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Best Buy lowers prices on Android phones for the holiday shopping season

Mail in rebates are the devil. That is one of the reasons why we love Best Buy Mobile. Customers pay what they see on the price tag because Best Buy offers only instant rebates on all products.

Through December, Best Buy shoppers will be able to pick up the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment for only $99 with a new two-year activation. That is an $80 instant savings over the normal retail price of $179 for both devices.

Both phones feature the older Android 1.5 and Sprint has no current plans to offer OTA updates, but it is hard to pass up the sub $100 price for a new smartphone. We expect both devices will eventually be upgraded to Android 2.0, but neither Sprint nor the handset makers have given us a time table for that release.

“Best Buy Mobile is committed to offering a great shopping experience and helping holiday consumers get the most out of mobile technology, whether it’s for them or as a gift,” said Shawn Score, president of Best Buy Mobile. “This fall has brought an unprecedented amount of highly-anticipated mobile devices to the market. We are excited to offer customers great selection, value and support to help them make sense of it all.”

[via Best Buy Inc.]

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  • asdfjkl

    i want to see some discounts on the behold2!

  • Miguel

    yeah, I wouldn’t touch these phones with a ten foot pole. :)

  • Marshall Willis

    Oh man! I just got a Samsung Moment 2 days ago from a BB Mobile. Do they do one of those 30 day price matching things?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I think they price match for 14 days. Check with your local store.

      • Marshall Willis

        I went in and asked for a price adjustment. The woman did it without a problem. I didn’t even need the credit card. She just scanned the receipt and typed a few things on the keyboard. $86 credited back to the card.

    • NotSoSilent

      You can always return it and buy it again… that’s what I did to get the discount.

  • Billy

    RadioShack only offers instant rebates as well. And a lot of the time they are cheaper.

    • Clark Wimberly

      yeah but then you actually have to set foot in a RadioShack.

  • Jose

    I though Sprint said they will update both phones to a new Android OS. Yes, they haven’t said when but at leats they are planning to do so. HTC even said the Hero will skip 1.6 & go str8 to 2.0.

    • Derek

      Yea, they said it would be done online through or in person at a sprint store, just not OTA. Thats no big deal really. Who wants to take that chance in downloading a 256MB ROM file OTA and getting it corrupted. I’d rather do it over my home internet connection plugged into my computer. Kinda like Apple does their iphone updates.

  • Fabian

    Yeah I tried to go in there the 18th and tried to sign up with an upgrade and a print out from they’re own website stating the phone was $99 with a contract. The very rude manager at that time wouldn’t give me the deal because he said it wasn’t “ethical.”