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Flurry could finally bring app discovery to Android

The Android Market sucks when it comes to application discovery. We have shared our gripes over and over, but Google has yet to demonstrate they are willing to put the resources towards Android Market to improve it.

Flurry is attempting to solve the discovery issue and increase profits for developers with their new AppCircle service. Currently available in beta for iPhone, the service ties into Flurry’s massive analytics engine to recommend new apps to users. Flurry has been a big supporter of Android developers and we fully expect to see the service ported to Android after the iPhone beta period ends.

A demonstration of how AppCircle works on iPhone.

A demonstration of how AppCircle works on iPhone.

Drive downloads of your apps with Flurry AppCircle. Increase revenue by including your app in a powerful affiliate network of applications that leverages a data-driven, intelligent recommendation engine to improve discovery. Consumers spend significantly more time using their apps than looking for new ones. AppCircle proactively recommends your app to consumers when it counts, in the apps they use most. Built on Flurry’s award-winning analytics platform, AppCircle introduces a new breed of in-app, intelligence-driven merchandising where you get to reap the rewards.

For more information on Flurry AppCircle, visit their official site. If you are an Android developer, I suggest sending them a friendly message to express your interest in the new service.

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  • ExtremeT

    well that certainly would be nice to have out already

  • Peter Farago

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Peter and I work for Flurry. Thanks, Taylor, for the write-up. We’re big fans of your blog. We are supporting iPhone at the moment, and need to move through private beta and beta smoothly to tune the core recommendation engine. Bbut it is true we are big Android supporters and would love to hear you interest. Leaving a note where Taylor suggests is a good way to do so. We are monitoring that list very closely.

    The more interest, the more we can try to prioritize it on our roadmap sooner than later.



  • snotty

    the moment an app spams another app at me i’d get a hissy fit.
    yes, the market is bad at suggesting, but this is WAY worse. i do not want to hear from friggin’ developers, of COURSE they would think their app would make perfect sense for every single user to buy. “analytics engine” my ass.
    i want to hear USERS’ suggestions, if anyone’s.

  • roy

    I can’t believe more people are excited about this.
    I would love the idea of getting apps recommended to me based on what I already have installed or am using…

  • roy

    Oops, forgot the word ‘not’ in the first sentence before ‘more’. It made me sound sarcastic, which I am not! I have subscribed to your newsfeed ;)