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Droid pops while Cliq flops

New reports are suggesting the Motorola Droid is nearing 1,000,000 units sold while the Cliq sales are slipping. This should come as no surprise really as the Cliq is a first generation device based on the outdated Android 1.5 and the Droid is the first phone to feature Android 2.0. The Droid is also offered on Verizon Wireless (89 million subs) and the Cliq is featured on T-Mobile (34 million subs).

Even though the Motorola Droid has been out less than a month, it accounts for nearly 25 percent of the Android traffic to our site. Admob data has also confirmed this by listing the Droid as the second most used Android phone behind the HTC Dream (G1).

Broadpoint AmTech analyst Mark McKechnie first estimated the Droid would move 600,000 units this holiday season, but he has revised those estimates to 1 million. “According to our survey, some higher-traffic Verizon stores in major cities may be selling over 100-200 Droid units per week since the launch,” he said. “The bulk of Motorola’s smartphones this quarter will be at Verizon.”

However, the success of the Droid is coming at a cost to Verizon. They are spending in excess of $100 million on one of the largest marketing campaigns I have ever witnessed. Over the past month I have seen non-stop television, radio, internet, billboard, and print ads. Verizon also has about a $350 subsidy on each phone ($549-199).

When you add up the advertising costs and subsidy, Verizon is paying almost $450 to acquire each Droid customer. I guess when you are the largest United States carrier, you can afford to do that. Verizon also knows that each Android phone is attached to a data plan so the influx of customers should help increase their ARPU (average revenue per user). In an order to offset the high subsidy costs, Verizon recently raised (doubled) their early termination fee to $350.

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  • Marcelo L

    Dear T-Mobile,

    After being with you for 10 years, it’s become perfectly clear that you have no interest
    in pursuing a long term, meaningful relationship. I’ve given you almost 1/4 of my life.
    My work, my attention. Remember those trips out on the water, where you promised me coverage,
    and I patiently waited to return to dry land where you’d finally give me the time of
    day( or even least one bar ) ?

    Sure, you were a little easier on the eyes than that shameless hussy, AT&T. And you were
    more “cheaper to keep-er” than, that Gold-Digger, Verizon. I won’t even go into your cousin,
    you know, the one with the gold-yellow hair like a mohawk, Sprint. But here I thought even
    though it was apparent minutes were all you were about, that maybe you’d put out a little data.
    I thought you’d set my soul on fire with HSPA, but here we are into our 2nd decade together, and
    you’re still EDGE-ing me around because you don’t have a Smart-phone in you enough to say what
    we both know to be true. We don’t Cliq. There nothing TO Behold II, nothing TO Tilt 2. And thanks
    for showing me how lame MyTouch was to you. And what’s with that funky AWS frequency ? I mean,
    we’re not in the 1700′s anymore, babe.

    And no, I never strayed, I Phone never caught my eye, and Droid never made a robot out of me.
    But I think it’s time for some space. I don’t know, maybe you’ll wise up and actually ask me
    what I want out of a plan, instead of some silly actor dressed up as a priest moaning about text
    messages that should be free anyway. Or some chick with a thing for disembodies mannequin
    extremities as metaphors for how much invested into this relationship.

    I thought we were a team, Tmo. I thought you. I thought you were concerned about my needs. Maybe
    it’s for the best you’re now seeing some Shrink, Bill, on a regular basis. Maybe there’s things
    you need to sort out, like your coverage, or 3; G? So I don’t know where this leave us. I’m so
    torn. But I think it’s safe to say I think we need to spend some time apart. If you come to your
    senses, and decide to go Google on me, with some Eclair or Flan maybe ? Then let’s talk. Seriously,
    I’m not trying to sound hasty, but you do make it hard on a guy.


    • PthePro


    • Rizo

      I… I… I love you!

    • dylandersen


  • beerbelly

    lol … great comment @marcelo

  • akil

    lol this is the type of thing that u back up on ur pc lol nice comment

  • Ctrl Alt Jamison

    T. just get him a free T-shirt. hell, I’ll pay for it. That one was worth mailing in to Tmo.

  • mcdisease

    It’s much too soon to tell if Cliq is a flop. TMobile customers who desire an Android smartphone are already locked into a G1 or MyTouch contract for 2 years.

    I have a Cliq and I think it’s a great phone. With some software updates, it will be much more desirable to me than the droid because of Verizon’s subscription price. I would be paying $50 more a month for the same service…droid just isn’t worth $600 a year to me.

    In 10 months when G1 users can upgrade to a new phone, many would chose the Cliq over the current options because of the keyboard.

    • Jeremiah Hoyet

      I think you’re missing something, a lot of us G1 users DO love our physical keyboard, but we aren’t selling our souls for another two years for a Android 1.5 devices that has the same hardware as our G1. We want a GOOD physical keyboard, stock Android, and some f–king Snap Dragon. No phones on the market today offer that combination, not even the Droid (which has the software, but lacks a speedier processor and has the WORST physical keyboard, ever).

      So, basically, I am offended by your comment stating I would even consider the Cliq. It’s garbage.

  • jasonlee

    Its funny that this article was written today. Verizon just sent me a thank you package today that included a droid does long sleeve, and a 25% off coupon towards droid accessories. Pretty cool verizon

  • tk

    lmao awesome post by Marcelo L!

    as for the topic, I don’t know how this news surprises anyone. The CLIQ is laughably outdated in its hardware and software (1.5? really Moto?) while the Droid is the best Android phone on the planet and sold for the same contract price as the CLIQ…

  • Jeff

    The only reason the CLIQ is doing bad is because T-Mobile advertisements are terrible! Even the MyTouch ad was bad.

    Verizon had a great ad campaign.

    It has nothing to do with the Hardware or Firmware, the majority of buyers dont care or even know about those kind of specs. Your average phone buyers don’t care about SnapDragons and ARM Cortexs becuase they dont know what they mean.

    It’s all about the ads, the DROID has like 5 ads which mean the droid into an icon. Will the CLIQ has one ad, which doesnt even make sense, I mean a bunch of people running in the desert wtf?

  • Marcelo L

    Thank you, I’ll be here all week.

    But seriously, this is how my thinking has been for the past year. I had more to say, but I think it was to the point. I appreciate everyone’s lauds. Good luck to us all finding a phone and plan that doesn’t come with baggage or “issues”, and wants us to express our feelings, when we know darn well the last thing they want to hear is what’s REALLY on our minds.

  • Zouth

    Great comment Marcelo, I was laughing so hard when I read that and I agree with you. I’ve been with T-mobile for 5years and they never cease to amaze with their horrible phones. But thanks for your comment, it made my day!!

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