

"First half of 2010". LOL.

This confirms our earlier beliefs that Android 2.0 will in fact be required for Adobe’s Flash Player. The Android 2.0 source code is now available to everyone, but handset makers still need to update their device drivers to work with the latest kernel. Rumor has it some companies are lagging on updating older devices to Android 2.0, but it appears they still have plenty of time.

Flash 10.1 is not expected till the “first half of 2010″, which could be late June for all we know. It was way back in 2008 when we first saw Flash demoed on a G1 so there is no telling when the much delayed browser plugin will actually make an appearance.

The mobile version of Flash is reported to support multi-touch, accelerometers, multiple screen orientations, and hardware graphics acceleration. This could be a boon for Android gamers so we are eagerly anticipating the beta.

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  • What a mess

    Once again… what a mess… some phone carriers and phone makers don’t even know how there going to upgrade to 2.0 … Plus the G1 phone so out of game plan which is crazy because its only year old.

  • Jasonlee

    should be nice on the Droid with its gpu

  • Shaneaus

    What a mess? Come ON! The G1 was a 1st generation device for this platform. I still use and enjoy mine! Are you simple minded? How fast do you expect things to happen? First, Android has to develop new features/extentions to the current software (which is fairly generic) and debug those items on emulators. Second, the new Android release occurs. THIRD! The new release is provided to the handset manufacturers. THEN the handset manufacturers get to BEGIN work! They have to develop, experiment, debug, etc. This (many times) takes LONGER than the intitial software (Android) development!

    Android has seen phenominal progress in ONE year! Be HAPPY!

    People just expect too much too fast!

    • Cognitivity

      Shaneaus, I’m sorry but I have to pick apart what you said because your wrong, flat out wrong. Adobe like many other companies had access to the developer Beta SDK right up to full release. And I have it on good authority that Adobe had in on it from close the the start of development of 2.0 so…..

      As for time, yeah it should take them some time (but not as much as your suggesting) because their working from the release SDK, thats why it’s from Android 2′s release to around the first quarter of 2010, which looks like a short development cycle. FYI Adobe doesn’t develop that quickly which implies they were working on Flash for Android 2 since the Beta SDK and not the public release of Android 2…..

      People should expect alot at this point as thousands of developers have had access to the Android 2 Beta SDK and are now building their apps (and tweaking them) against the full release version. And if you understand anything that I’m talking about you’d understand why more apps should be available at this time really. To me it suggests problems, many problems which might take many (almost) back the the drawing board.

      Plan and simple Adobe is so bad at applications development it’s not funny. To be concise; Adobe has truly great application ideas but their execution (no pun) is just god awful! Bloated apps, not always useful features, lack of useful workflows, and the like plagues Adobe’s product line and this is what I expect of Flash for Android, iPhone OS and other smart phones their developing Flash for.

      I personally don’t love any of the smartphone platforms but I respect what they are trying to do. Adobe will not be a partner that many of them will like because of the aforementioned.

      • http://Website All-righty then.

        You must be referring to Mirror-Mirror version of Adobe…

      • http://Website Jman

        Cool story bro!

      • http://Website Uhhh…

        I’m sorry, but anyone who can not even use the correct “your or you’re,” or even “their, they’re or there” loses all merit with me. I mean “Plan and simple” it makes you sound (look) like a complete moron. If you’re going to go on and on, and are trying to prove to everyone that you know more than the last guy, at least try to use somewhat proper written English and spelling.

        • Joshua B.

          Thank you, I was going to call that out myself.

  • Eric

    Not surprising since 2.0 is necessary for native code support. I doubt Adobe wanted to write flash for Java/Dalvik.

  • ExtremeT

    I just wish they would hurry up and get things done and release flash for android. Getting kind of tired of waiting for it.

    • Derek

      HaHa, yea, I’ve been waiting on Flash for a mobile phone since July of 2007, when I got my first iphone. 2.5 yrs later and the only one that has it is Palm Pre?? Geez.

  • Weeds

    I just hope, this will be better than the Flash Plugin for Linux…

    Personally I do not need flash on my phone nor do I want it. Seeing what is possible with HTML5,
    I vote for a full-featured browser supporting and .
    Actually I was surprised seeing the video tag was missing on 1.6.

    Having this, and people writing proper webapps for it, there is no need for flash.

    • Dave

      There’s still a lot of sites that require Flash to get the full experience. With over 99% penetration for v9 and over 90% for v10, most companies aren’t going to put nearly the same amount of resources towards a second version of the site to support a tiny fraction of the market that doesn’t have Flash.

      From a developers point of view, Flash is nicer to develop for than html + javascript + css. It’s a more powerful language, it progresses at a much faster pace, and complex applications are much easier to develop and manage. You don’t have to worry about browser version incompatibilities and you can also deploy to the desktop with AIR. The next Flash compiler will also compile native iPhone apps. With Flash 10.1 I’ll be able to write a game once and deploy it to a ton of different platforms.

