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First image of the Motorola Motus leaks out

Someone just hit up our tip line and sent us the first picture of the Motorola Motus. The phone is basically the CLIQ v2 (almost identical specs), but it features a reverse flip keyboard. Yup, there is a keyboard on the back of the phone (when it is closed). When the keyboard is flipped open, it sits below the screen just as a normal slider would. The Motus is rumored to support AT&T and T-Mobile 3G bands so it could show up on either carrier (or both). We have also been told the device is based off Android 1.5 and will launch in Q1 2010.

Update: CellPassion is reporting Motorola has registered the trademark “Backflip” which could end up being the official name of this phone.

Update 2: Another tipster just sent in the full Motus specs.

What do you guys think?

The Motus features a reverse flip keyboard.

The Motus features a reverse flip keyboard.

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  • JJ

    They can keep it. Give me some POWER specs!!!

  • Christopher

    FLAT KEYBOARD… This was ALMOST awesome =p

  • Wpr555

    looks like Iphone with Qwert KB. XD

  • dylandersen

    We don’t want it.

  • robert b

    Stupid, 1.5?????

  • Carl Withakay

    a reverse flip keyboard? I give it a “meh” tops. Looks like it’ll come with moto blur and that’s not my cup of tea.

    • ExtremeT

      Best rating ever..’meh’ lol I agree

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  • c0z

    I just don’t get why companies won’t make a more spaced keyboard with smaller key faces… a la G1. That is totally a better design for a small device.

    • DroidHead

      I will agree 100%!

  • Craigo

    So when you flip the keyboard closed, it is still showing on the back. Won’t the keys get full of dirt and stuff?

    • Charrion

      I think it’s a touchpad style keyboard, so no spaces for dirt and dust to enter. That said, it still doesn’t look so great.

  • Taha

    Ugh, back to garbage from Motorola. It seems like the only reason they were able to make a good phone like the Droid is because Google played a big part in its creation.

    If its the same specs as the CLIQ then its already outdated, and then if its not even gonna have Android 2.0 then its ridiculously outdated.

  • Barwin

    Nothing special here I guess, beside from the keyboard then…

  • JAG

    Well another Android 1.5 phone nothin new

  • Ctrl Alt Jamison


  • Mike

    As an Android app developer, it would be nice to say goodbye to Android 1.5, but, alas, looks like I’ll continue to have to support this now ancient version well into 2010.

  • Nate

    :P If only it were easier for the average person to design these phones, then maybe they’d actually have designs to suit how people actually use them.

    I can’ imagine that keyboard being very user friendly.

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