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Google releases source code for Android 2.0

One week after Verizon launched the Motorola Droid with Android 2.0, Google has released the source code for their latest update. I’ve been unplugged for several days so I was actually quite shocked when I heard the Eclair source code was now available in the AOSP (Android Open Source Project).

It looks like we have to thank one of our favorite (and most vocal) Android engineers, Mr. Jean-Baptiste M. “JBQ” Queru. He worked close to 100 hours the last 6 days to make this release possible.

Details of the Eclair drop were posted on the Android-platform mailing lists.

I’ve just created an eclair branch in AOSP, which contains the code that many people have been waiting for.

What’s in that branch? It’s basically a snapshot of part of Google’s internal eclair tree, a little bit more recent than the build that was used in Droid. It’s not the exact source for Droid and is not ready to ship on a consumer device.

-There’s no change history. Google is planning to eventually make the change history available, but at the moment the history contains some things that can’t be open-sourced, and making a snapshot was the fastest way to deal with those.

-It’s a partial tree. We’ll be open-sourcing more of eclair over time, but we figured it would make more sense to open-source part of it now instead of waiting until everything was in place.

-It doesn’t build for ADP1 or ION/ADP2. We’re working with the various companies involved to try to resolve this issue, but we preferred to open-source the code in its current state instead of waiting for a solution on the hardware side.

-It’s not currently merged in the master tree. I’m working on it, but I wanted to get something out before the week-end. Please be patient. I’ll try to complete it as quickly as I can.

-It doesn’t currently contain the AOSP-specific files (build configurations, etc…). They’ll come back.

-Calendar is broken. I have a fix that I will release along with the master tree.

Many people might be wondering when Android 2.0 might appear on older phones now that the source code is available to the public. The most popular community dev Cyanogen will most likely begin backporting certain features from Android 2.0 over the next few days. However, a complete build of Android 2.0 will not be available on older devices (G1 and myTouch) until handset makers update their device drivers for the new Linux kernel that shipped with Eclair.

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  • FckingAllen

    the only thing that i truly want from 2.0 is the lock screen, do you think that will be one of the things Cyanogen or anyone, will bring over to the G1 or MyTouch?

  • s15274n

    navi too…

  • android guru

    I can’t believe we have to wait around for handset manufacturers to produce drives. They knew this OS release was coming and yet they don’t have things ready. (HOPEFULLY THEY”LL GET THERE ACT TOGETHER SOON) Glad to know all the Verizon customers get the full eclair goodness right now. On the contrary I’m sure Cyanogen will hold us over with bring us little bits of 2.0 stuff in the meantime.

  • FckingAllen

    how do we even go about updating our drives??

    • Daniel

      The drivers come with the full update, we (as users) don’t need to do a thing. HTC and others will have to provide them for custom builds to be made, though.

      • kris

        lets say the G1 is packed and cant hold the Eclair update . what if google can create there own custom firmware for G1 users and offer updates kinda like cyanogen but legit from android and google.. its just an idea so please no insults.

        • kris

          well htc …

  • JJ

    So much for your Verizon exclusivity theory. ;-) Haha, just messing with you.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I’m glad the source is out.

      It still doesn’t bust my theory quite yet. I was speculating that no other handset makers or carriers would release Android 2.0 for several months after the Droid debut. We are still waiting to see what happens.

  • Aaron

    This is great news. Does this mean that we’ll be able to install custom OS builds on our Droid? Or is Verizon going to crap on their customers again?

    • Daniel

      Verizon can’t do much to prevent custom builds, because they aren’t authorized changes in the first place (with the exception of the ADP1 and Ion phones). So, what we need (once we have the full source) is an exploit that can lead us to apply unsigned updates to the device. The methods used on older phones were all patched by now, new flaws must be found.

  • Simon

    Can wait to get contact integration going… been putting off doing manually for about six months… mainly when I heard that 2.0 can do it!

    If you want navigation… put your hand in your pocket at get Co-Pilot! It uses the data connection to find POI and often your destination, plus if you loose signal you’re not screwed… a minor detail that most don’t seem to report when talking about navigation.

    • Simon

      Clearly “can wait” – should be “Can’t wait”

  • biork

    Eclair, mmmm ! I love french pastry

  • Jacob Martinez

    so the question still remains, am I as a G1 Tmobile user gonna see and Android 2.0 update on my phone anytime soon? or am i gonna have to cut my two year contract tha im barely a year into short, and sign up with verizon to get the Droid? personally id rather stick with my G1 because i love HTC and full keyboard, id rather not get a MyTouch if thats the only tmobile phone that can handle the 2.0 update. please let me know of any rumors…

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  • chris janota

    The awesome has nothing on Google Android. google maps navigator is fantastic

  • Reese

    I love my G1, and I don’t want to quit my contract, but are there any hopes of getting the Android 2.0 update?

  • spinach

    Well that sucks hard
    I use a g1 too, and flash is a big part of my day to day browsing. Flash will require a-2.0 and since my phone doesn’t support it…

  • http://none Andriano

    2.0 as 1.5 and 1.6 C++ coding quality sucks. Retarded mixture between procedural (aka C) style using global and static variables and code composition, and suffocated aspiration towards object oriented makes the code unbelievable. I took a look in audio and surface flinger and I my blood pressure started in notime to rush up. The un professionalism could be sees in each line of code. There is no begining and no end, no concept, no design. Grab cscope utilityy and run it on some /frameworks/ code project to get a class diagram,… better not; be happy as you are because after such an experiment you wont be.
    I am wondering; the guys that can defecate such code, what do they have in their heads! Who’s managing this?
    Anyway, who cares, about what is not being seen, with money you can make a car running with shit, no mater how slow and how big and how much shit will eat per mile , and google has it.

  • Naresh

    hello sir , i am mobile developer . i am creating a contact application but i don’t know
    how can create new contact in android 2.0
    Please tell me about this.

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