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Developers, pitch your app to T-Mobile

T-Mobile is pumping out a lot of new initiatives today (after their network outage last night). In addition to carrier billing for the Android Market, they also launched a new developer-focused site called the T-Mobile Partner Network. The site allows you to register as a partner, explore different platforms, learn about upcoming events, and interact with other developers in their forums.

Android developers will be interested in T-Mobile’s call for new apps to feature in various promotion channels.

At T-Mobile we’re always on the lookout for new mobile applications “Apps” to feature, and although we spend a lot of time in the Android Market there’s still a chance we might miss something really cool. In that spirit, we now have a way for you, the developer of really cool Apps, to tell us about yours. Simply fill out the fields below, attach the requested creative assets, and review and sign the Application Promotion Licensing Agreement.

We may use your App in one of our Television commercials, on our Studio website, an accessory bundle in one of our stores, or as a featured App in the T-Mobile App Pack! Since we’re always in need for featuring Apps across categories, don’t worry if you don’t hear from us right away. If your App is slated to be featured we will be sure to let you know.

This is definitely a step in the right direction. We applaud T-Mobile for reaching out to the development community.

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  • velazcod

    very nice! just what I was looking for

  • Jarret

    cool maybe somone will make a UMA app for android. the hardware if fully capable just need the app to be implemented with the Wireless

  • ExtremeT

    cool, I just registered and am taking a look around. Looks pretty interesting so far. I do agree it’s about time something like this finally appeared.

  • ABI

    wow lol i guess we can start seeing iphone like commercials for tmobile android phones wow thats sweet i say devs go for it get know better might even make more money

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