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Android 2.1 spotted in the wild

The paint is still wet on Android 2.0 and Google has already begun work on Android 2.1. I routinely check the Google Analytics operating system reports for our site and I just spotted Android 2.1 for the first time. The initial visit was on October 28, 2009 and there have been 23 visits since then. We have no idea what features are included with Android 2.1, but if you are one of the lucky few with early access you can hit up our tip line. Could this be the Android build known as Flan?

Update: Android 2.1 is reported to be a minor update that will be released towards the end of 2009. It will focus on bug fixes for Android 2.0.

Breakdown of different Android visitors to our site.

Breakdown of different Android visitors to our site.

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  • Jeremiah Hoyet

    The Android build that us G1 users won’t be using anytime soon? :[

    • nobody

      Says who?

      • Jose

        G1 users will be lucky to get 2.0 much less 2.1. Time to start shopping for a new phone G1 lovers. Maybe a new carrier as it seems the only option coming T-Mobiles way is the Cliq. Sad days indeed.

        • mackster248

          Gives you more of a reason to root your G1. Cyanogens 2.0 will be faster than the OTA one anyways.

        • Mr. Strat

          If the G1 is SOL on this one, I’ll cancel my contract and head for the nearest Apple Store. There’s no excuse for not supporting the phone for barely a year. (Yes, I know about the memory limitations.)

          • MoronsAreEverywhere

            Mr. “Scat”, please do cancel your account and head for the nearest Apple store as we don’t need morons like you in the Android community anyway. Do you really think that Apple releases constant updates to their OS? Even if they stopped updating the G1 would it really matter that much? Do you hate the phone as it is? Again I say, please jump ship and go to a locked down phone that can’t even run simple background apps or multiple apps for that matter.

          • CuriousDroid

            People always bitch and moan. Who says you are entitled to have all of the latest Android updates on a device that is a year old. Do you expect Google to hold back on their development and handicap the current and upcoming devices that can run better software?

            Just because you cannot get the “latest and greatest” on your OLD HARDWARE does not mean you need to flip your lid. You have been running Android 1.6 and have been content… now what has changed?? Just because you have gadget lust and are jealous of those who can run 2.0 … hahaha.

            Root your device and run a Cyanogen ROM. Stop complaining. And switch to iPhone if you feel like getting crappy service!

          • Hark

            I think people give Google too much credit here. What happened to the idea of backwards compatibility? When Microsoft bring out a new version of Windows and something no longer works people bitch and moan, say it’s a disgrace. That is MS who have to support hundreds/thousands of different hardware configurations. Google have what 5 phones out with Android with the G1 being the first and they can just through backwards compatibility out of the window after a mere year? Sure no promises were made, but still that’s no way to run a business and build up customer loyalty and support.

            If their road map didn’t allow for software upgrades then I worry about the way the company is run.

          • Rick

            “MoronsAreEverywhere”, you’re an idiot and not part of the android community. You’re just a basement dwelling asshat.

          • Jamezelle

            yeah no shit im using a vogue and running hero or donut whatever the flavor of the day is. now that is backwards compatibility dammit! and we almost have eclair fully working!!!

          • Matt

            Guys like Mr. Scat are just cheap. They think companies should update the OS on their phone until their ready to buy a new phone.

            Everyone knows Apple doesn’t give a new OS update to their iPhone. They just call it a new iPhone and charge $300 for it.

            This is all about him not wanting to spend money. Thats all this is about. Why should G1 get a new OS update when the G2 is out?

        • kris

          we also have a samsung coming dont forget that…i am not leaving tmobil as long as my phone continues to get updates im keeping it .. if not i will get a new phone like the samsung for tmobile

    • http://Website Big-G

      I dont know who told you this but i’m running 2.1 on my G1 as I’m typing this right now. And its the best, the very best.

  • CheeseKing

    I hope one the build names is tres leches :)

  • Kevin Shaum

    CheeseKing, that’ll be a while; the release names are alphabetical. C for Cupcake, D for Donut, E for Eclair, etc. I bet when they get to T is will be Tiramisu.

  • knowledge

    A logical explanation of a multiple 2.0 build would be something similar to an optimal build for G1 users.

    • nEx.Software

      Or, they discovered bugs too late in the game and are fixing them with a 2.1 release. Which is what Dianne Hackborn has alluded to here:

      • nEx.Software

        And the fact that a second 2.X build is on the way is mentioned on the official Android developers blog:

        We are also planning a minor version update of Android 2.0 towards the end of the year, and that will be the last update for 2009.

      • Daniel

        She’s talking about something like a “2.0.1″ release, not 2.1. Meaning no other device will get the exact build the Droid is using right now, they will all be already patched. (That would include the Milestone, since it’s not out yet)

        2.1 will still take a while, but since it’s so close to release (less than two months) it really doesn’t make much sense to hurry with a 2.0 upgrade, unless you enjoy upgrading every few weeks.

  • JL

    This is starting to get ridiculous. I’m still stuck with 1.5 on my Galaxy. I mean, come on!

    • Yaniv.Chokron

      JL…. its time to face facts and move on.
      The Galaxy might be a nice slim phone… but if youre even a little bit techy, youll want to get off that Galaxy and get onto a realy phone. Maybe the Behold 2 or….. if we get lucky enough… the US Bound Sholes???

  • nobody

    This is based on what? User agent string?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I’ve seen this in multiple places including other developers’ Flurry reports. It would be a pretty elaborate scheme to fake this in multiple places, but it is possible.

      • Christopher Souvey

        I have a hit from 2.1 in my Flurry analytics for my application as well

  • Android 3000

    The user agent string CAN be FAKED.
    Check my user agent out for details… and then compare it to my name in this post…

  • InvalidPost

    You mean like minor bug fixes that allow for SD app installation?.

    What a trainwreck.

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  • Joe

    I am really tempted to recompile and set the version to 3.0 just to induce a flurry of non-articles like this.

  • Stu

    “Wow, I love you guys who have tmo. Several android phones to chose from and yet you still find something to bitch about.” – Bitter iPhone user who’s locked into AT&T’s contract till 2011.

  • Timo

    Found one too, it’s reported as “Linux; U; Android 2.1; en-us; Droid Build/ERD34B”. Android 2.0 is reported as “Build/ESD20″. The request cam from Verizon Wireless IP range…

  • whatwhat

    what, what… android is great and all, but can you believe we have a black president???

  • Wirez

    Release 2.1 code name “Filo”.. (a very thin pastry).
    I’m just guessing.

    • Stewart G.

      Android “Fudge” or “Fondue” or “Frappuccino” ??

  • david_salsero

    Here I leave a comparison of Android phones comprehensive than most 3GS Android vs IPhone 2.1

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  • http://Website digitaldigga

    F = Fritter.

    I am running 2.0 on my G1 … 2.1 is coming. You have to root your Android device if you want to get the most out of it.

    iPhone? Never.

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  • Shalon Tribe

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    is android 2.1 is eclair?

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