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Android arrives down under

Today HTC announced their Android entrance into Australia with the launch of the Hero and Tattoo handsets. Both devices will be sold retail, directly to the consumer, bypassing all the major Australian carriers (for now, at least).

Harvey Norman is the exclusive mass retail partner for the HTC Hero and Tattoo for the immediate launch period. Further retail distribution channels will be announced in due course. The HTC Hero will be available for a RRP of AUD$799 and Tattoo will be available for a RRP of AUD$599.

This is the first attempt from HTC at a direct-to-market sales effort, with all of their previous devices being available through at least one carrier. The devices come unlocked and can be used on a carrier of the user’s choice. For more information, see the HTC press release.

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  • Lemon

    This is a big move by HTC but the jury’s out on how it will go. They’re obviously trying to get more brand recognition out, but the problem they’ll face is that Aussies are addicted to free or cheap phones with contract lock in. Not sure how a big outright push will go. If nothing else it’ll mean the small % people who DO prefer outright purchases and then taking the phone to their carrier of choice now have an easy (and warranty safe) way to do this.

    Kudos to HTC. Hope they don’t piss off the carriers (not that I care) and the phone sells well.

  • DTU

    Unfortunately, with a RRP of $800 it’s still cheaper to buy from overseas due to the strong Aussie dollar atm. I ordered my Hero from Handtec for about $640AU including postage and the car upgrade pack.

  • AdrianG

    Agree with the above comments. Will be interesting to see how this is taken up. Generally best deals in OZ are when u buy on contract and get the hanset included in the deal. Nice to see more options though. My HTC Dream (G1) was the only option back in April when I needed a new phone.

  • some1

    aussie here – care factor zero, really much too late

    with droid, dragon, x10 and GooglePhone coming – i think i’ll wait

  • Andre

    “This is the first attempt from HTC at a direct-to-market sales effort”
    No it’s not. I bought a Hero in the U.K. in early august, when it was first relased, completely unlocked.

  • Tim

    It’s a little late for the hero, especially considering it’s cheaper overseas with the current AUD as others have said. I might buy a Dragon if they sell it (Though I really should make my Vodafone Magic last longer…) but they’re going to have to be more competitive with the price.