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Cyber Monday sale: 10% off all Android accessories

We searched long and hard over the last year to find a suitable partner to run our Android and Me Store.

During our recent trip to California we had the pleasure of meeting the people from Smartphone Experts. They are the leading online retailer and manufacturer of smartphone accessories, powering a growing network of e-commerce stores that offer a wide selection of products, rapid fulfillment, and knowledgeable expert support. In addition to their own line of bestselling products, they retail accessories from over 80 manufacturers.

The top reasons we chose Smartphone Experts to power our store:

  • Dedicated toll-free support
  • Flat-rate UPS shipping
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Use PayPal or Google Checkout
  • International shipping to North America, Europe, Australia, and Japan.

Cyber Monday Sale

Starting Monday, November 30, 2009, 12:01 am until Monday Midnight PST, we will be offering 10% off all Android accessories.

Use the following coupon code during checkout to get 10% off your Android accessories: MONDAYME

Featured Products

Motorola Multimedia Desktop Charger for Droid

Desktop charger for Droid.

Turn your Droid into a bedside clock.

The Motorola Droid desktop charger is the best selling product in our store. It is so popular that it is currently sold out, but you can still place an order for one. We expect another shipment soon and they should be available around December 12, 2009.

invisibleSHIELD Front Coverage for Motorola Droid

Protect that screen!

Protect that screen!

Screen protectors should be mandatory on all Android phones. If you can afford to drop a couple bills on a new smartphone, then you should be able to afford a screen protector. Chances are you will keep your phone for the two years of your contract or resell it to a friend. Protect that screen from scratches and increase the resale value of your device.

Body Glove Snap On Case for Motorola Droid

We love that textured finish.

We love that textured finish.

If you are going to protect your screen, you might as well protect the outer casing as well. Body Glove makes the best snap on cases hands down. We have tested several of the other rubberized cases and they were all junk. Spend the extra cash and go with the best.

Golla Pouches

Golla has over a dozen designs to choose from.

Golla has over a dozen designs to choose from.

Golla makes some of the coolest looking pouches around. They are made from soft padded materials, come in many trendy patterns, include a d-ring and lanyard, and have extra pockets for more storage.

Solio Solar Charger for Mini USB Phones

Plug into the sun and take your power anywhere.

Plug into the sun and take your power anywhere.

Now the energy of the sun can be captured and placed right in a purse, pocket and backpack Рthanks to the award winning Solio Solar Charger. The compact Solio features a fan-blade design that allows it to achieve maximum solar area when in use. Just spread out the blades, expose them to direct sunlight either outdoors or affixed to a window, and get ready to take your power on the road. An internal battery stores the power for whenever you need it, day and night. Charging Solio’s battery takes 8-10 hours of direct sunlight, and a fully charged Solio provides up to 14 hours of additional standby time for your Android device.

We Value Your Feedback

Please explore our store and let us know what you think about it. If their are certain products we do not carry, drop us a line and we will see if we can get them listed. We currently offer accessories for all Android phones except the T-Mobile Behold II (but that is coming soon).

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • daftlush

    Even with this so-called discount, this sites more expensive.

    • David

      Where have you found better prices?

  • Miguel

    Nice goodies, thanks for sharing but I need to hold off. :)

  • Derek

    What about people who have the $25 coupon for the Thanksgiving contest can they not use the discount while using the coupon???

    • Eric

      It seems that we can only use one code or the other. I can’t figure out how to use both.

      • Derek

        Makes me pretty mad cause I wanted a case for myTouch but didn’t have enough =[ lol and why do you need a credit card if you have the code for the contest…