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Android rumor report: Motorola edition

It has been a month since our last rumor report so I figured it was time for a new edition. This time we focus on Motorola who recently released two Android phones and is ready to unleash a slew of new devices in 2010.

Please consider everything in this post a rumor. Each item has been corroborated by several sources, but don’t expect Motorola to confirm or deny any of this information.

Motorola Cliq

A source tells me the Cliq might be stuck with Android 1.x. Motorola has told us they were planning an update for the Motoblur-powered phone, but have not specified which version of Android it would support. Rumor has it that Motorola has not budgeted to bring up all the device drivers for Android 2.0. Google made significant changes to the kernel in Android 2.0 and it takes a lot of effort for handset makers to update their hardware drivers to be compatible.

I really hope this rumor is wrong, but it comes from a reliable source that has never let us down. Motorola could easily squash this rumor, but has chosen not to comment on Android 2.0 coming to the Cliq.

Motorola Motus

We have briefly mentioned the Motus and its “reverse flip keyboard“. Several sources have told us this device will launch in Q1 and be powered by Android 1.5. Why would Motorola release an Android phone in 2010 that is still running Android 1.5? The phone is essentially the same internals as the Cliq (Qualcomm 528 MHz CPU). If the Motus does in fact launch with Android 1.5, this would lead us to believe that the Cliq rumor above is true.

The phone is also said to be a Motoblur-powered device and is likely headed to Verizon AT&T or T-Mobile. It should also appear on another carrier since there is a GSM version in the works. Motus has support for AT&T and T-Mobile 3G bands (W-CDMA 850/900/1700/1900)/2100).

Motorola Sholes Tablet

The Sholes Tablet is a very old rumor that was recently confirmed in the leaked Motorola roadmap. The phone is essentially a Motorola Droid minus the keyboard and with an updated camera. Our sources tell us this device is headed for T-Mobile in Q1 2010 and will feature Motoblur. T-Mobile seems to be huge fans of Blur (we are not) and all their Motorola phones should feature the social service.

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  • velazcod

    mmm well there are rummors of a Droid-like phone coming to magenta…. I hope its not a BLUR phone bc that would mean its 1.5….. come on guys at least go to 1.6…….

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Blur can be easily updated to support Android 2.0.

    • Daniel

      This rumor of custom home apps being a major impedance to OS upgrades is an inane idea started on this website by people who have little development knowledge, using flawed assumptions based on biased evidence.

      • nEx.Software

        Why not tell us how you really feel? LOL.

        • Daniel

          To the best of my knowledge, the only devices that were regularly updated were the Dream and the Magic. Dream and Magic both happen to be regular stock Android phones, but they are NOT the only ones. The Galaxy is still stuck with 1.5, disproving this theory.

          So, why did these two phones get updated? Could be because, y’know, they happen to be the dev phones. They are ADP1, Ion, and also ADP2 now. So they have a very natural priority, as pretty much everyone working at Google on Android should have gotten at least one of these for free, and would be using it as their personal test hardware. As such, they will certainly solve any problems that prevents them from doing the testing.

          • Taylor Wimberly

            If your theory is ADP phones get routine updates, why has HTC not updated their drivers to support Android 2.0?

          • nEx.Software

            Your assessment of the Dream/Sapphire scenario seems entirely plausible.

          • nEx.Software

            Galaxy is not a Google Experience device, which indicates that Samsung very well could have changed aspects of Android other than the GUI itself. In that case then it wouldn’t necessarily be the Custom UI, but customization as a whole that hinders the update of these devices.

          • Daniel

            Tailor: probably because this time the whole Eclair development was centered on the Droid. (Which could, in turn, be because the Dream will indeed have serious trouble running 2.0 without resorting to repartitioning or SD card help, but IMO it’s most probably because they had a tight schedule and had to keep other manufacturers out of the process, as you have reported Samsung to have little knowledge about 2.0.)

            nEx: indeed, the Galaxy doesn’t seem to be a Google Experience device, my bad. But there’s still the Samsung Moment, I believe.

  • Titty!

    I’m hearing rumors of a non-BLUR Sholes coming to T-Mobile

  • Christopher Chavez

    Ugh… I guess this goes back to Android being TOO open source for its own good…
    VERY disheartening news. =(

  • simba’s pride

    well i keep hearing that T-MO will get a better phone than droid 2Q!!!. Just in time to retire my G1.

  • Ramon

    Jahkno!! These people are such babies. I feel T-mobile trying to capitalize on social features only. Seems they don’t want the bragging rights like verizon has with the droid. Just sucks, now I feel like switching or modding. 1.5 just sucks, 1.6 is nice but I hate when they tease you with what your phone do with 2.0 . Its sad my g1 sucks now. If they said “free upgrade” I would be a tmobile customer for life!

    You guys should give us a update on the 2.0 status.

  • Jeff

    Ugh I hope the tablet doesnt have MotoBlur.

  • Brent

    Sholes is mostly what I want. I would like vanilla 2.0, but I guess this is the tax for having T-Mobile.

  • Jim

    Can we get the non-tablet Sholes on T-Mobile? I just want the Droid with T-Mo’s rate plans!

  • What a mess

    This Android operating system stuff is a mess. All these android phones on all these different operating systems. Google needs to slow down so does the phone makers because half of the programs don’t work certain phones. Plus there are phones that are being released with 1.5 … Who is going buy phone with 1.5? Watch this Android operating system crumble because its on a weak structure. Google is trying so hard be leader in so many things. They need just stick to what there good at period.

    • James Harris

      You must work for Apple? Think of Android in the same way you think of Linux vs. Windows. The more options as handset manufacture has the better. They are the ones that are pushing the different flavors of Android, not Google. They clear feel that they are better off bringing to market a custom User experience than waiting on AT&T to give up their exclusive on the iPhone.

      Not only that, but he reality is that we have yet to see what someone will build on top of Android that will change the game? Not an option on iPhone, you can only write apps! On Android you could create an amazing new phone experience.

      Don’t get me wrong, I love my iPhone, and Touch, etc. But I also like shopping in places that have more than one option.

  • JAG

    I wanna get the SHOLES TABLET this one looks great

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