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Another successful iPhone-centric studio sets sites on Android

We got an email this morning from ustwoâ„¢ announcing their entry into the Android market with MouthOffâ„¢, a goofy, cartoon-inspired sound-reactive toy featuring mouths illustrated by a slew of guest artists.

Since its original release, MouthOffâ„¢ has added a number of new mouth packs (including a signature series, hell-oween, etc) and even has its own community site, ShowUsYourMouthOffâ„¢, where users can share videos of themselves or others using the app.

While it may not be a game-changing app, it sure is nice to see another iPhone centric design studio move onto the Android platform. As a designer (and a super picky one at that), the things getting me most excited are the design chops displayed all over their sites.

ustwoâ„¢, as you may have guessed from the curious overuse of the trademark symbol, is in the business of what they call coollectableâ„¢ apps. It’s a silly angle but it’s refreshing to see someone with such a sense of humor. MouthOffâ„¢ is the only Android application in the market from ustwoâ„¢ at the moment, but their iPhone app site shows a handful of apps we might see show up on Android some time down the line:

MouthOffâ„¢ is our undying child, an app so beloved by every of us, that we just cant let it go. The Android Market has a big future, and we surely don’t want to miss that boat, so it was a simple decision to port MouthOffâ„¢ on this emerging platform, thus proving our abilities as a multi-platform studio. -Mill, creative director at ustwoâ„¢

Hold it in front of your face and yell at your friends

Hold it in front of your face and yell at your friends, they'll love it

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  • Derek

    What a worthless app.

    • Neil

      Come on Derek! Ever heard of having FUN? is FUN WORTHLESS? I think not. Cheer up you old grizzly!

  • Miller

    Wow, the devs for FaceIt totally ripped these guys off! I had no idea! I’m glad I didn’t give the bel3ax team my money lol. They should be ashamed!

  • j.

    Neil- your argument is weak. By that logic there should be dozens of fart apps clogging the market…oh, wait. There is.

    • santasanta

      so this app looks shitty, the design is worthless and the overall experience is that you have been fooled with a fart app?

      • J.

        um…what the hell are you talking about?
        The app is fun, no doubt about that. I put a throwaway comment up about how fun is great and all, but it leads toa land riddled with noise-makers apps, which really are just worthless.
        I’m not sure what you were trying to bring to the discussion, but what ever it was I’m sure that I agree with you and that your puncutation and spelling are perfect.

        Great Job!

  • Daniel

    I can’t find this app on Market….

  • pollz

    Hey j. ,

    is that the developers fault, or the fault of the consumer?, as there is obviously a large mass market appeal for those kind of apps…

    not ideal situation, but most people consumer apps in bitesize chunks, and as Neil mentioned, they just like having fun sometimes

  • J.

    Pollz- nah, it’s not really the developer’s fault, and sure, the consumers want fart apps, they get fart apps…I understand completely how the whole free market thing works…but come on, really dozens of Fart apps and quagmire sound boards? 10 different apps to make gun noises? If half those guys used half their time on coding something worth the time and energy to make it, I might be able to get LED notifications when my phone is plugged in, or maybe have a slicker I’M client, or facebook inbox while in-app, or an app that does the nifty 2.0 contact consolidation, or any number of other, more interesting things.
    I’m not saying there’s no place for mouthoff, or fart apps, or Mr T. Ringers, but there is just a real lack of…drive, in the dev community. I say that because the fart apps are easy. Making real progress to enhansing the user experience, and making an app I would acctually pay for? That takes work.

  • @millsustwo

    MouthOffâ„¢ is quality, fun, kids and adults love.. its creative, its designed and it’s the first (see ripoff FaceIt) it deserves all the love it rightfully gets. Fart apps are ok if you make one, but those that imitate should be shot with the gun apps. The gun app replicators should be shot with the same apps!.

    • J.

      Mill – I just want you to know that your app is really a ton of fun and a creative, interesting idea.
      I guess the point that I was trying to make was that “fun”, while not worthless, is pretty overrated when it comes to Android, or the iPhone for that matter.
      THis site keeps pushing, hard, on the meme that Android handsets need a GPU for better gaming experience, and yeah, OK I suppose that’s probably true, but what about the stuff that Android *can* do that the iPhone can’t touch? How exactly is that area of the ecosystem beign benefitted by *another* fart app? Fun is great, and I hope you guys make a truckload of money, because you deserve it for bringing a unique idea to the table. All I’m saying is that rather than just rip code and change the sound files to make an endless string of noise-makers, maybe someone could, you know…like code or something? Give me an LED notification while plugged in that isn’t a dirty kludge?

      But seriously – I want you to know that I think your stuff is tops, and I really don’t want you to think that I’m tarring your company with the “fart apps suck” brush.