      • Weeds

        Yeah, browser compatibility ist an issue of course. Although it should not as we have a standard here (hello Microsoft). But tools are getting better. Today I can use. Google. WebToolkit, write my Application logic in Java and the tools will convert this to javascript including browser specific workarounds. So you write your app once, the rest is handled by your tools.
        I simply prefer this because it is the open way of doing things.
        The two words missing in my previous post were canvas and video.
        I have recently watched the Google I/O Keynote (Day one) and was simply stunned seeing what I can do in the browser with the canvas tag. (available at or YouTube)
        But as I said I am really curious if they get it right. If some simple Flash banners are decreasing system perormance as they do on my desktop machine Flash is not an option for me. I still haven’t found an answer why watching a flash video on my PC uses about 80% of my CPU (compared to 20% if I put it inside a video tag)

      • http://Website Nick

        Mmm… 99% penetration.

  • http://Website ali

    As far as flash support, the middle-eastern version of mytouch [ the htc magic] have native flash support out of the box. I have t-mob mytouch and have flashed a cooked rom onto it which supports flash and its fine. I couldn’t get hulu to work, but I wasn’t that ambitious. Cyanogen has a modded rom that has a browser that supports pinch zoom. What i don’t understand is why are the modders able to produce a better product than the manufacuterers themselves ??

    • http://Website Joshua

      Modders don’t have to deal with management or marketing, If a mod is fubar no one cares, if mobile-flash is a disaster someones gonna pay.

  • Mil_Jay

    A lot of you guys are forgetting the main reason for newer and “better” languages. We programmers and IT professionals, must improve the tools we use. When Sun first released JAVA most programmers complained about the amount of RAM that was used by the programs written in it. Now Js is an important if not vital part to any web designers toolkit. The fact that sun went the extra step and took the hooks off making the whole thing open source. Let’s see Micro Soft or Apple do the same. The two biggest programming marketeers in our field not only refuse to work openly with programmers freely. They refuse to work together and purposely design incompatible products. This is why Flash and any other programming language has to be debugged over and over again. We can all thank God, Allah, or whomever you may pray to, that Cisco isn’t in the end user operating system business.

  • http://Website Schwartz

    The real truth is, Companies are developing first for teh IPhone due to the mass sales. 100,000 @ 2.99 is better then the 10,000 @ 2.99 with android phones. Now that Verizon and others are a crap load of Androids, programs are seeing the is money to be made there also. App will come as long as Google does not bail on the platform. CNET said that there are 10 programers creating IPhones ato 1 Android.

  • http://Website TreX

    Its worth noting the iphone has been available for more than 3 years now. It revolutionized the smart phone and invented the “app” genra. It also holds a significant portion of the smart phone market share giving developers obvious incentive to write apps. Its also interesting to observe that 77% of the apps available on the app store are all paid apps. And only 30% of the apps downloaded are paid apps. These numbers begin to level the playing field compared with the android market, which as of 12/15/09 has reached more than 20,000 apps. 62.2% of which are free apps. Android has been out for little more than a year and already directly competes with the type of apps people download, use, and want from the app store. It will be interesting to see how fast the android market will continue to develop in the near future.

    As for flash support on android, Adobe has already surfaced demo videos of the motorola droid running flash 10.1. And it appears to be running smoothly and fully capable!

    Android has re-revolutionized the smart phone with its multitasking capabilities and open source sdk. And new software such as flash 10.1 will further only continue to revolutionize android and provide even more end user incentive to adopt the android platform. after Android gains more market share, we should experience an exponential trend in android support and app development. The more people that have it, the more incentive for developers to well develop, and the more apps available, the more incentive people have to adopt. Its an upward spiral that should make all of us android lovers very happy in the future.


  • kyle

    Hurry up adobe. There are ants in my pants

  • http://Website aristophrenia

    Apple did not INVENT the app – Apple did not invent anything – apple COPIED the app, the palm, touch screen and did it poorly – what it did do is market itself well to NOOBS and deliver and excellent user experience – nothing more – and plenty – PLENTY less.

    • http://Website Name (required)

      Apple didn’t invent mobile apps. Apple are just great at UI and Marketing.
      You have been able to develop windows mobile apps since 2000 on the Pocket PC. iPaq were around the same time too. but give MS their dues they gave a IDE and SDK for making mobile apps in the form of eVC3. So 10 years ago we had mobile apps just no app stores.

  • John Kisha

    That message on the Adobe site has since changed to: “Flash Player not available for your device Sorry, Adobe Flash Player is not available from for your device’s operating system or browser.” I’m on a Motorola DROID. Anybody know what gives?

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  • http://Website Catalin

    Here are the official Adobe demos:

    Professional Streaming Consultant

  • http://Website Mike Smith

    I need flash!!!!

  • http://Website Scott

    Can’t wait for the iPhone to come to Verizon!! I’m getting over my Android pretty quickly.

  • http://Website sarah

    TreX- I am impressed you gave some citations with your post ; )

  • shankar Jain

    Mark Doherty is coming this Aug at Adobe Flash Platform Summit 2010 to Speaks on AIR 2.5 for Android. The summit will take place on 25 and 26 Aug’10. For details log on to

  • http://Website Angelo toscano

    Need adobe flash player 10.1 for my mytouch slide 3g please

  • http://Website Quiana

    Looking for flash player for my motorola citrus verizon phone which is android 2.1 operated help me plz

  • http://Website jose efrain

    Necesito. El flash player

  • http://n/a neihguk

    I download flash palyer from android market,but when i try to run,it asked me to install flash plugins,which i can’t find in android market…where can i get that flash plugins????