Nov 11 AT 3:18 PM Clark Wimberly 7 Comments

DROID already making an impact on web traffic

The web analytics company, Clicky, is reporting that the Motorola DROID is already accounting for 23% of all Android web traffic. The numbers are based on the 150,000 sites running Clicky analytics, which is a pretty solid sample size. Check out the numbers below (keeping in mind that the device was only released last week):

DROID making an impact

DROID making an impact

According to our own numbers, the DROID is making up about 18% of our current Android traffic. On top of that, over the past week, we’ve started seeing a couple hits coming in from devices running 2.1, which we can only hope is the OTA update which is supposed to be arriving in the next month or so.

[via BGR]

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  • Serg

    My market downloads, traffic, as well as revenue doubled over the last week. I hope this is not temporary.

  • Mark

    Have you noticed any increase since they changed the Market to show more paid apps? I know I have been buying more now that I can find them esier.

  • Serg

    To be honest with you, I don’t have a single paid app. But I would assume sales increased, because of a few reasons:

    1. Those new promo banners, which rolled out last night.
    2. A new pool of Droid users.

  • Tim

    Everyone’s got a brand new phone, and they’re playing with them constantly, which would account for the spike in traffic, which will probably go down as people get used to them. (Just in case anyone thought this was an indication that 23% of the android phones out there are droids or anything)

  • ExtremeT

    I’ve see a good sized increase in downloads over the last few days regardless of whether they were paid apps or free. I didn’t notice it at first but yesterday I was taking a lot at my statistic and saw the increase.

    I’m not too fond of that banner thing at the top of the market just yet, it seems to be pretty selective in what it shows.

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