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DivX playback comes to Android thanks to LG

DoubleTwist is a great tool to convert movies to play on my phone, but I still wished Android supported more video formats. LG is teaming up with DivX to make that happen with their first Android phone. Canadian carrier Rogers recently launched the LG Eve (GW620) which is the first phone to support the popular DivX format.

DivX technology produces highly compressed video that requires minimal storage for the highest quality media experience on a mobile platform. In fact, a standard definition movie can be compressed into just 1GB using DivX technology; a size that can easily be stored on a mobile phone for viewing anytime, anywhere.

The LG Eve is available in Canada and Europe, but there are no plans to bring the device to the United States. We have heard rumors LG is working on a new Android phone for a U.S. carrier, but details have yet to emerge. Hopefully, we will see the DivX codec appear on more Android devices in 2010.

The LG Eve.

The LG Eve.

[via PR Newswire]

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  • Rexxars

    I was hoping someone would make an open source implementation of the XviD codec for Android. That would be super awesome :)

  • lordhong

    could be LG is working with Google on the GPhone that also happen to have DivX codecs? wahhahahah

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Maybe. The early rumors suggested LG was the manufacturer for the GPhone.

  • tim

    When was the last time you saw something using the divx codec? These days it’s all Xvid/x264. I’d rather see a port of VLC or something, but this is a step in the right direction at least.

  • charrion

    It’s just a shame that the Eve only comes with Android 1.5 and neither LG nor Rogers have any plans to update to 1.6 let alone 2.X.

  • iravaty

    The Samsung Galaxy Spica is the first android phone to support Divx/Xvid video ;)
    See this video for example :
    (Divx/Xvid demo at the end of the video)

  • Andrew

    Why can’t we just rip the app / apk file from any of those builds?

  • http://Website evan

    The plan is to upgrade to 1.6 for the eve this spring but then 2.1 will be running so the whole thing is a joke, plus its not even an over the air upgrade but hopefully with a bit more time their will be some better video players on the market

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